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DayZ is based on the mod developed for the Arma2 game, Bohemia Interactive offers an action game where the survival and zombie attack of the post-Soviet state of Chernarus will be the protagonists. The player's objective will be to search for weapons, medicines and water to not only survive but also to destroy the mobs of violent enemies. The survival component mixes with online multiplayer in an endless action-packed game.

DayZ Gameplay

DayZ is a survival video game in a permanent post-apocalyptic world in which you will have to stay safe as long as you are able. The streets are full of zombies, and the few human beings left on stage are players who are capable of doing anything to live another day, even if it means killing you. With adventure, survival and action, DayZ builds a multiplayer plan.

You will have to equip yourselves, look for better objects, seek shelter from natural dangers and arm yourselves while creating other items and interacting with a very realistic environment. You must eat, drink and even keep in mind that a small injure can mean your death if you do not treat it well. And of course, fighting zombies, wild animals, and other harmful groups and survivors. If you see someone in the game, it is better to hide.

As a constantly updating and evolving video game at a playable and technical level, DayZ offers new plots, weapons, vehicles and much more. In a world where other games exist, DayZ remains one of the most complex and comprehensive survival MMOs.

DayZ Guide

This game is the sequel of the popular ARMA 2 mod. It combines elements typically shooter with those of a typical survival. All the action focuses on defending against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, however, the biggest threat is represented by the other players who may be the worst enemies or the best allies.

Game server

Let's start with the system of saving your progress, all data is kept on the main server, this means that regardless of which server you choose, your character will be with the same equipment and at the same place. On each game account, you can have a maximum of two characters for each game mode.

Game mode

In DayZ you can choose two clear game modes, Hardcore and Regular. The first of these has a clearly frightening name, but the only differences between the two are how the camera works. In regular mode, you can change from first to third person while, in hardcore, only in the first person. This option is set by the level of the server itself, so players with different modes cannot impact.

The menu windows

The character menu screen is divided into four main windows, the one on the left represents each object in your nearby that can be collected, in the center you could see your character, below it will appear whatever you have in your hands, on the right you will have the classic inventory, above the weapons, in the center the clothes and at the bottom the various bags with indicated how much space you have available to carry other objects.

Collect the objects

You can collect each item in the following ways:

  • Click on the mouse wheel when you see it, in this way the object will go directly into your inventory.
  • Move it from the nearby screen to the character, the item will enter your inventory.
  • Move it from the nearby screen directly to the inventory point you prefer.
  • Move it from the nearby screen to the hands, the item will go directly to your hands but not to the inventory.

The objects on the back

Long-barreled weapons and items used in battle can be placed on your back without taking up valuable space in the inventory bag. You can have only one long-barreled gun at a time. However, you may have one equipped in your hands and one on your back. If you taking up inventory space, in this situation you will have to leave the weapon before you can perform any other action. To use an object, you will have to click on it and bring up the pop-up menu on which you can select the action you prefer.

To perform an action on another object, you will have to leave the current one and switch to the one of your interest. Pay attention to the medical kits that will occupy four spaces and inside they have six spaces for each medicine, the ammunition boxes that will occupy four spaces and inside they have ten.

A dangerous world - Zombies

Citizens of Chernarus have been infected and turned into blood-hungry zombies, this undead can hear and see you.

Avoid them - The zombies are really careful and it will be really difficult to go unnoticed next to them. The biggest mistake you can make is to draw their attention by shooting with a gun that will cause a loud noise. When you shoot with an unsilenced weapon, the zombies will appear around the area, you could also risk attracting their attention by using a flashlight during the night.

Fight them - As I said earlier, avoid shooting zombies with unsilenced firearms if you can avoid it. What could you do? Use melee weapons or silenced guns, with the former you will have to make sure you hit your head, as hitting the body takes too long. These zombies have the number on their side, don't play with them and shoot, you could draw other zombies nearby or, worse, get another player's attention. Never underestimate the zombies, it is more difficult to kill them with military clothes.

No weapon! What am I doing now?

If your weapon is empty, you will only have one thing left to do, run away! There is another way to kill a zombie, force him to throw himself from an elevated area, like a ladder. Jumping over an obstacle could force your enemy to get stuck giving you time to increase the distance between you and him.

How do they attack?

The zombies will attack you directly and without any gun. Being affected can cause bleeding and As a result, you will become unconscious.

The food

There are three main signs that you will need to worry about during your games. These are energy, water and stamina. You can keep an eye on them from the character window.


Energy comes from food and energy drinks. There are five different states of energy:

  • In shape: green background.
  • Pretty fit: the green background and no comment. You are in shape and, for now, you don't have to worry about looking for food.
  • Hungry: yellow-green background. It is time for you to start looking for food.
  • Quite hungry: orange background. It is time for you to find food quickly.