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Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal published by Bethesda released on 20 March 2020, for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The new Doom is a fast, first-person shooter, action-packed and brutal - but also very difficult. To save you one or two deaths in the first-person shooter, we will give you the best tips and tricks for beginners in this Doom Eternal Guide.

Doom Eternal Game

As you fight the Army of Hell in Doom Eternal, it's difficult to keep track of things. So that you don't give up in the first missions, good resource management is particularly important. Because Bethesda's latest shooter is all about health, defence and ammunition. You will find all of it on the way through the campaign, the tools provided are never enough to survive.

If you take our tips and tricks to heart, you will not run out of resources in battle so quickly. As soon as you have given enough damage to a demon, it begins to flicker and you can start the glory kill. Glory kills give extra health, sometimes other materials. The lower your health on execution, the greater the health bonus you will receive.

Also, the glory kill works from a few meters away and you are safe during the animation. That is why the special attacks are also ideally suited to safely overcome dangerous obstacles. You earn extra armor by frying opponents with the flame thrower. Set on fire demons drop pieces of armor that you pick up in peace.

We'll tell you shortly how to further improve the flame thrower in our Doom Eternal weapons guide. You get additional ammunition if you use the chainsaw to cut up demons. Watch out: heavy demons need three bars of gasoline. Fortunately, the chainsaw's fuel fills up automatically, so you can always use this trick to farm ammo in Doom Eternal.

The most important Doom Eternal tip: Always keep moving and combine the above attacks as often as possible. If you stay in one place for too long or just rely on your weapons, you're almost dead!

Kill Demons

In Doom Eternal, every opponent is unique and has well-balanced power, weaknesses and skills. As a good killer, you need to have a plan for every demon type. You can find important tips and tricks for exposure in your code. Make sure you take the time and read the short notes to save yourself countless failed attempts.

Heavy demons are particularly strong opponents, but they always have a weak point. These are usually their strongest attacks that you want to stop as soon as possible. You can recognize weak points by the red marking. Below we'll share the best tips and tricks for the heavy demons you'll encounter in the first few sections of Doom Eternal.

  • The spider-like arachnotron is a demon specializing in ranged attacks. First, destroy his gun to disable his ranged attacks. After that, it's best to keep it on with the shotgun.
  • The demon is said to show similar to the Cyclopean titans from the ancient tradition of hell. We don't know if that's true. But it is that he will be dazed and you can start the glory kill after throwing a sticky bomb or splinter grenade into his mouth.
  • The Revenant is a heavy demon with a jetpack and powerful shoulder cannons. If you have destroyed the cannons, his ranged attacks are a thing of the past and you can easily defeat him in close combat.

A uniqueness in Doom Eternal are the strong demons. Beware of the yellow rimmed opponents. Powerful demons have killed another player in their campaign and are haunting you in their faster, stronger, smarter, and more aggressive version. If you have completed such a chunk, you will receive a lot of resources as a reward.

Doom Eternal Graphics

But in addition to the frantic gameplay, another highlight of Doom Eternal is its visual part. Graphically the game is perfect, with the level of details of the scenarios and monsters managing to feel very well that we are in a post-apocalyptic world.

However, what impressed me the most was that, despite all this glory, I was unable to notice any drop in the frame refresh rate, with the title running smoothly on Xbox One X. This is an important detail, as we are talking about a game where crashes, however small, could damage the experience and with so many things happening on the screen at the same time, the people at id Software deserve praise for the achievement.

Another factor that caught my attention in this area was the size of the scenarios and stages. With some of them requiring about an hour to complete, each return to Earth will be quite a journey, with the stages being full of secret passages, special combat areas and items that will allow us to improve our weapons and armor.

Doom Eternal Multiplayer

From the day of the launch to the campaign, the competitive and cooperative PvP sector of Doom Eternal went alongside: the Battlemode.

In Battlemode a player uses the killer and will have to challenge two other players, who will copy the demons. While the killer has a number of standard actions and skills, those who choose the demonic group can select one of five different demons with different abilities and powers. On the one hand, the killer will have to rely on the aim and control of the pitch while the two opposing players will have to play as a team by evoking the right type of demon or ability according to the situation, in order to get the better of the killer.

The 6 best Doom Eternal tricks for beginners

  • Do not collect powerups immediately, but use them strategically. They are never placed for no reason and are essential for survival - also a good indicator that you will soon be surprised by heavy demons.
  • If things get really tight in the battle, use the dash moves to bring you to safety with a targeted sprint.
  • SnapMap is your best friend. You will even see collectables things and secrets on it. If you've missed something, the quick travel function will help you to travel to predetermine locations on the map.
  • After each mission is completed, you land in the Doom Fortress - the command centre of the Slayer. There you can take a closer look at all collected collectables. Also, you will find locked rooms in which there are valuable items. You usually need two guard batteries to open it. In order to collect as many of the rare and extremely important batteries as possible, complete the three challenges that are in every mission.
  • Keep your eyes open when choosing the level of difficulty. Even experienced shooter players often reach their limits with the difficulty "Go, give it to me" and will die more often than you would like.
  • Bonus tip: Under Settings / UI you can customize the design of the interface and your HUD as you wish.
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