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Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb - MMOFPS based on Unreal Engine 3, created by Splash Damage. The game has only a PC version which was released in open beta on June 2, 2015. The game is distributed according to the Free-to-play model.

There are two competing private military groups in the game, who have taken upon themselves the responsibility of controlling the values still remaining in the city. As it is not difficult to guess, you will fight for one of the groups.

Dirty Bomb Plot

The Dirty Bomb mutilated London, and the Central Disaster Authority was responsible for rebuilding it. When the crime syndicate Jackal decided to stop and began to steal technology, the capital was plunged into chaos. Now both fighting groups gather mercenaries from all over the world under their flags.

Dirty Bomb Gameplay

The game combines tactics, quick battles and many game characters, which gives great scope for team play. Before each match, a player can assemble a squad of 3 characters. During the game, you can switch between the characters of your squad. The number of mercenaries is constantly growing and at the moment you can choose from 23 characters. Each of them has a unique skill and its own characteristics. On the battlefield, they perform one of five main roles – Assault, Fire Support, Engineer, Medic and Recon.


These are powerful mercenaries specializing in the use of heavy weapons and various types of grenades. As the main weapon, they use machine guns, grenade launchers, and other large-caliber weapons, which makes them excellent fighters for short distances and indoors. This class includes characters such as Fragger, armed with fragmentation grenades, Rhino, armed with a minigun, Nader, armed with a grenade launcher, and Thunder, who has stunning grenades and firepower.

Fire Support

These are mercenaries specialized in mid-range fighting and providing fire support to the team. They can distribute ammunition to themselves and other players, and the ability to deliver a pinpoint strike on enemy positions can radically turn the wave of the battle. These include Skyhammer, capable of causing a bomber, Arty, causing an artillery strike, Kira, controlling an orbital laser, Stoker, armed with dangerous grenades and Javelin, armed with a rocket launcher.


The main feature of mercenaries capable of performing this role on the battlefield is that they are able to fix anything and do it as quickly as possible. This class includes Proxy, capable of installing anti-personnel mines, Bushwhacker, installing turrets, Fletcher, armed with sticky bombs and Turtle, who can install an energy shield.


Recognizing a mercenary who can fulfill this role on the battlefield is not difficult. He always has a first aid kit and a defibrillator or a medical gun with which he can put a wounded ally on his feet at any moment. But in view of the weak fighting power, such mercenaries must always be protected and assisted in battles. Doctors include Aura, who is able to establish a treatment station, Phoenix, who has the ability to be reborn after being disabled, Sawbonez, Sparks, who has a healing gun with it instead of a defibrillator, and Guardian, who can install a sky shield that destroys enemy explosives.


If a mercenary is able to expertly track all the movements of the enemy, then it is he who will play the role of a scout on the battlefield. Many of them prefer powerful sniper rifles as their main weapon, who allows them to deal with the enemy at long distances. Such mercenaries include Vassili, who can install a heartbeat sensor, Aimee, who installs a tracking device that weakens the enemy within its radius of action, Redeye, who carries a smoke grenade and infrared glasses, allowing him to see through the smoke and track the enemy and Phantom wearing armor with active camouflages, allowing it to become invisible for a while and turning off enemy equipment that is nearby.

Dirty Bomb Maps and modes

In the game, you can find a very diverse set of cards and modes. Often, the same card looks different depending on the mode selected.

Currently, there are 3 game modes in Dirty Bomb: Objective, stopwatch and Execution.


This game mode consists of two rounds. In one round, the player stands for the attackers, in the other for the defenders. To win, you must complete a certain number of tasks faster than the enemy.


One team is attacking, and the second is defending. To win, the attacking side needs to have time to complete the mission objectives for a certain time. In turn, the defenders should stop them.

Execution (not available)

This mode is a team battle in which a player in the squad needs to destroy all the players in the enemy squad.

About revival of allies

Anyone can revive a teammate. When you are close to the fallen ally, press and hold the F key (default). A completely dead ally cannot be revived. Medic classes have the ability to revive allies faster than other classes. Defibrillators increase health recovery during revival according to charge time (up to 100). When current starts flowing between the pads, it is a signal that the full charge is completed. You can use the E key (default) or the F key (default) to face a fallen ally for quick use.

Dirty Bomb Graphics

During its five years of life Dirty Bomb has undergone evident retouches, especially in the technical area. You move forward in rendering models, textures, shadows and softness of the image; despite everything. It maintains a balance in terms of requirements, affordable to maximum details from any mid-range system. Of course, you will not be at the level of a Battlefield One but despite the age the good work on the Unreal Engine 3 still does very well, giving a rather impressive London. There is little to say about the sound sector except that it is lacking in variety when examining the sound effects of weapons and other war instruments.

Dirty Bomb Conclusions

On balance, Dirty Bomb surely deserves a place of absolute importance in the panorama of modern free to play FPS. The game mechanics are solid, the content side is satisfactory, the graphics are of a good level, and the economic model is not invasive. It is certainly not a defect-free title, on the other hand, the commitment in the finishing phase by the developers will continue for much longer. However, what you find in your hands today has very little to envy from the competition. If you are looking for a free alternative to such cornerstones, in Dirty Bomb you will find a very valid candidate