Black Squad

Black Squad is a F2P computer video game in the genre of First-person shooter. The development and support of the project is executed by the Korean studio NS Studio, and Neowiz studio publish this legendary game all over the world. In this game, players can play the role of soldiers and kill bad guys. The game offers more than 10 game modes. In which users can find their favorite style and play the game in a variety of ways.

Black Squad The plot and Gameplay

The game takes place in the near future, where a squad of brave military heroes faces terrorists and once again saves the world. Your role in this battle is simple - to move up the career ladder, gaining more respect from seniors (experience, money and achievements). There is even an air of a single-player mission - the initial training, which introduces the basics of the game and where you need to capture a whole shipping tanker.

The setting is classic, starting from playable playlists, you will find yourself in front of four possible options: Quick Match, Custom match, for Clan and Ranked. In the first, you will find 5 possible modes, playable against other players or in training matches. It includes the classic team Deathmatch and Demolition in 10 or 16 players. Assassination, a sort of Elimination mode with the addition of a VIP target. Destruction a 32-player mode that involves the use of special skills, which will require spending the points scored during the match.

In Custom game mode, you can create rooms with custom rules to challenge friends or other players. Also, participate in those rooms created by other users. The third playlist is dedicated totally to clans, therefore aimed at those players who play with a permanent team. Finally, the classified playlist represents the classic competitive list.

At the beginning of the match, you will have to choose which class to use among the three customizable ones. The structure of the classes is always the same: primary weapon, secondary weapon, melee weapon and possibly an extra gadget such as a frag grenade, stun or smoke bomb. Also, each player will have at his disposal two accessories that he can freely assemble and disassemble from his weapons directly during the action: a laser pointer and a silencer.

There is a tactical reload, that is, if you did not shoot the entire clip, then when reloading a weapon the character does not distort the shutter, which greatly affects the reload time and gives a significant advantage in battle. Like in CS, the chip works with fast movement when switching to melee weapons, but here it is much more noticeable and more effective.

Note the customization at the level of settings of your classes, which will allow the player to adjust different mouse sensitivities for each of the classes.

Black Squad Currency

Before I can talk about the weapons and equipment that can be purchased and used, it is worth introducing the four currencies that will regulate the economy of the game. The most basic is gold, which can be obtained by completing matches, logging in daily, from free and paid loot boxes, and completing regular challenges. There are medals, a secondary currency obtainable when you level up or as a reward every seven days when you enter the game. The Bullets, obtainable only in exchange for real money. The BS coins, which are found in the loot boxes can be purchased in exchange for bullets. Perhaps a very complex system. But one that can be easily simplified in currencies available by playing (Gold and Medals) and currencies obtainable by paying (Bullets and BS coins).

Black Squad Weapons

Moving on to the basic equipment, when you start, you will have three primary weapons (one suitable for short-range, one for medium range and a sniper rifle for distances), a secondary gun, and a standard melee knife. In fact, the grenades will have to be purchased in the game shop in exchange for gold and will last 24 hours, and then have to be purchased again. However, the weapons in their basic versions will all be purchased with gold or medals. Of course, the weapons that can be purchased with medals will also be the best ones and will be unlocked permanently. Finally, the bullets represent the premium currency, which can be purchased with real money and can be spent to unlock surface boxes containing skins and new models for objects. By using BS or bullets, it is possible to buy different skins for your soldier or bonus with a limited duration for the gain of gold and experience. However, nothing is able to influence the gameplay.

Black Squad Purchases

Like other Free to play games, there is the part of the shop. This will not affect the avatar's performance, but weapon and character skins, and custom banners for the ranking can be purchased. It is not totally inaccessible without cash. In fact, moving from one level to another you will unlock credits and coins that can be used in the shop to purchase skins and items.

Black Squad Graphics

Finally, reaching the technical sector, although the graphic quality is standard like many of the games of this type, the optimization is quite good, allowing the title to run smoothly even on old or cheap machines. Even the NETCODE is doing very well.

The thing that made me more upset is the graphics. Textures stuck without real depth and explosions that cannot be commented on. If you don't look at these flaws but only appreciate the game experience, the title is quite enjoyable and gives several hours of fun.

Black Squad Conclusion

Summing up, Black Squad is one of the best game in the genre of FPS. It is a completely free title that offers a multiplayer experience suitable for all players, without particularly paying. NS Studio offers a good alternative to those who are not able to buy paid FPS games. So I recommend this game to everyone, both beginner gamers and lovers of the classics or “something” new in the genre.