What is Esports?

Esport also called electronic sport. It is a gaming competition held using computer technology in a simulated virtual space. It first started in the United States. The esports can be played alone or in a team, it allows players to compete on online games to be placed at the top of a ranking (the ranking of the best teams by region, by the department, by continent, by country or by the world). Esports has been around for fifteen years.

For a person who doesn't know about video games, this concept is a big mystery. Football, basketball, hockey, tennis - these are common games that are well known to everyone. But what is esports? Today it is an officially recognized field. There are lots of competition held on computers and consoles. In other words, boys and girls play against each other, fighting for impressive prizes, reaching tens of millions of dollars.

This is a separate branch in the field of sports entertainment. This field has been officially recognized in many countries, including USA, China, UK, Russia, and others. Every year in the world there are a lot of tournaments held with multi-million prizes, which are watched by hundreds of millions of online viewers. What can I say, in 2018, the winners of The International (OG team) earned 11 million dollars.

How is esports developing?

The pace at which esports is developing, it is possible that in 3-5 years the stars in computer games will be well-known Olympic champions with great financial support.

Esports has dozens and hundreds of options for its own modification. In classical sports for a long time nothing has changed - But in e-sports, there are new disciplines, completely new formats (like Hearthstone), existing games are constantly being transformed thanks to patches. And the stars of the e-sports world are much more down to earth people than many singers, actors and football players. It's nice when your ideal is a person with whom you can always get in touch even through live chat. You can go on for a long time, but everyone loves esports in his own way.

In order for the esports team to develop and show good results, it needs to train a lot. For some, this may seem like a waste of time, but in fact, esports players work no less than ordinary sportsmen. They do not get up from the computer for 8-12 hours a day, tournaments are held in different countries, which is why players have to deal with constant trips.

Who watches esports?

The global audience of esports broadcasts has grown by almost 50% over the year and reached one billion people. Moreover, 22% of Internet users said they watched video game competitions in recent months.

The number of eSports audiences is far from 3.5 billion watching the Olympic Games or the World Cup.

At the same time, it is 2 times larger than the global audience of F1 racing team, 8 times larger than the television audience of the World Baseball Series and 10 times larger than the audience of the 2019 Super Bowl.

In 2018, people spent more than 6 billion hours watching esports broadcasts, which is almost 20% more than in 2015.

Esports is popular among young people

The eSports youth audience is growing fastest: the number of young people aged 16 to 24 years watching broadcasts has grown by more than 60% worldwide over the past year.

It is also the largest eSports audience segment: 32% of users aged 16-24 say they watch eSports. Among users aged 25 to 34 years, 30% watch broadcasts, from 35 to 40 - 19% of users.

How to start esports

First you need to decide the game that you will play. That is, you need to clearly understand where competition is easier, where there are more prizes, and move in this direction. Of course, you can simply choose a game that you like and try to become an esportsman in it, but the fact is that esport itself is not yet developed so that you can play whatever you want. Therefore, it is better to look at Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Rocket League and other popular esports games. After that, you need to determine the next steps. If the game is a team game, then you need to look for other players, if you are individual, then train in it, watch video lessons, maybe even find a mentor who knows more about the game and can tell you how to play correctly. Computer clubs used to be popular, playing there we learned from each other a little faster.

Reading this, we suppose that anyone can pick up a mouse and after a few months - the International Dota 2 winner cup - is on your heads.

Of course, this is not so. You need talent, a deep analysis within your discipline and a huge amount of effort and time to achieve a result. The competition in e-sports is probably even higher than in classic sports.

Esports betting

Among the eSports disciplines, bets on which are accepted in most major bookmakers, include all the popular online esports games: StarCraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, World of Tanks and the legendary Quake. The betting lines include all the major tournaments and championships of professional gamers, as well as status single matches between teams known in the esports world. Matches in various e-sports disciplines are held almost daily.

It is convenient to bet on esports in real time. Every player can associate as an observer, judge the planning of rivals and make their own conclusion about who will have the option to control the game. You can bet on GG.Bet, Bet365, UNIBET, and Betsafe for various events. Here are the most popular:

  • the victory of one of the participants in a particular match or tournament;
  • card or kill totals;
  • handicaps for certain participants;
  • first blood;
  • original bets, such as the murder of Roshan in DotA;
  • individual indicators of individual players;
  • and many other bets!

How to bet on eSports? The procedure is as simple as possible. Just select the event of interest and click on a certain coefficient. Today, a huge number of live bets are available, which are very popular among bettors. It is possible to monitor the progress of events, making bets at the same time. Having excellent skills in this area, you can win solid money on disputes. And many bettors have already proven this.

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Recommended Esports Betting Strategy

There is nobody procedure that would ensure a player a win in an esports betting. The result of the game depends on how gamers play in the team, how much the team is interested in winning, which card is in the game, whether the match is negotiable - when the team can lose the game by agreement with the other team and so that the organizers will not suspect anything, and other features characteristic for a certain cyber discipline. One of the signs of a contractual match of e-sports is large amounts for one of the teams.

Forks. Money placed on the opposite outcomes of the same match in different bookmakers will bring a win at one of the bets and cover the loss at the second. Choose events with odds greater than 2.0 on P1 and P2.

Bet on the Line. Stay tuned for the game, the emergence of new, but strong gamers in the team. Analysts may not take these points into account and give good odds on the result. If you think that the forecast is correct, make a bet on esports.

Bet on the peak. The strategy for live matches, when teams receive a card, choose characters, the composition of teams is precisely known. A participant who is well versed in the game will be able to assess the chances of each team to win on these facts.

They do not conduct training on e-sports betting, it is necessary to be able to analyze statistics, compare their conclusions with the forecasts that are given on blogs and forums, and make a player rating. The ability to play at least a computer game yourself helps to understand the variation of the game.

How much can you earn?

Beginners who have recently learned what eSports means will probably be surprised, but here you can earn very decent money. And earnings depend entirely on location and skill. For example, Asians who play for the best teams earn about $8,000. If you take the USA, it’s really possible to get up to $2 thousand per month. Very good, considering that you enjoy your favorite game at home.

Many beginner players earn by streaming their own games on YouTube and Twitch. There is already earnings directly depends on the channel and the number of subscribers.

The main esports disciplines?

In fact, the list is simply based on profitability, you can decide the TOP-5 disciplines:

  • the royal battle of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has raised almost $ 2 million in prize money over 37 major tournaments;
  • the popular shooter from Blizzard Overwatch, who managed to collect over 2.9 million in 55 tournaments;
  • the most famous MOBA League Of Legends with a prize pool of 4.1 million;
  • the legendary team shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - in 2018, 320 CSGO tournaments were held and the prize pool reached over 10 million;
  • Dota 2, which managed to collect over 20 million!

Of course, this is not the whole list of disciplines that are included in e-sports. Disciplines such as StarCraft 2, Apex Legends, Hearthstone and others are always very popular with gamers, gathering a huge number of fans around the world.

Esports advantages

The advantages are clear:

  • provide the opportunity to enjoy your favorite video games, becoming participants in tournaments;
  • the prize fund of the main events of the year reaches over $ 10 million, which is proved by Dota 2;
  • The opportunity to earn really big money if you have good skills!

The main advantage is achievable. If you play football or basketball, not everyone is destined if there are no relevant skills. But in this case, everything is a little easier. It is enough to have a computer and an Internet connection on hand. Further, it all depends on consistency, skill. A year is enough for someone to thoroughly study the mechanics and begin to show the result. Others will need several years. At the same time, various small tournaments are regularly held, thanks to which it becomes clearer what e-sports means.

How to get into e-sports for an ordinary gamer

Surely many beginners are interested in the question of how to get into e-sports. First you need to figure out how the ordinary player differs from the professional one? An ordinary gamer spends about 5 hours a day playing a game. As for the professionals, they spend about 12-16 hours on their favorite game. How to get into esports? First you need to devote more time to this business.

To convince your relatives that this is not just entertainment, you need to start making money. They need to realize that this is a regular job that can generate income.

As for investments, the main thing here is to have a good Internet speed. But the devices can be any. For example, some professional players use fairly simple mouse models.

To find your first team, you need to have a good solo rating. Many novice players find their own teams. Next, the first small tournaments with small prize pools starting within the city or region will begin. To get into the top organization, you will need to take part in all major online tournaments, and also not to miss various kinds of LAN championships. It should be prepared because immediately it is unlikely that something will work out. It may take several years to become part of a good team.

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