Arma 3 Game Review

Arma 3 is a computer game in the genre of the military tactical shooter with role-playing elements, the third in a series of games from Arma, developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio for PC. The game was released on September 12, 2013 for PC.

Arma 3 Gameplay

It is the year 2030: On the island of Altis in the Mediterranean, which has been hit by the civil war. Although the armed conflict with the neighboring island of Stratis. Which is ready to be separated, just five years ago. At that time, the government asked NATO to step in, and since then NATO troops have been on the island. The leadership of the transatlantic alliance is now obviously of the opinion that a continuation of the peace mission is unnecessary since the situation has under control. Far from it: the withdrawal of NATO troops has rekindled the smoldering conflict and the region is once again fiercely fighting.

Experience real combat gameplay in the largest military sandbox. It's the first military game on a PC, offering a wide range of rich single/multiplayer content, 40+ weapons, 20+ vehicles and unlimited possibilities for content creation. With its real, versatile content and open system, Arma 3 brings you to the battlefield.

Since this work is set in the near future of 2030, fictitious weapons will appear. It features a high degree of freedom to operate from a fighter plane to a submarine and a severe game balance where you can fall down with a single bullet if you are unlucky.

After the official version is released, the update is ongoing and several DLCs have been released. Also, mods have been produced by a large number of user communities. And if you use them, the way to play will be endless. In addition to supporting single-player battles and multi-player, a mission editor is included as standard and players can freely create missions.

Arma 3 Mods and scenarios

The main reason Arma 3 is so great is the hardworking community and modding tools that Bohemia has made available. It has been a very smart move to integrate Steam Workshop into Arma 3. It is possible to download and play many scenarios without leaving the game. This can be both single and multiplayer experiences. Metal Gear-themed missions, in-depth military operations and flying around like Superman. There are mods that will give Arma 3 its long life. Bohemia has made it as simple as possible to enjoy this.

Creating a new scenario can take quite some time. For a novice, the attached editor is very difficult to understand, because creating a mission also require a complete script. No steps have been taken to fix this. Tutorials or templates to experiment with are missing.

Arma 3 Graphics

Arma 3 is one of the most beautiful PC games, with graphics to envy Crysis fans. From the scale of the fighting to the realism shown by the movement of water and grass.

The interface of the menus, the organization of the editor and all the visual identity of the game, shows that the developers had a concern in creating a cohesive and useful product so that everyone could use it easily. From creating maps to designing attack or battle plans, everything is very natural and easy to use.

The game's audio is also of excellent quality, thanks to sound effects with a strong sense of realism. Arma 3's biggest problem is that its frame rate suffers a lot on computers that are not top of the line, and so far no patch has truly managed to correct this error.

Arma 3 Multiplayer

If you play alone, you are forced to go out with artificial intelligence (bot). That is a pleasant experience compared to Arma 2. Your troop mates are more skilled at driving a vehicle and usually respond to orders faster than before. However, you still run into situations in which you do not receive a response after an order. Visual bugs can increase these problems, such as enemies sinking through the ground, but still being dealt with by your troops. When you see three men shoot to the ground, you know what the problem may be.

Arma 3 is at its best when playing with other dedicated players. Not because you can give orders to each other, but because playing with the Arma community means that you have to familiarize yourself with etiquette. Never walk in someone's line of fire. When entering a building, keep an eye on where your buddy is going and cover the opposite direction. Communicate as concisely as possible and think about what you want to say. First ask, then shoot: that's what makes the Arma 3 experience so real online. It is not a feature or executable application, it is social rules, which few communities implement in such detail.

The game comes standard with a number of co-op and multiplayer scenarios in which you join a large-scale battle or take over a camp full of AI enemies with a number of players. That is fun, but the most fun lies in the experiences that the community itself makes.

Arma 3 Conclusion

Arma 3 is not a finished game, not only because the fight is missing. It may never really finish because community work is so important to Arma 3. This is also nice and good because some players are already proving what can be done with the editor. But this is not really a justification for the lack of a solo campaign and the fact that Bohemia relies heavily on its own players.

But Arma 3 is also a very good game. A game with custom mods. Some of them are still very entertaining, others just annoying. But none of them changes the fact that you shouldn't find the moments you will experience in Arma 3 in any other game. Newcomers can take the plunge into the cold water, but should perhaps still wait for the first part of the battle. Anyone who is familiar with Arma can get ready to move and win the best game in the series so far.

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