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Clash Royale Game Review

If you are fans of the game Clash of Clans (CoC), you should try Clash Royale game. No more worry to build a base with a long upgrade process, no need to steal people's coins and elixir and attack them when they are not online. Jump one on one war and real-time through Clash Royale games.

Yes, both made by the developer Supercell, Clash Royale games are very suitable for Clash of Clans gamers who are getting bored and need new game challenges that can be addictive like Clash of Clans, it looks like Clash Royale the younger brother of CoC can be an option.

Clash Royale Games is a game that also use several characters that are similar to Clash of Clans by adding the concept of the kingdom with real-time battles with opponents, multiplayer as well as strategy games. This game combines three game genres, namely trading card games, tower defense, and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

Game type RTS (Real Time Strategy) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) usually this type of game requires a fast reaction while the type of trading card game requires a fairly serious strategy.

Clash Royale Setup

You can enjoy Clash Royale Games for free for Android and iOS users by downloading it on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. With a file size of only about 87 MB for Android, while for iOS around 93 MB. When finished downloading and the installation process of this game as a whole requires free space of about 105 MB so make sure when the download process does not drain your internet quota. With a rating of 7+, this game is safe enough to be played by children without having to worry about dangerous violence in it.

Like CoC, even though it's free, Clash Royale has an In-App purchase to buy gold or gems. No need to be confused if you want to play these games, like other typical Supercell games, at the beginning of the game is a tutorial that will make you understand playing this Clash Royale game. Although it is a combination of several types of fast reaction and serious strategy, Clash Royale is not a game that is difficult to play.

Clash Royale Interface

The interesting thing about Clash Royale is the appearance of games that has a base view in portrait, rather than a landscape position, like the Clash of Clans game. At the initial appearance of the game does not look a large area like CoC, but a battlefield arena that is quite small in size. At the bottom is your castle and tower while the upper area is the opponent.

At the initial appearance of the game also presented several menus and info that is easy to understand, such as your castle level information, money (gold), gems, character information, and trophies. Before going to the battlefield, on the main menu, there is a deck menu. On this menu, you can set your troops who will jump into battle later.

The selection of troops is in the form of a card that identifies the type of troops and buildings. You can only carry 8 cards which means you can only choose 8 troops to launch when fighting and defend the castle from enemy attacks.

Clash Royale gameplay & features

At Clash Royale, your main goal is to destroy enemy castles to win the match. So before the troops can approach the castle you must destroy the arena tower first.

When you are at war you must pay attention to time. Each match has a time limit of only four minutes. The first two minutes will be filled with the initial stages of the game. After two minutes and one of the players manages to destroy the opponent's tower, that player will be the winner.

If no player succeeds in destroying the opponent's tower, or his position is balanced the game will increase for one minute, to a total of three minutes. If still, no one can destroy the enemy tower within four minutes then the match will be counted as a draw. In this middle stage, each player will produce twice as many elixirs than in the initial stage. At this middle stage, usually, the match gets hotter because each player will become more aggressive to release his troops.

If you win the battle you will get a number of crowns that will be calculated based on how many towers were successfully dropped. For each king's castle that is destroyed means, the player gets three crowns.

The winner also gets a chest that contains everything from gold, gems to cards to increase the strength of your troops. Each chest has a different class. Collecting ten crowns a day means you can open the crown that contains a number of cards and also money. There are also free chests that open every 4 hours. The better the box, the better the card inside, but also the time needed to open the box will be longer.

One silver chest takes 3 hours to open, while a Gold chest takes 8 hours and the Giant chest which takes 12 hours to open.

The luck factor is also a key factor in Clash Royale. Sometimes in the early stages, you can get great army cards such as baby dragons and the powerful PEKKA to break through opponents and destroy towers. The cards that players get from the box are random, so it is possible for players to get the same number of cards.

But don't worry, because the same troop card can be used to increase the level of the army itself. The more same cards the troop has collected, then the force will become stronger. You can also get cards by buying them in gold. One of the easiest ways is to ask for card donations from other players through the clan.

Clash Royale Verdict

The conclusion of this game is very exciting because you can fight with opponents in real-time. Because it is not AI that you face, people have a special strategy in managing attacks that sometimes you can't expect this is what makes it fun. In my opinion, Supercell again managed to make a game that succeeded in making many players addicted to continue playing it.

With graphics that are basically a little better than Clash of Clans, Supercell doesn't seem to want to leave the shadow of Clash of Clans, so they create similar games but with a more interesting spice of gameplay.