Among Us Game Review

Have you been seeing too many Internet memes related to Among Us? Wondering what Among Us really is and what it is like? Want to know what Among Us Hype is all about? Well, to answer all your questions, here we are with a detailed and comprehensive review of Among Us that will clear things up for you.

What is Among us?

For those who have no idea what Among us is or why people are going crazy over it. It is a popular game where you must complete certain tasks as a teammate or as an imposter. But that is not all. There are a ton of additions to the game that make it a lot of fun.

Among Us is a popular game that was released a couple of years ago but has gained huge popularity since September 2020. Basically the game revolves around the idea of ​​real social life, including friendships and deceptions.

We all know that this year has not been the best for most of us and that the pandemic has completely ruined our social lives. Although things are coming into place, nothing is going to be that good, it was pre-pandemic in the short term. This longing for a social life has given us reason to switch to games like Among Us, which create a social atmosphere. We all know that life is not perfect and that there are friends and enemies.

Well that's what Among Us is all about, and therefore people relate to the game so much that we're seeing Among Us memes everywhere.

Among Us Gameplay

Basically Among Us includes 4-10 players who play in a spaceship and 1 or 2 of them are imposters (a person who cheats others) and the rest are Crewmates. The crewmates are assigned tasks and the impostors have to kill all the crewmates without getting caught.

Whenever an imposter kills a crewmate and if someone sees the body, they can report this right then and there and call a crew meeting. This is followed by a vote in which the crew members vote for a suspicious person.

It seems very similar to what happens in real life with some or should I say most of the people? This is the point that has been most viral on social networks. Using " Purple Is Sus " slang for Suspicious.

If a player who is the Imposter is kicked out, they are killed and the Crewmates win the game. however, if the Crewmates vote for the wrong person (who is not the imposter), they will have to keep playing.

Meanwhile, players who have been killed remain as ghosts and cannot play, but can see everything. In the game you can also skip the meeting if you have no idea who the imposter is. So if you are the imposter, here is a quick tip. Kill the crewmates in isolation and then mix with the crew. Imposters can also sabotage by doing certain nifty tricks like cutting off electricity or oxygen and then killing a crewmate.

Among Us Graphics

In the graphics department, things are not that exciting, since Among Us it is two dimensional with a casual scenery casual. The controls are really simple since all you have to do is tap on the screen and navigate your in-game character. On your spaceship, as a crew member you can interact with different devices. While as an imposter you will have the option to eliminate other players.

You should know that, the game assigns the imposter randomly. If you are the imposter then you will receive the message just before the start of the game. ANd if you are a crew member then you will simply be put onto the spaceship.

Among Us Sounds & Voice

Throughout the game, players cannot use Discord and must be in Mute. but at the time of the group meeting, they can speak. However, players can talk while the game is developing, but that would totally spoil the fun part of the game.

There is no denying that the game has gained great fame and will continue to do so for at least quite some time. In this quarantined life, it has become one of the few things that keeps us close to the real world of protection and deception. Indeed, there may be incidents of trolling and this can attract too many people, but the game is very flexible. to play in general. Users can play it for hours or 10-15 minutes. It is a personal decision and there are no restrictions or penalties for not playing.

How can you play Among Us on different devices?

You will be glad to know that Among us is available on a large variety of platforms. In most of them, the game is free, so all you have to do is download it and play. The game comes with micropayments so you can customise your characters and buy new maps. Here is a list of the devices where you can play Among Us. We have also included the prices as well.

  • On PC the game is available on Steam. It is not free since you will have to pay 3.99 Euros. You can also download the game from the official website of Among Us but that will cost you 5 Euros.
  • On iOS it is free to play on the App Store.
  • On Android it is free to play on Google Play.

The unexpected success of this video game launched almost two years ago and which did not get the attention of more than a few dozen users is a new demonstration of how lively the union between video games and streaming platforms is. So much so, that there are already several online requests for its creators to carry out versions of Among Us for consoles. However, it seems that Innersloth has another more ambitious idea: they are already working on the sequel.

We hope everyone found the above Among Us review helpful. In case you have something to share with us about the game, feel free to write it in the comment section below. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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