Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A modern game, as you can guess from the name. A videogame that takes inspiration from what happens in reality and proposes it in a videogame form on a screen. This is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the latest title in one of the best and most popular video game series of the last decade. Infinity Ward and Activision have worked very hard to make the game with very high quality. This is not an easy job, especially in a historical era in which the world of online shooters is dominated by Fortnite game, where the number of online views is more important than the competitive features and the gameplay.

For all these reasons Infinity Ward started from the basics, going to deeply modify the dynamics of the game and working on the basic aspects of a video game: gameplay, game mode, graphics and sound. And the end result is truly excellent. The developer has managed to reach a level that brings Call of Duty back to where it deserves, among the best online shooters on the market. From the single-player battle to the new online game modes, everything works in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The amount of content available is really very high and they keep players busy for a number of hours.

A number of hours that can increase if you experience difficulties with the new gunplay and weapon customization system. News that Infinity Ward wanted to introduce to make life more complicated even for the veterans of the series who will have to get used to it quickly if they want to continue to dominate on the battlefields. Here is a beginner's guide that will help you get familiar with the new game dynamics of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and allow you to be competitive online.

Choose the level of difficulty

Let's start with tips and tricks to face the battle mode, one of the strong points of the video game. The single-player mode is set in Urzikistan, a state which by geographical location can be identified as current Syria. You will be faced different story with many twists and new characters that you will have to learn about fighting habits and style.

The first tip to follow to better face the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle is very difficult. There are five that range from Recruit to Veteran. There is also the sixth level of difficulty called Realism in which the graphical interface is minimized so as not to give you points of reference. Our advice is to start from the medium difficulty level and start playing to understand your level. If you cannot pass the special missions, you can lower the difficulty level at any time.

The choice of weapons

The number of weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is truly wonderful, but you can only bring two of them on the battlefield. So the choice of weapons plays a basic role, to say the least. To be deal with any type of fight, the best tactic to use is to carry a weapon for close combat and one for medium and long-range combat. A light submachine gun and a long-barreled shotgun are in many cases the best choice.

Save the ammo

Ammunition is never enough. Applies to every FPS, even in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In order not to run out of ammunition you have to be very good at dosing them and using them intelligently. For example, don't miss the shoot. In video games, a few well-aimed shots are enough to kill an enemy: just aim at the head and you have a great advantage.

The new Gunsmith system

Let's move on to online multiplayer, one of the most important parts of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. One of the most interesting news concerns the new weapon customization system called Gunsmith. The developers wanted to make the weapons in the video game fully customizable. Users can unlock crosshairs, upgrades and accessories that allow you to receive bonuses and improve the firepower of the weapon. However, one must be good at adapting the weapon to one's playing style, in order to have a competitive advantage over all the opponents.

The challenges

In addition to the many game modes that you will find in online multiplayer, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also offers daily challenges and missions that allow you to increase experience points and unlock special weapons.

The daily challenges are very simple to complete and allow you to get extra experience points useful to increase your level and unlock new upgrades. Constancy will allow you to grow quickly and to equip your favourite weapon with the best accessories available.

The Missions, on the other hand, are a long list of objectives to be completed in order to unlock already upgraded special weapons. You can only carry out one mission at a time and you can decide at any time to switch from one mission to another.

Study the maps

Do you want to have a competitive advantage over your opponents? Then start studying the game maps. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is very different from the previous chapters. The developers have invested a lot of time in creating new very complex and layered maps.

It won't be easy even for game lovers to quickly learn the best hiding places. For this reason, we advise you to spend a lot of time studying the maps in order not to have orientation problems.

Beware of sound

As mentioned in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review, Infinity Ward has also done a great job in the sound business. You can hear each individual noise clearly, even that of the footsteps of opponents who are approaching you. For this reason, we recommend using good quality headphones that will help you track down enemies and take them by surprise.

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