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Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive have surprised us with Dead by Daylight, a multiplayer horror game launched in 2016 for Windows, and released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2017. There are 4 survivals against 1 assassin. One of the player plays as the role of an assassin who has a mission, to kill the other players.

Dead by Daylight Gameplay

In DbD you can play as an assassin or a survivor. According to gameplay, there will be 4 survivors on a large map trying to beat 1 killer. The main aim of the player is to survive until the end. Therefore, they will need to activate generators on the map, to give enough energy for the exit gates to be opened.

The assassin goal is to stop survivors from escaping. Therefore, Assassin will need to sacrifice the survivors on hooks scattered all around. A right hit killer leaves a survivor injured by delivering the blow, with the 2nd hit cause the crawling state. Disable survivor can be caught by the killer and taken to a hook. On the hook, for the first time in the round, the survivor can try to escape on his own 3x (with a 4% chance of success), or wait for another survivor to rescue him. If this other survivor takes too long, you will go to the 2nd sacrifice stage, where you can no longer escape on your own. The third step is immediate death, game over.

Survivors can cure each other, run, crouch, jump over walls, knock over boards, hide in closets, and distract the killer with flashlights. When a survivor runs, he leaves escape marks on the floor and walls. Which can be seen by the killer for a while, making escape difficult. Assassins have a clue of terror, heartbeats that become more intense for survivors as the killer approaches.

The game maps are randomly generated, so you must always pay attention. Boards, walls/windows, and cabinets are spread throughout the maps. These are to help survivors. A board knocked over at the right time can shock the killer and cause it to take a long time to reach you. Walls can be skipped over by a survivor who, depending on speed and angle, generate an absurd advantage to escape since the killer is slow when crossing walls. The speeds are framed between fast, medium and slow vaults. Walls and boards are essential that provide advantages to survivals.

Survivors who remain in the same place for a long time, attract crows that notify the killer to your location.

The game's ranking starts at level 20 and decreases to level 1. Beginners may find it difficult to play in the initial rankings because generally those who are there don't play very well, and a bad team compromises the entire game. The murderers have the party.

Dead by Daylight guide for Survivals

If you are tired of dying we advise you to put the following tips into practice.

  • If a player falls down during the game, you can always help him, but be careful. You first have to know where the killer is. If he is not near the place where he kills the other player, go ahead. Otherwise, it is best to let him die to save yourself. If the assassin is nearby he can capture you while you try to save your partner.
  • In Dead by Daylight, hurry is not a good adviser. You have to try not to leave a mark, so the killer will have a harder time. His thing is to always duck and only run in case of being in danger.
  • Knowing the map never hurts, so you will always have a way out in case of being chased. If by chance you are repairing a generator and you hear the killer reaching, then it is best to run away and come back as soon as you have a chance.
  • You can always make things harder for the killer. Putting obstacles in the way to save time is a good idea. On the other hand, hiding in a closet near a generator is a bad idea. It is always better to hide away from generators.
  • Sound is very important if you pay attention on it you can get ahead of the murderer by listening to his steps. If he is running you can hear that he is breathing hard. The same goes for you, hence running can give you away.
  • Objects are very important in Dead by Daylight. There is one of them that is very effective against the killer, the toolbox. Why? With the toolbox, you can destroy almost all the hooks, so the killer will have to waste time finding the hooks that are still working.
  • If only two survivors remain in the game, the best choice is the hatch. Then you have to find a way out. You have to be very fast and have stable health in case the killer attacks us.

Dead by Daylight guide For Assassins

  • Do not give up easily to chase a survivor. Even if you think it will change sides during a loop on a board, don't stop! Try to chase a survivor only in clear situations, where he has no way to run.
  • Swallow the boards. Many assassins are afraid to carry a pallet on their head while looping, standing a few inches before the board waiting for the survivor to throw it down.
  • Do not automatically catch a fallen survivor. It looks clear that you want to hook a survivor who just fell, but you need to be very careful, as you may have another survivor hidden with a flashlight.
  • Track generators. When you walk on the map, find out if there are generators close to each other. If so, focus more on these than the others.
  • Do not make meaningless attacks. Missing a blow takes a lot of time for the killer, just take a chance if you are too close to the survivor, or in looping board situations. Survivors walking through windows are also great targets for scams, pay attention.
  • Pay attention to the surroundings. The map will help you locate survivors. Survivors leave red footsteps on the ground as they run, which disappear over time, use them for tracking.


In short: Survivors must turn on generators and killers must hook survivors. Each survivor can be hooked up to a maximum of three times in a match (the third time, he will die). A survivor who, once shot, remains in revive mode for a long time, will also die from bleeding.