CS:GO Wingman

The CS:GO Wingman mode appeared in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in May 2017 with the entrance of Operation Hydra, and in November it was included in the shooter on an ongoing basis. CSGO Wingman has a ranking system similar to standard matchmaking.

In CSGO Wingman, users play on two-in-two compact cards; only the bomb disposal mode is available for the game. The name refers to a term that means a pilot (“slave”) helping a colleague (“lead”) in dangerous situations in the air.

CSGO Wingman rules are very simple. The teams consist of two players and the match lasts for a maximum of 16 rounds with the change of sides. Wingman mode forces you to cooperate closely because during the game you can only count on your winger, therefore good communication is the key to success. The maps are small and have only one place to plant a bomb. Thanks to the short area of movement, the gameplay is very energetic and provides a lot of passion.

CSGO Wingman Maps

As part of the Wingman game mode integrated into the famous FPS game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, maps have been added and/or reduced to make it easier. This game mode was added during Operation Hydra in May 2017. In this 2v2 mode, you will have the choice between several cards with their characteristics.

CSGO Wingman Ranks

The ranks of CSGO Wingman mode here are similar to normal matchmaking but they just change in their graphic aspect. The grading system is based, as in classic ranked mode, on your performance, that is, on your ratio and the points scored during the game. The ratio includes your killed enemies, assistants and your dead. Additional points can be awarded by placing the bombs or defusing them. The rank also takes into account the number of victory and defeat.

CSGO Wingman mode is accessible to everyone and can be launched without specific conditions. The rank system does not take into account cooperation with your teammate. Try to be as efficient as possible to climb the ladder and reach the highest grade in this mode. Originally the ranks in wingman mode were simple, ranging from 1 to 24.

CSGO Wingman Guide for Beginners

Communication is key, try to 'connect' with your partner. Use the in-game and chat commands, if you don't have a microphone. If possible, play using headphones. This way you will be able to react to even the slightest noise when, for example, your opponent gives an unnecessary shot or runs along a corridor near your position.

In this mode, players are more often preparing ambushes, so it's a good idea to move around in shifting so as not to reveal your presence.

Move-in twos, protecting your back. There are plenty of places on these maps where you can surprise your opponent. Avoid open spaces. Before entering an open area, use a smoke or blinding grenade. Before you throw a blinding, smoke or explosive grenade, make sure you don't hurt your party mate this way. The opponent can use sniper weapons and only wait for such an opportunity to shoot. Before you enter a locked room, try to check all its corners. Opponents sometimes lurk just outside the door.

If you eliminated an opponent who had a better weapon, collect it and use the collected cash for other equipment. If you don't currently have any friends available, look for a partner to play on the Steam Community.

Move-in such a way that two people cover most of the map. Do not shoot while moving or jumping because in this way you significantly reduce the accuracy of the weapon. If possible, hide behind some obstacle during reloading. By doing this in an open area you expose yourself to being shot. Remember that you can throw grenades at various distances: LPM – long-distance, PPM - close distance, LPM + PPM - medium distance.

Remember that "fratricidal fire" is on in this mode, so first try to identify the target and then shoot. Killing an ally from your team may be badly received and undermine morale by the end of the game.

If you have much more cash than an ally, buy a weapon for him and throw it to the ground so he can collect it. In this way, both of you will have a decent weapon, which can translate into a favorable round result. Invest in armor to take slightly more damage. In this way, you increase your survival rate.

When playing on the side of anti-terrorists, make sure that at least one member of the team has a bomb disarming kit. If your ally had a bomb disarming kit and was unfortunately abolished, try to sneak to this place and pick up the tools that may be needed to win the round.

If the terrorists managed to plant the bomb and have not been eliminated yet, use a very simple trick: approach the bomb, start defusing it, then stop the activity immediately and start looking around. The enemy will definitely come out of hiding as soon as he hears the sound of the bomb disarming so you will have the opportunity to shoot him down. After eliminating the threat, defuse the bomb.

Use the warm-up time to demonstrate your skills. If you hit several headshots during this time, you can undermine your opponent's morale.

Even if you lose the first few rounds, it doesn't mean that the whole game is lost. Remember that the match lasts a maximum of 16 rounds with the change of sides. Mastering is the key to success. Try to take everything calmly because your nerves will prevent you from assessing the situation correctly. This rule works especially well in the last, decisive round.

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