Arena of Valor Game Review

Arena of Valor is a MOBA game for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. It made a big splash in China, which is why it was able to leave the borders of its native country and enter 66 countries of the world, including the USA, Malaysia, Australia and the CIS states.

Arena of Valor is a classic MOBA, so those who have played Dota2 and League of Legends will be able to quickly figure out the basics. Those unfamiliar with this genre should take a closer look at gameplay.

Arena of Valor Gameplay

The aggressive style of Arena of Valor makes its users always try to win against opponents. As previously explained, Arena of Valor will bring you together with a team of other players. Both your team and the opposing team members will be randomly selected. It depends on how many players are looking for the arena at that time. Therefore, sometimes you can pair up with a really great team or vice versa.

First, you have to choose one of the available avatars or heroes. The hero that you will later control throughout the game. Each hero has different abilities from other heroes. That's why hero selection and hero composition are important.

Why is that? Because in this game the hero consists of three roles. The tanks with strong defences and skills that can disrupt the opponent's battle formation. An attacker who is able to kill an opponent with a strong attack, but low defence. And Support that is able to provide support for his teams, such as healing and increasing attack speed. The tactics used for combat depend on the composition of the hero and the combination is quite a lot.

The arena that you can find is a large area with two sides, namely your team's side and the opposing team's side. To get to the opponent's area, you have to follow the path or lane, which is protected by a tower or tower. The tower has high defence and strong attacks. Destroying the tower is definitely difficult for heroes alone. That's why you are also assisted by troops named Creep. They are run automatically by computer. They always appear periodically from your team base to the opponent's base.

The creep is an aid if it comes from your team and a barrier if it comes from the opposing team. However, they are also the main food for increasing your hero power. By killing enemy creeps, you will get experience points that help you level up and give money. It should also be noted that the hero level is only valid at one arena time. After finishing winning or losing, the level will return to 1. So, each fight becomes a race to increase the level more than your opponent, and prevent your opponent from getting level.

Arena of Valor Game modes:

  • 5x5 on a standard card;
  • 5x5 on a map with one line;
  • Training games with bots and ranked matches are also available.

Lines in the game:

There are three lines in the Arena of Valor:

  • Bot (bottom line). The tank and the gunner are here most of the time. The location is such that the midline player can easily move here to assist. It is worth taking characters here who are slowly developing and need the help of a tank.
  • Mead (middle line). There is one player here. This is a balanced line, from here the gamer can freely move around the entire map, preventing opponents from trying to seize the advantage.
  • Top (top line). Difficult, requiring experience. This lane is dominated by tanks and warriors - characters with high damage or survivability, thanks to which they are able to resist a group of enemies.


The classes in the Arena of Valor are conditional. Some heroes are capable of performing several roles at once. Here are the classes that are featured in the game:

  • Tanks are heroes with a solid amount of health and increased defence. Their skills are focused on controlling the enemy and protecting allies. Tanks are the first to rush into the battle and try to gain time for the manoeuvres of their buddies.
  • Assassins are agile fighters, do not differ in stamina, but they cause serious damage from their skills. They are able to quickly move around the map. This makes them ideal heroes for organizing ambushes or surprise attacks on enemy shooters.
  • Warriors - these heroes balance between tanks and assassins. They cannot deal with the same amount of damage, but they do not die from several successful hits. With a superior level, they are able to destroy the enemy team.
  • Mages - such characters rely only on magic. Their skills are used at a great distance and cause great damage.
  • Arrows - more dependent on auto attacks and bonuses from items. They hope for tank support since they are not very healthy.
  • Supports - characters have controlling skills and buffs.

Each of the heroes has a unique set of skills and role in the team, which determines the tactics.


To move in the playing space, the player must move the joystick in the desired direction. The joystick is located at the bottom left of the screen. The buttons for using skills and auto attacks are located on the right.

Arena of Valor Maps

The Arena of Valor map is split into three lines. It contains objects and a river in the middle. It divides the map into two symmetrical parts. The river is notable for the fact that the most important objects are located near it, which give advantages to the team. If players defeat bosses, they will receive their boosts.

The part of the map outside of the lines (the roads along which the waves of creeps travel) is called "jungle". They are inhabited by neutral monsters. They serve as additional sources of experience and money. There are also bushes in which the character becomes invisible. This introduces tactical elements into the gameplay - players can easily ambush and kill a careless opponent.

Arena of Valor Betting

Arena of Valor is different from other popular MOBA games. The fact that Arena of Valor is an exclusively mobile game allows not only to have a unique player base but also significantly increases the popularity of betting on Arena of Valor. The recent and constant increase in the dynamics of mobile device use among users of all ages has led to an increase in the pace of mobile game development, esports and mobile game betting.

Arena of Valor betting is the most popular in China due to the Chinese origin of the game, but every day more and more people from other countries are interested in placing bets on Arena of Valor. Esports Betting websites have only recently expanded their gaming market to include Arena of Valor betting as a supported game.

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