Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is a F2P computer game in the genre of auto battler developed by Valve. The game was originally released in 2019 as part of the early access program. A full version was released in 2020 for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. Dota Underlords is a standalone version of the Dota Auto Chess modification for Dota 2 developed by Drodo Studio.

Dota Underlords Gameplay

The gameplay of Dota Underlords is pretty simple, but it has a lot of important details. At the start, the first three rounds can be called training. During the first three battles, you will fight against AI bots, not real people. If you win the game give you the opportunity to choose one of three artifacts for your character. If you lose, which is very difficult, then the developers will not give you such an opportunity. And your team will be slightly weaker than those who were able to defeat the bots at the start. Only after that, the battles against real people begin. Your characters appear on your sides of the map. The characters of another player appear on the opposite side. You fight and the one who remains the last survivor wins, and the one who lost takes health points. For each character of the 1st level they take 1 health point, so the more you kill the enemies.

Battles take place in the “1 on 1” format. After the battle, the players receive gold coins, which you can buy new heroes, or items, while the loser player loses health points. Having lost all 100 points, the player is eliminated from the match. The match carries on until there is only one player left.

New reward system

The most interesting difference between Underlords and Autochess is the new reward system. They no longer drop from neutral creeps. Now after each round with neutrals the user is offered three different rewards. These can be objects of various gems or passive skills applied to heroes. When losing against creeps, health is not taken away, but the number of offered rewards decreases.

At the initial levels, users are offered ordinary items. But at higher rounds, rewards are improved offering for example Black King Bar or Shiva's Guard. Items are no longer collected from separate pieces but come with a single artifact. Each hero can be given only one item, so packing one character, giving him absolutely all the artifacts for damage will fail.

Passive abilities are also sorted by rarity, offering at first insignificant amplifications, and in the end - more powerful and profitable. They apply to character alliances, such as adding health to orcs or explosions after the death of inventors. But don’t be so simple as to get the passive you need. Distribution happens randomly regardless of the strategy you choose.

Dota Underlords Game Process

In Dota Autochess, a game can drag on for up to 50 minutes, which look like a long process. Valve decided to speed up the game by reducing the intermediate phases between battles, as well as improving the system to improve the levels of the figures. There are 25 seconds to prepare, and battles take no more than 30-40 seconds. Creeps in this version have become significantly weaker. The total length of one match now takes 30-40 minutes, depending on the number of players remaining in the end.

Dota Underlords Alliances and Heroes

The developer did not blindly copy all the features of Dota Autochess. The Dota underlords game has a new Alliance of One Blood, which consists of Ogre Magi and Warlock. When one of these units dies, the second receives 100% increase in damage. Also, Warlock is a warlock for one coin, which simplified the combination of the abduction of lives. The class of killers was replenished by the Bloodseeker, who has a passive ability to lose health and increase his attack speed, and when killing, recharge 35% of maximum hp.

The most popular character was Pudge - an undead warrior who uses the ability to attract the farthest hero and make the allies focus this target. Warriors now assemble even easier, easily combining the undead alliance to add lower armor. Another new hero was Arc Warden, creating his own copy. It belongs to the class of elementals that impose weakness on the target attacking them.

In general, these are all the changes to Dota Underlords at this stage. The developers assured that the game will be updated every week, offering from minor updates to major patches. Already in the game there is a rating system, support for mobile devices, a training mode and the ability to play with your friends.

Dota Underlords Tricks

The main feature of this game is that you need to collect the right characters. Each hero has his own race and class, which boast special bonuses. For example, you can take two mechanics race characters and get a bonus to health improvement. This is a very cool bonus at the initial stage of the game. The enemies will not be able to kill you while you apply darkness of damage. There is another option to collect strong men who receive a bonus to damage or to assemble a team with protection. There are a lot of options, they can be combined and collect interesting compositions. The main thing is that you must learn to assemble a good team of random characters because the game does not always give you exactly those characters that you need. This is the main problem for beginner players. They do not find the right character and simply give up, collecting strange squads without bonuses.

Dota Underlords Conclusion

Now, there is no donation in the game, there are no in-app purchases or offers to spend money on anything. This is a completely free game that allows you to spend time both on a computer and with a smartphone in your hands. Personally, I have played a lot and I can say with confidence that for most gamers this is the best option to play this game and spend good time. Maybe the project on the mobile phone is not as good as many would like, but on a PC I have not seen anything better for a very long time.

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