Battalion 1944 Game Review

Battalion 1944 is a new competitive shooter from the studio Bulkhead Interactive released on PC in May 2019. The game uses the setting of World War II (the name of the new game clearly says that events develop in the last year of the war) and offers classic first-person shooter gameplay with high dynamics, provided by an advanced engine of the new generation.

Battalion 1994 Gameplay

The gameplay at Battalion 1944 relies totally on fast infantry-only fights in the classic 5 against 5. As with the previous Call of Duty titles, the Unreal Engine lays the technical basis for the game, more precisely the Unreal Engine 4. In contrast to the newer shooter Generation, dedicated servers, LAN support and community modding are absolutely desired. In addition to grinding, kill streaks, perks and weapon attachments are also dispensed with.

Among the features of the game can be noted: realism both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay, the availability of a rating system, the possibility of single and multiplayer games, regular events and promotions, ranging from seasonal to hourly, battles and maps based on real prototypes information and research straight from Normandy.

In general, according to the promises of Bulkhead, the 1944 Battalion is a rather interesting project with its own unique features. And considering that there are quite few realistic multi-player projects based on the Second World War, only Battlefield 1 can compete with the game.

The maps and action of war should be close to reality, but the game developers also visited old theatres of war in the USA. Most of the cards could actually come from Call of Duty 2 and even Day of Defeat veterans feel at home.

Battles take place between teams of 5 people on beautiful maps. The environment of these maps not only immerses into the atmosphere of World War II, showing convincing pictures of military bombing, but also provides rich tactical opportunities.

You can break into enemy lines in several directions, ambush a bunch of crumpled equipment, or equip a sniper nest on the ruins of a high-rise building.

Battalion 1944 Weapons

In Battalion 1944, a solid selection of WWII weapons is available, which in addition has a huge number of bright and stylish skins - all like in the best competitive FPS of our time

Battalion 1944 Game Modes

There are several game modes available: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination are some of them. The way most players are entering to compete is Wartide, essentially a search and destroy game that gives players only one life per round. There are two teams of five players on a map similar to those of CS:GO, playing matches of up to 13 rounds. Another point that the two games have in common is the economic system implemented in Wartide, which allows players to use it to buy new weapons.

Maps are often added to the game and feature a variety of settings inspired by real-world historical settings in UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, for example. Some of them are: Battery, Coastal, Derailed, Invasion, Liberation, Manorhouse and Outpost.

By the way, you can fight not only in team battles in the 5x5 format but also in other modes. For example, an interesting and intense mode called “Skirmish” is available here, in which only two players fight 1x1.

A small map is also proposed, which ultimately turns the battle into a kind of duel, where the key factor for success will be not only the reaction and accuracy of the shooting but also the ability to predict the opponent’s action.

Arcade mode

This is another fairly dynamic and interesting game mode available in the 1944 Battalion military shooter. More exactly, these are several fun modes at once in which players will have to grab a flag from the opponent’s base, control points and even conduct competitive sniper shooting, trying to occupy the highest position in the global ranking of all server players.

Groups for fighting

They, as in the real World War II, in the tactical shooter from the studio with the strange name Bulkhead Interactive, there are as many as 3 pieces.

These are the German troops, the Allies (the anti-Nazi alliance of Western countries) and the Red Army, who fought from the Soviet Union.

It is great that you can play for the fighters of any of these 3 groups, using a reliable arsenal of weapons in battle.

Players are available and Soviet store rifles, and German rapid-fire machine guns. Even grenades with pistols are available.


A very dynamic and interesting online shooter that should appeal to fans of such famous online FPS like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Battlefield.

Battalion 1944 Ranking

The game has a rating system. As the user play the game, the player level goes from 1 to 999. When user are playing competitive mode, the ranking of the player is rise, which is divided into 20 ranks ranging from "L1 - Bronze Recruitment" to "L20 Diamond - Elite World". Being in higher rankings does not affect gameplay, it only gives you access to items that change the appearance of the avatar and weapons, as well as levelling players within matches.

In it, you can track the successes of all server players, including your own. But the rating is not only a great way to amuse your self-esteem or encourage yourself to future success.

The farther the player advances in positions, increasing his rating and earning rewards, the more skins and bright colors for weapons he receives.

Each new season, developers zero out the achievements of the players and add new colors to the game, for which fans of virtual shootings will have to fight.

Battalion 1944 Tournaments

The “The Blitzkrieg Masters” was the first open tournament in BATTALION 1944. The tournament took place in September 2018, in Amsterdam. Bulkhead Interactive, the game's developer, distributed the $ 50,000 (approximately R$ 192,000) prize among the top three. The tournament had 16 participating teams, all from the regions of Europe and America. Team Endpoint beat Team Demise 3-0 in the grand final and took the title.

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