Depth is one of the main surprises of 2014: the low-budget game from Digital Confectioners studio bring more fresh ideas to the network action genre than the expensive Titanfall and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The Depth concept is striking in its simplicity and creativity. Four players act as divers, two as sharks. Divers must accompany and guard S.T.E.V.E underwater robot while he explores the sunken ships and ancient ruins in search of gold with jewelry. Sharks, unhappy with the invasion of people in their habitat, are trying in every way to prevent divers.

Depth Gameplay

The game is a multiplayer action in which the player selects one of the fighting group - divers or sharks. Divers do not just come to swim in beautiful places - they take STEVE, a robot remotely controlled from a ship, which breaks the safes with treasures lying on the seabed. Sharks don't like this, and they decide to protect their shelter by killing divers and smashing STEVE.

They must gobble up all the little people or damage the robot as much as possible so that it crashes. If the divers destroyed all the predators or managed to load the treasures into the cage, which will raise them to the surface, then they won. And vice versa. After the death, both of them, of course, are reborn, but not infinitely: there is a limit of “respawn” points for each team.

Players in flippers, in theory, are clearly inferior to six-meter toothy monsters. But they have a lot of equipment in their arsenal that allows them to repulse sharks. There are various underwater pistols, shotguns, including those firing with a net, machine guns, and harpoons. Plus beacons, torches to detect predators, and mines on which they are blown up. The sharks use not only their huge jaws and the ability to accelerate sharply to grab the man, but also “evolutionary skills”. For example, to scan the space, determining what equipment the opponents use, detect the same mines, restore health after leaving the battle, and temporarily become furious after the rebirth, and so on.

All this needs to be acquired and studied gradually, right during the match. The Divers, killing sharks, protecting the robot and personally picking up gold bars scattered here and there, earn money. Then during the round, you can go to the store and buy the necessary equipment. When six-meter monsters win receive skill points and decide for themselves what skill to take. True, not the entire arsenal is available initially. You need to play, gain experience and get new levels.

To make it easier to keep the defense, scuba divers should press their backs against the walls of the sunken ship. But even in this position, they will not be safe. Because killer shark can break through rusty metal and thus create new ways to the premises where divers are located. Through a punched hole, it is not difficult for a shark to grab a diver and swim away with prey in his teeth even before the other divers have time to react. The worst thing to accompany Steve to places where there are no rocks or walls. The only thing that testifies to the approach of the enemies is the booming sharks' heartbeat that all divers can hear, and this sound, along with the realization that the predator can attack from any direction, scares seriously.

Play as a Diver or Shark

To win, a team of sharks needs to complete thirty kills until the diver runs out of respawn points. Despite the fact that deadly shark has a lot of advantages (including moral pressure on the enemy), it is not so easy to deal with a well-coordinated, experienced group of scuba divers.

The game for divers is simple and does not require any skills. Only attention and caution are needed. But I would still recommend novice players get training and play 10 games with bots. Sharks are getting harder. There are only 2 of them in the team and their management is very complicated. Therefore, beginners playing for sharks become an easy target. But experienced players drive their fish in such a way that they are capable of killing the entire team of divers in one attack alone.

Divers have a low chance of survival when meeting experienced sharks if they don’t play as a team and do not use all possible special equipment, such as first-aid kits, mines or turrets. A diver caught by a shark can only beat her with a knife, but this does little damage and will only help if the shark has little HP.

Depth Game Modes

Depth game has 4 game modes Blood & Gold, Megalodon Hunt, Haywire and Hide & Seek. The main game mode is “Blood and Gold”. In this mode, the player goes with S.T.E.V.E. and collect treasures lying on the bottom of the ocean. Treasures are scattered all over the map, but sailing away from the team is very dangerous. Sharks easily kill loners. Each side has 30 lives per team and instant respawn. But there is no need to rush anywhere. After death, it is better to share evolution points or purchase weapons and special means.

Depth Game Cards and Maps

The cards in the game are diverse, from the flooded ships of different eras quite familiar to “underwater” games to the incomprehensible ones like castles and flooded mines that have appeared at the bottom of the ocean. The game also has an underwater base, a sunken platform of oil producers and ancient temples. All cards look very beautiful, but more on that later. Maps are quite large in size and there is enough open space in them. However, divers spend most of the game in small rooms, in the halls of castles or in the holds of ships. The main events of the match unfold in them. While the robot breaks the safe, the sharks figure out how best to attack the divers - to knock out the door or grille, quickly fly into the hole on the roof or wait for the divers to leave the cozy shelter and swim to the next.


Digital Confectioners not only came up with an interesting concept but also able to correctly implement it. Depth looks great and is played and gives a lot of emotions, allowing you to feel yourself in the role of the hero of the movie "Jaws". The game includes wonderful graphics. Now it remains to come up with more maps and new modes.