Call of Duty: Warzone

On March 10, 2020, Activision released a battle royale mode called Call of Duty: Warzone. The game with free access was highly appreciated by the players. It attract 6 million gamers on the first day, and also won first place in terms of the number of viewers on Twitch.

With the crisis experienced by the genre in recent months and the expected arrival of Valorant game. It was thought that the PUBG heirs will have to face the sunset.

Yet Infinity Ward has rejected everyone, packaging a product that has been able, once again, to turn the market. The combination of elements already present in similar games, such as the loot inspired by Fortnite and the signaling system from Apex Legends, has perfectly intertwined with the innovations introduced.

Call of Duty: Warzone Modes and Contracts

Call of Duty: Warzone offers two different modes. One is classic: 150-person battle-royale divided into teams of 3. Survivors take victory.

Plunder is instead a huge fight in which whoever collects the most money wins. Money is a powerful element in Warzone, as it allows the return of teammates and the purchase of useful upgrades for the team: a series of kills, armor, equipment and other small prizes. In Plunder, there is no elimination.

In both modes, you find contracts spread around the map, if you complete, you get reward cash and other possible bonuses.

For now, there are 3 types of contracts: Bounty, Recon and Scavenger.

In Recon, it is necessary to capture an outpost that provides the location of the next safe-zone. Scavenger requires the looting of 3 precious chests that offer rare loot and Bounty is to complete a kill of an enemy team player.

Completing the contracts is the key to having an advantage over the opponents, given by the purchases of power-ups that make the fights extremely more affordable.

A second chance

For the first time in an AAA Battle-Royale, I see a second chance given to players. In fact, by dying the first time, you are not eliminated from the game, but you are offered the opportunity to return with the basic equipment.

But not everything is free and to get this chance it is necessary to face in 1v1 an opponent who suffered the same fate.

The gulag, a prison camp that simulates the view of the gladiators of ancient Rome, comes in Call of Duty Warzone. Winning in the arena allows immediate return to the game.

Losing, on the other hand, condemns its team to return on bail.

This innovation is extremely pleasant, as it makes the RNG element typical of the genre less punitive. Landing and not finding weapons, while the opponent next door is armed with legendary SMG is no longer a certain death penalty.

Looking for money

As if that wasn't enough, Infinity Ward has added a second mode in addition to the "classic" battle royale. It is a “Plunder", a mode that follows the basic premises of the real battle, but revises its mechanisms. Here you goal is no longer to be the last one standing but to have more money than all the other players.

To achieve the goal, you can search for loot boxes spread on the map, loot the bodies of defeated opponents or complete contracts. Also, every player here gets down to action with his equipment. Therefore you can choose which weapons to bring, which perks, which series of kills and so on. It is a variation on the theme that completely changes the approach required to exit winners from the battle. Personally speaking, you found this mode less attractive than the classic battle royale, but it can still be an added incentive to keep playing when you are tired of the main mode. And again, considering that I’m talking about a free-to-play game, any content (of a good standard) is really more than you could ask for.

Call of Duty: Warzone Weapons and loots

The equipment in Call of Duty Warzone is the same as that of the usual Call of Duty. You can find weapons, armor, tactical and lethal devices, specialties and killing streaks.

Weapons are divided by rarity with material and original criterion. Legendary weapons do not deal more damage than common weapons but are equipped with a greater amount of accessories such as scopes, laser, stock, perk, guard, muzzle, barrel and the like.

Call of Duty: Warzone Vehicles

Similar to Battlefield V, Warzone offers several vehicles to explore the map.

ATV, Cargo Truck, Tactical Rover, Sport utility vehicle (SUV) and helicopters. Both by land and by air the huge map requires means of transport to be crossed in a reasonable time.

The element of the vehicles is therefore not a simple fan-service, but a necessary feature not to make this mode scattering.

Call of Duty: Warzone In-game purchases

The developer has decided to make the game free-to-play with cosmetic micro transactions. As already mentioned, these micro transactions can concern both weapons and equipment, as well as skins for operators and their animations. In the Call of Duty Store, it is possible to purchase the so-called COD Points (CP), the in-game currency used to make purchases. This currency is a bit too expensive for the user since with 10 USD you can buy 1,100 CPs that are not even enough to take a bundle of attractive skins and tags (for which you will have to spend a few dollars more).

It also adds the issue of the Battle Pass or a subscription that unlocks various elegant objects during the game season. The first 20 levels are free for everyone, while the other levels up to 100 must be paid for through a subscription of 1000 CP. Otherwise, you can pay 4000 CP if you want to quickly get the rewards of the first 20 levels and reach up to level 100. Once you reach level 100, the contents of the Seasonal Battle Pass end and you will have to wait for the reset to be able to buy again your pass and enter the new 100 levels of the season.

Call of Duty: Warzone Verdict

Would I recommend Call of Duty: Warzone? If you want to try the new FPS Battle Royale game, this game is quite fun to play. Moreover, Plunder mode is an oasis in the middle of the boring Battle Royale game today.

Apart from that, the game is free. So, there's no problem if you don't like the game, you won't lose a dollar. But I need to remind you, this game requires a stable connection because you have to connect to an American server.

Don't forget, you also have to provide a large capacity SSD to store the game.

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