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Artifact Game Review 2020

Artifact is an online card game based on Dota 2 developed by Valve. Now it is available for Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS and Linux operating systems. As a new game developed directly by Valve, Artifact takes the background of characters from the world of Dota 2. This collectable card game has a unique mechanism. It was designed directly by Richard Garfield, who created Magic: The Gathering.

With a long development, Artifact was released on November 28, 2018. Beta access has been accessible since November 18 for several accounts that hold beta keys. The Artifact looks like a strong game that seems to be shifting Hearthstone's glory as a popular CCG (collectable card game) through an economy and complex but very competitive gameplay.

Artifact Game Visuals

It seems that the close relationship between Dota 2 and Artifact can be seen from the user interface in the game which looks similar between the two. Apart from that, the visuals of the characters that are brought to life in the game also take on a very close appearance and arouse their visual passion. This support makes Artifact look like a well-developed game.

Trading card games usually seem stiff because the gameplay is very simple. The Valve can execute very well, how is Artifact's visual wrap so comfortable on the eye. A detailed user interface and ambient effects between events add to the excitement of playing.

Artifact Gameplay

It is a strategy game with a lot of variety. It provides fast-paced and fun gameplay that will keep everyone coming back again.

The duration of the round is from 10 to 40 minutes or more. As for the gameplay itself, it is very simple. It requires one team to capture the towers on two lines or one, and then the elder who appears after the destruction.

The gameplay is similar to other card games, but there are some unique features. The battle takes place simultaneously on three lines-fields (and not on one, as usual). You should take turns playing cards on the lines where the heroes of the corresponding colour (red, green, blue or black) are located. The standard deck includes 5 heroes, 40 creeps, spell and upgrade cards for the tower, and 9 items for the shop.

The basic Artifact set costs $20. This includes 10 boosters, the rest can be purchased at will.

At the beginning of any turn, each gamer draws two cards from his deck to play his fields. Then the gamers take turns playing on the board until both are done, and then a "fight" will take place in which each character attacks their opponent. Any units destroyed give gold to the attacking team, and the process continues to the next lane. This continues on each lane until the third, where you need to buy items, and the turns will start over.

Cards are creeps, spells, items, heroes, or Improvements. Creeps and items are familiar to fans of games like Hearthstone, but items and improvements are more unique. Items are purchased for gold and can improve the characteristics of heroes, such as attack or health. Improvements are placed on the tower and have several effects, for example, giving it additional "mana" or the ability to deal damage to a unit. Five heroes are selected before the game and sorted by colour.

The colours are green, blue, red and black. Green creatures rely on standard card game mechanics. Blues are strong at spells, which means their attack power is lower to compensate. Reds are powerful. They have a high status. Black is interesting that he is "deceptive", has a high attack value and quickly get gold. They have spells that can be effective if played correctly and are close to Hearthstone in terms of performance.

Unlike other games, the size of the deck is unlimited, so you can build a deck from one hundred cards. However, this is not recommended because only two cards are played in the beginning, which means that you may never show up some of your main assets.

Artifact Game modes

Artifact offers you a series of different game modes able to meet the different tastes of players. The user can choose whether to face a friend or any player with his deck or decide to create a deck made of random cards through the draft mode. There are also competitive matches which, upon registration with a Tournament Ticket, will allow you to challenge other players in the same way as the friendly version. It allows you to obtain other tickets and packets. There are also limited events that will allow you to challenge players from all over the world with powerful pre-built decks, putting your strategic skills to the test.

Although this is a purely multiplayer game, Valve has implemented a single-player mode within Artifact, which will allow the most inexperienced users to test their deck in complete safety against the bot.

Will Artifact become an esport?

This question has a very simple answer: yes. The reason is obvious: Valve has a lot of experience in the esport world through its past with Counter-strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

The Artifact will allow users to watch games in real-time, view replays and be able to inform themselves about anything within the title in just a few clicks, transforming the user experience of the title into something practically definitive.

Artifact betting types

There are certain types of bets that are common in esports betting:

Match Winner: Bet on the winning team. Championship Winner: A bet on the winner of the entire championship. The risk is greatest here. First tower: The bet is placed on the team that will be the first to destroy the enemy tower.

It is much more difficult to guess the leader of the tournament.

Odds indicate who will get the championship, according to the bookmaker. But in esports, unexpected turns often happen - favourites lose, newcomers win a prize of millions of dollars.

And although in most cases bookmakers guess. But the biggest profits go to bettors who regularly conduct their research and notice the opportunities not taken into account by the bookmaker. As with any esports competition, constant tracking of players' performances is the key to success. Regularly watching the competitions, you can see who is doing their best.

Artifact Conclusion

With very interesting gameplay and an esport system that doesn't make you run out of money. A very complicated mechanism makes a deep strategic approach a big weight for you to master this game. This game is one of the CCG games that you deserve to play for a very long time and you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money.