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ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a first-person action game for Windows, Mac and Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a kind of simulator in survival and takes place in a prehistoric environment where you start without anything. Then the struggle to make things like clothes, weapons and somewhere to live begins. And to keep you alive, which is easier said than done.

The player must survive on an island dominated by tribes and huge dinosaurs. Fortunately, your things are saved where you die, and you then get some time to look them up when you are revived. The game impresses with the graphics and open world.

ARK: Survival Evolved Gameplay

Like all survival multiplayer, ARK: Survival Evolved features a system that can be both frustrating and fun. The game puts the player in the role of a survivor, without clothes or weapons, on the island full of beaches, forests, tribes, alien buildings and huge dinosaurs.

During your attempts not to succumb to the island's dangers, it is possible to collect materials, build tools and weapons, set up camp and even tame animals for use in crops, fighting and transportation. It all depends on how you manage your time, resources and encounters between animals and dinosaurs on the map. In general, the game has simple mechanics, very fun and full of strategic possibilities.

Combat and construction mechanics are very similar to those of DayZ and H1Z1. That is, the player collects, builds, fights and repeats the same sequence in several different ways. There is no permanent death, but the character always loses all items and must start from scratch again.

Still, online multiplayer revenue continues to hit the spot in terms of fun, and ARK: Survival Evolved is no exception. Taming huge dinosaurs and getting into a tribal fight is a lot of fun. Especially when dealing with unpredictable circumstances that can happen in different regions of the map. Also, the commands are easy to learn and combat takes place at the click of a mouse.

Surviving among Giants

When starting a new game, ARK: Survival Evolved allows you to customize a male or female survivor and choose a region on the island to start. Depending on the starting location, you will find other players, dinosaurs, rare and extinct creatures, in addition to the different climatic effects that the game can offer.

For anyone familiar with survival games, ARK: Survival Evolved has more than one or two similarities to DayZ. Combat systems, weather effects, hunger, thirst and damage are also present in the game. That is, the character needs to keep his body and mind healthy in order not to die from negative statuses such as poisoning, dehydration or bleeding. It is necessary to save resources and food to eat and water, either by hunting or exploring trees.

In the menu, you will find essential information about the character, such as max stamina points, life, oxygen, carry weight, water meter, food meter, much more. With each action hunting, killing or collecting - you gain experience. This score advances the level of the survivor, which guarantees you to buy new, more advanced construction plans, such as better weapons or houses. But achieving these plans takes a certain amount of time, that is, surviving becomes a more difficult task if your level is low.

Which brings us to the combat of Ark, in which the player gains the most experience points. It is fun, however, it does not seem to be the ideal system. When using weapons, such as axes or mallets, fights can seem a little clumsy in the first person. Just aim and click repeatedly with the mouse to deliver several hits. There is nothing very new or different from this, which makes the fight boring.

The building system is simple and easy to understand. Take the necessary materials, click on the item and it will be ready. But ease only remains in the creation process since the game brings an extensive list of items that can be manufactured by the character. Crafting is one of the most fun parts of ARK: Survival Evolved, especially when it comes to design new and improved weapons to kill dinosaurs and other players.

ARK: Survival Evolved Trophies

The game has numbers of trophies distributed among nine gold, five silver, three bronze and one platinum. Most can be obtained quite easily for things such as taming and riding dinosaurs, updating your level, as well as your dinosaur. A few are more difficult as you need to defeat the final bosses of the game which certainly takes a little extra time.

ARK: Survival Evolved Graphics

Graphically, ARK: Survival Evolved really impresses. The scenarios are beautiful, detailed and very real. The effects of movement, water and weather are very neat even on the lowest graphics options. Secret caves, alien structures and all explorable areas on the map almost display apart. The only problem when enjoying these landscapes is the optimization of the game.

There is no denying that ARK: Survival Evolved is a heavy game, both in size and requirements. The loading screens take time and the game has rendering problems, textures that take time to load and some bugs when showing the animals on the map. The good news is that the game is still in early access, that is, all these negative points can still be corrected with the help of the players themselves.

ARK: Survival Evolved Conclusion

For a title that is still in early access ARK: Survival Evolved has a lot to offer for fans of survival games. The title has a lot of fun, impresses with beautiful graphics and remains true to the formula of online multiplayer, like H1Z1 and DayZ, only with dinosaurs and extinct animals. But at the same time, it presents nothing new or revolutionary in terms of mechanics and gameplay, which cause a negative impression on anyone looking for something innovative. Overall, ARK: Survival Evolved is an addictive adventure that hit the nail on the head and has everything to improve over time.