Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike Source is very different from other first-person shooters because it has a very realistic game system. In counter-strike source it is not sure the strongest team will win, the result of a fight depends a lot on the team's ability to work well together. Even a team of experienced players can be defeated by beginners if they are not united enough.

The game is divided into rounds, which include purchasing weapons and the actual battle. The game consists of completing the missions or killing the other team. When a character dies, he can no longer participate in the game until the next round, so acting too rashly is surely not a good strategy.

At the end of each round, both teams earn money to invest for the next match. This can cause the winning team to have the opportunity to purchase better weapons at the beginning. For this reason, continue to maintain the advantage over the other team. If you have lost, however, do not be disappointed and save the money until you can afford a good weapon.

Communication is very important. Always use the microphone, much more effective than written communication. Or learn and use the quick commands for primary communications to the team.

Each map has its own goal. In DE maps, it is to place a bomb at a fixed point and protect it until it is fire. In CS maps, however, the aim is to release a group of hostages from the terrorists.

Counter-Strike Source tips and tricks

Play in a group. As a rule, splitting means having less chance of survival. Always communicate with your team. If you are losing, it may be because you are not coordinating well.

Always shot on enemies' head. A shot to the head means the instant death of the enemy, removing any possibility of responding to the fire. Otherwise, target the upper chest.

The speed of your movements depends on the weight of the weapon you are holding. If you need to move quickly, try to hold a simple gun or knife in your hand.

When you hear firing, jump. Unless this gets you out of cover, jumping is always a good option. The enemy does not expect it, and in the meanwhile, you have time to prepare to respond to the fire.

Knowing how to listen is very important. Often you will be able to identify the position of the enemy by paying attention to the sound of his footsteps. Stop often to listen and, if you can, lay down or go ahead slowly to make as little noise as possible and not be detected by the enemy.

Shadows are your friends. Often a player hides behind a cover (wall or other) does not realize that his shadow is instead clearly visible to the enemy. Always keep the level of detail high in the game options.

Lay down to take the best shot. This way you will improve the accuracy of your shot and at the same time, you will be a more difficult target to hit. Do not lay down yourself during heavy fighting, as you will lose your speed and become easy victim to enemy fire.

Do not hinder the movements of your teammates, even if this means being able to perform fewer kills.

Don't be predictable. Experiment with new strategies, especially if you find that those already used are not effective in certain contexts. For the same reason, many teams keep repeating the same strategy over and over again, if they notice they work. Expect them and act accordingly.

In certain situations, you may find the height. They can be useful for targeting and hitting enemies directly in the head. This will make it difficult to see and hit you.

Before changing the corner, try to understand where the enemy could be and, consequently, where his head could be. Then change the corner. Soon you will learn to do it easily.

If you go into the battle without thinking, you will not survive for long, and you probably will not be able to get a great deal. Move carefully and try never to expose yourself too much. Counter-Strike Source is a team game, there is no room for fool players!

List of some Counter-strike Source maps

  • de_aztec
  • de_cobble
  • de_chateau
  • de_dust
  • de_dust2
  • de_piranesi
  • de_prodigy
  • de_tides
  • de_train
  • cs_compound
  • cs_havana
  • cs_italy
  • cs_office

Differences between CS 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source

In fact, major differences are not observed, both in the game itself and in the game process. That is, there is a fight of the same two teams: on the one hand, Special Forces (CT), on the other side, the Terrorists (T) team. In order to win by playing for Counter-Terrorists, three scenarios are offered: bomb disposal, the rescue of hostages and their safe evacuation, or killing of all enemy forces. The favorite weapon was completely upgraded in Counter-Strike: Source, improved and more realistic design.

Features of Counter-Strike Source

In the differences, the following points can be noted:

  • The number of players on one map was doubled (now up to 64 players could play on one map). In this regard, a number of larger maps were developed for the convenience of the game.
  • In connection with a more advanced engine, all textures and standard player models were developed.
  • The next thing to note is the improved sound effects of shots, walking, explosions and other sound effects. Sounds were developed specifically for speakers 5. 1 and 7. 1
  • A number of not significant, but nice additions appeared that made the gameplay more realistic and interesting (for example: empty bottles, bags and tires. All extra items are subject to the standard laws of physics, the same as for the players).

Like standard CS 1.6, CS Source is constantly updated, all kinds of errors are fixed, maps are updated and improved. Among the major updates include the release in June 2010 of an add-on that made it possible to play on the Mac OC operating system. During the update, the game receives strong changes that many players did not like, so now there are two versions of this Counter-Strike: Source and CS Source Classic.

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