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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore, multiplayer, first-person shooter, online role-playing game that combines features of FPS / TPS genres, combat simulator and MMO RPG elements.

The developers managed to create a realistic battle simulator with lots of scenarios that allow the player to control his Heroes actions at each level. The basis of the gameplay is the battle between two armies of professional soldiers and single looters.

It briefly defines the main mission of the player - to survive and escape from the fictional Russian city, which, due to the economic crisis, has become a place of a military clash.

Escape from Tarkov gameplay

First of all, the player has to decide which army he will play for. In conditions of complete isolation from the outside world, overlapping supply lines and losing contact with the command, your hero will have to survive, find the maximum information to understand what is really happening in Tarkov, and then escape from the conflict zone.

All this is not so simple, because aggressive marauders and mercenaries of the enemy army snoop around. When there are no more orders from above, you have to choose what to do, who to fight with, and how to escape a terrible place.

Forest is an important part of the gameplay, they create a constant hard sense of danger, the more noise the hero makes, and the sooner they will come for him. Entering the battle with forest, be prepared for the fact that it is not so easy to get out of it as a winner, because it is controlled by artificial intelligence.

You can also play as wild. A pleasant plus - you cannot be afraid of death, because if your Wild dies, the main character will remain his own, but if you manage to survive in the role of the Wild, there is a chance to fill your hero’s supply with useful things.

The events will take place under the effect of day and night. The Heroes activity will be affected by tiredness, illness, hunger, blood pressure, blood loss, fractures, injury, poisoning and other factors.

A new system module is created - a simulator of combat in extreme conditions. In search of developing the tactical power of their weapons, you can change anything you want. You will be able to interact with the environment.

It will not hurt to prepare extra kits of equipment, because after the death you will lose everything that you carry with you in the raid or found during it.

Between the raids you will find many other tasks: negotiating with traders, adapting to the changing economy, selling victim at a flea market or sell, setting up your own fighting groups and more.

Scenarios for each player:

  • The gameplay of Escape from Tarkov is divided into separate scenarios, the sequence of which depends on the actions of the player.
  • Single and multiplayer raids are available in all Tarkov locations, each raid is an opportunity to explore the city, find out something about the real causes of the conflict, and find artefacts, money or weapons.
  • With friends or solo, you can go in search of hidden locations, secret offices and warehouses.
  • Production from raids can be sold to flea marketers or at auction, improving their own financial condition.
  • Create your own armed groups and try to escape from Tarkov with your partners.

Escape from Tarkov Development history

The pre-production of Escape from Tarkov began in December 2012, when the design concept was created and the script was started, and already in March 2014, active development start.

The game's trailer for the game was released on November 5, 2015, and on November 24, the gameplay action trailer was introduced.

That same year, December 29, the official website started a mini-sale. Everyone could buy one of the pre-order kits. Battlestate Games has announced that it will be possible to make purchases on Steam.

Approximate system requirements were named on January 5, 2016. And in the spring of April 2, the developers launched the first stream of the alpha version, but there were technical problems. The second stream was successfully held on May 18.

The closed alpha test launch date was August 4 of the same year. At the Gamescom exhibition, August 18, live, Nikita Buyanov from BattleState Games Studio announced that the open beta will be held in the fall, and the release will be in early 2017.

The change to advanced alpha took place on December 16, 2016. May 30, 2017 announced the change to a closed beta, which began on July 27.

December 28, this year began testing the load of game servers. On November 8, 2018, Patch 0.10.5 was released, which added many different changes, enhancements, and fixes to the game.

The closed beta of Escape from Tarkov kicked off on July 28, 2017. Anyone who has pre-ordered the game is allowed.

Escape from Tarkov Features

The game is based on the Unity 5 engine. Each player is not limited in actions and decides what strategy his character will follow. For expert of suitable quests, the game provides traders with whom you can not only trade but also build trusting relationships in order to gain access to rare goods. Performing the tasks of the merchants, the hero can better explore the area, learn more about what is happening in Tarkov, gain experience and necessary things.

Also, reaching a certain level in the Escape from Tarkov and gaining the necessary skills, the hero himself can become a trader, find his own store and a number of unusual goods.

Weapon modification is an important part of the shooter, in Escape from Tarkov you can create powerful trunks by collecting them from your raid finds.

To communicate with other players, to learn noise and useful information, to clean up yourself and your weapons, to study the things found - organize crypto.

The player turns into a former mercenary who must find his way out of town and survive. After choosing one of the parties - USEC or BEAR - the hero begins his journey in such conditions, where everyone has to choose how to survive, what to do, and how to get out of the chaos in the big city.

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