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Farming Simulator 2020 Game Review

Farming Simulator 2020 is a farm simulator developed by Giants Software. The game is a sequel of the famous series of Farming Simulator. A huge sandbox game in the genre of Simulation. It allows you to develop your own agricultural farm thanks to a wide range of equipment.

Farming Simulator 2020 Game Development

The game is being developed by the studio Giants Software. More than 120 people are involved in development. Farming Simulator 2020 is the sequel to the famous series of farming simulators. The main concept of the upcoming game is to provide gamers with the greatest realism and an advanced mode of simulation of production processes on the farm.

On February 15, 2018, the video trailer public, and on March 10, the developers published a number of screenshots of the game on the new graphics engine. On June 14, 2018, at the E3 conference, a new trailer was shown with a number of gameplay features.

On July 22, the pre-order for the game on the digital service Steam became available. On August 21, the gameplay was broadcast from the developers.

Farming Simulator 19 was released on November 20, 2018, for Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Farming Simulator 2020 version was released on December 3, 2019.

Farming Simulator 2020 Gameplay

Players will take over the management of a farm for growing crops and animals. New farmers have lots of modern equipment, working technologies, and production resources. It is necessary to complete a whole complex of farms on the farm entrusted to the player to ensure its prosperity.

The gameplay takes place in first and third-person mode, depending on the wishes of the players and the vehicle control mode. Gamers are provided with a number of farms in European and American territories for development. Players control a huge amount of special seeding, harvesting, and other equipment. Added many types of animals for the personal farm, including horses. You can also ride them.

At first, it may seem that there is nothing more boring than collecting, destroying weeds, and caring for the site, but after a couple of hours, you already start to get involved in it, developing the economy, trading with shops, and growing crops.

The game is very friendly to new players. There are as many as three difficulty levels:

  • New Farmer (Easy) - In the beginner mode, you already have a starting set of buildings and equipment, as well as a small amount of money. A great option for beginner players. Numerous tips will help you understand the basic mechanics of the game and figure out the details.
  • Farm manager (Normal) - you have a lot of capital, but you do not have buildings, land, and equipment. You have to buy everything yourself. A good choice for those who have already played Farming Simulator and want to try something new.
  • Start from scratch (Hard) - Starting from scratch is the most hardcore mode. The hard level will give you a small amount of money and very high prices for everything.

The next thing that the game pleasantly surprises with is the ability to customize the appearance of your character, gender, and so on.

Next, you choose one of two locations where you will be engaged in farming and forward.
The game will gradually bring you up to date. But in order to better understand some of the features, it is worth looking into the "Training" section, in which the developers have kindly divided different types of farming activities into blocks. After reading them, you will feel much more confident.

The game is very adaptive, in the settings you can "tweak" some elements, turning them on and off. But it's better to play with all the options, it's much more fun and interesting. Hints will not let you get confused in a difficult situation. And if you suddenly get bored with turning circles, fertilizing the soil, then you can always hire workers to do it for you.

Farming Simulator 2020 Game modes

Farming Simulator 2020 features single and multiplayer game modes for up to 16 people. The collective development of the farm allows you to speed up various processes and provide a new gameplay experience. The developers also announced a mod creation mode that allows you to change the gameplay.

Farming Simulator 2020 Graphics

It's worth starting with what the developers call the "Revolution of Colors", or, more simply, a new graphics engine. Using the updated toolkit, the developers were able to implement in practice all their ideas, which had previously run into the imperfection of the system. This also applies to the surrounding beauty, and color rendition, and the reflection of light from various surfaces.

In Farming Simulator 2020, the surrounding nature now looks much more realistic, especially in a panoramic view - the lines between the sky, mountains, plains, and water smoothly "join", making the picture integral, and not divided between blocks of textures. The color rendition is sustained in neutral tones and does not cause rejection over bright or, conversely, pale shades. In short, the nature in the game is similar to real, with green grass and pine groves.

The game uses a new and improved engine and advanced effects to create more realistic gameplay. Graphic updates have also improved the gameplay itself, primarily the mechanism of processing fields and planting crops. Previously, the harvesting algorithm did not work well - you could only observe the animation of a particular node, and then the banal disappearance of the harvest texture from the field. Now the picture is much more real, you can personally observe how cut heads of cabbage or ears of wheat along the guides fall into the body or spill out on the ground.

Farming Simulator 2020 Conclusion

It is a very high-quality simulator that can attract players for a large number of hours. Including those who were not previously familiar with the series.

Definitely the game Farming Simulator 2020 has improved with the new features. Most of the changes in the game are of a technical nature in the form of improved graphics and increased varieties of agricultural equipment, and there are no fundamental changes in the gameplay. In general, Farming Simulator 20 is either for those who would always like to be a farmer, albeit in the virtual world, or for those gamers who want to try something unusual and interesting.