Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike is the world most famous first-person shootout game. It could undoubtedly be said that more than 30 million copies are sold of this game at the present time while you are reading this post. And the popularity of the game is increasing day by day.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Review

The game really develops from the old game known as Quack. The graphics of this game is low but it was a very addictive game of its time. The game has upgraded a lot since then. In the beginning, the counter-strike game was not very popular. Then counter-strike 1.6 truly changed the things around and it set the norms to playing counter strike in the major leagues.

In counter-strike 1.6, there are two teams, Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists teams. The object of the Counter-Terrorists could be to disable a bomb save the prisoners or guard a VIP, this shifts as indicated by the maps, yet much of the time all things considered, the Counter-terrorist would need to defuse a bomb. With respect to the Terrorist, I think it is clear these terrorist need to install the bomb, murder the VIP, or remain careful for the prisoners but awful young men would need to plant the bomb and attempt to murder the whole of the counter-force or blast the bomb.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Gameplay

The gameplay of counter-strike 1.6 is remarkable and looks great this first-person shootout game gets an individual so included that person truly get stuck to their screens. All the weapons have a novel sound and an exceptional style of shooting. Aside from the weapons to make the game all the more attractive there are different types of tools that an individual can use to advance his possible benefit in a game, for example, the smoke grenade, he-grenade, flash-explosive. The he grenade can be utilized as a hand grenade and is successful whenever utilized right can murder the entire group. The smoke grenade is generally utilized when there is an expert sharpshooter up ahead with the goal that he has difficult to shoot and last yet not the least the flash grenade can be utilized in a successful manner as it blinds the opponent it's launch at.

The purpose of each team is to perform a task on the map (release or kidnap prisoners, install or defuse mines) or simply destroy the enemy team. For completing missions and winning the rounds, the player is given money that he or she can spend on weapons and equipment. Losers also receive money but in smaller numbers. For example, if the team has the least amount of money, it can play the round without buying a weapon, which is likely to lose, but already in the next round, it will be able to fully equip itself even in the event of a loss. The maximum possible amount collect on the player's account is $ 16000, the minimum - $ 0.

Counter-Strike is something other than a game as it even causes you to develop communication abilities. When playing in a group almost certainly, there would be a plan which should be executed in each round, got out by the leader, so it truly helps in creating abilities, for example, hearing and following, working in a group, helping those in a tough situation and continually going for the success.

While counter strike has developed particularly from its past versions and has improved over the ages however regardless of which edition gamer play they never get disturbed. In this day it is said that if you truly need to build up a first-person shootout game it must fulfil the guidelines of counter strike game.

Speaking about weapons, the Counter-Strike usually have two assault rifles: the Colt M4A1 in Counter-Terrorists (high accuracy and range, sufficient firing speed, the ability to install a silencer and low price) and the AK-47 in terrorists (less than the M 4 accuracy, but more shot power, also no silencer).

CS 1.6 Multiplayer

We all know that multiplayer is what makes this game great. If you consider the steam version, you can currently find millions of servers that increase game hours, some including modes, maps, sounds that are not mainly in the game (you will have to download additional data). Another thing that I liked is the possibility of using the microphone of the pc to communicate with other online players or you can give "common" messages by pressing two keys, for example, "help me" "cover me"

Counter-Strike 1.6 Graphics

If you talk about the graphics, it has more advanced video graphics than the old version. Offer more weapon models, characters and NPCs had to be added, and it can be run on any computer.

Sounds in Counter-Strike 1.6

An interesting feature of Counter-Strike is its voice acting. The game has up to 700 or more diverse sounds, not even excluding the singing of birds. Basically Success will depend on the level of weapons and equipment. The main task of the player is to kill enemies and earn money for upgrading all the same weapons and bullets.

Counter-Strike is an exciting action movie to think about. maybe the game will not become a full change for older versions of CS, but if fans of the game do not forget about new updates, then against the background of improved graphics, lower demands on the player and a greater variety of modes, CS 1.6 will remain a very, very popular shooter for a long time to come.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Modes

Entering the game, you have a standard set of weapons (gun and knife). Your task is to earn more game money by killing players from another team, setting bombs, saving prisoners. Buy yourself a serious gun, plus equipment for personal protection, which will significantly increase survival. A definite plus CS - a variety of modes. There are six of them here:

  • Hostage rescue
  • Bomb disposal
  • Assassination
  • VIP escape
  • Infection (when one of the players becomes a zombie)
  • PVE mode (game with bots)

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