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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is a computer video game in the genre of first-person-shooter. It is an updated and enhanced version of a competitive, tactical first-person shooter. The game has a full-fledged single-player mode, where you, as the commander of a special forces squad, need to form the most powerful team.

It is an improved version of the original Counter-Strike mod for the Half-Life game. Each character has different parameters, characteristics, and skills. Team members can actively communicate on the radio about the location of the seen enemies, hostages, or bombs. In multiplayer mode, you will find many new maps, improved balance, and advanced graphics. It was originally focused on a single-player "story" mode, but it was cut from the main version of the game and was later published as "Deleted Scenes".

CS:CZ Gameplay

The game is made in the genre of a three-dimensional shooter with a first-person view. Control is carried out using the keyboard and mouse.

The player, controlling the character, must kill rivals, who can be both real players (in network mode) and bots, working in a team. Accordingly, team members can also be real players or be controlled by artificial intelligence.

The gameplay is similar to Counter-Strike. A new artificial intelligence system was developed. For example, the player's allies inform him about their actions, and the computer controls them taking into account the characteristics of the map. The hostages have become more difficult to react to different actions and express emotions. Added auto-aiming (optional), a new menu for buying weapons has appeared. But it is possible to enable the old one in the settings.

Single player game

The mode, designed for a single game, presented in the style of "career" - having chosen a special forces squad. The player needs (he acts as a squad leader) to form a team, choosing team members from those proposed by the developers.

Each character has different parameters, features, and abilities, weapon skills, different indicators of courage. Allies conduct active radio communications, reporting on the location, terrorists, hostages, and the bomb, their own intentions, and results. The results of the new artificial intelligence created for Condition Zero.

Available in four difficulty levels; upon passing each, the player is awarded a medal. At the first and second levels, unlike the third and fourth, the player cannot inflict damage on teammates.

At each difficulty level, the player needs to go through eighteen stages - each stage is a map (location) on which the battle is being fought.

After completing every three episodes, access to the next three "opens". To win a stage, the player must complete all tasks. For example, "defuse the bomb", "rescue the hostages", "kill several enemies with any weapon", "kill several enemies with a specific weapon". And surpass the terrorist team in the number of rounds won by 2 or more.

Multiplayer mode

A multiplayer mode is similar to the first game. Allows players who choose their team (Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists) to fight on one of the maps available in the game.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Maps

For Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, new maps (locations where battles are fought) have been developed. Some improved versions of older maps and original versions of some older maps (from Counter-Strike) are also included. The improved version of the map, some objects are placed differently, and the texture environment used detailed textures, due to which they look better.

There are maps for the DEFUSAL mode (defusing explosive devices) or RESCUE type (rescuing hostages). The defusing will see the terrorist team place a bomb in one of the two fixed points on the map (A or B). And one of the anti-terrorist team will have to defuse the bomb while the comrades will have to cover it from enemy fire. Instead, the rescue maps will see the good forces engaged in a mission to rescue some hostages who will have to be escorted from the opposing base to the starting point.

The game ends either with the elimination of the entire opposing team or with the completion of one of the 2 types of objectives. To make the game easier, you need to buy weapons, ammunition, and equipment at the start of the game, hoping to have enough funds available. Funds that increase with the kills that are made and with the objectives completed.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Features

Counter-Strike Condition Zero uses the GoldSrc game engine, first introduced in 1998 Half-Life; the original Counter-Strike is also based on it. For Condition Zero, the engine has been improved. A new artificial intelligence for opponents and allies was developed. The facial animation of the characters was improved. Support for alpha blending was also implemented.

The latter feature allows you to create transparent textures. With their help, for example, you can show translucent glasses on ballistic shields or gas masks. It also improves the particle system and introduced support detailed textures. Thanks to this technique, in addition to the main texture, the texture of details is superimposed on some models of the environment. There are several of them for different types of surfaces, which, displayed semi-transparently over the main texture, simulates roughness and compensates for the low resolution of the main texture. In addition, the 3D models of characters and weapons have become more detailed.

CS:CZ Graphics

The game is realistic but graphically poor, the influence of the first Half-life is felt. There is no in-game music, in order to better hear the sound of the enemy reloading or walking.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Conclusion

If you love first-person-shooter games that Counter-Strike Condition Zero is the best option for you. 3 game modes in one game, so you will have some fun, especially online. The graphics of the game is better than the previous version but cannot be compared with the top that was also released in 2004. If it had come out earlier and with a few more innovations it would have also deserved a good place.