Fortnite Game Review

Fortnite is a survival and battle royale game played online and developed by Epic Games. Fortnite was released first on 2017. It has three basic variants, one Fortnite: Save the World second is shooter survival game and third one is Fortnite Battle Royale. In first version which is Fortnite: save the world is a cooperative version where all players played with collaboration. In the Fortnite shooter survival game, there are teams of four four players and they fight against zombie like creatures. In this version players can also build defend objects to save themselves? In the Fortnite battle royale version hundred player participate in a match where everyone fight against each other to stand last, same idea as in the player unknown battle ground or pubg.

One other version is also available in this game which is called Fortnite Creative. Right now the player is allowed to manufacture its own war arena. Players are absolutely free and make the game as they like.

This game is available for every game platform either it is on mobile device, personal computer or gaming console. Fortnite is available for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Nintendo, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android gaming platforms.

This game is gain much more popularity when it come to the gaming market then other action game like Call of Duty or PUBG. After its release in 2017 it draw almost 125 million player in no time, as you can guess its popularity with these numbers. Its first release was fornite save the world. Team of this game developer name its version or variants modes. And three basic modes are available that is mention above. Fornite Creative mode is pretty similar to the Minecraft (very popular game developed by Microsoft). Game idea is to give the player a ground where player build its own world of war including weapons, money and other stuff like that.

Fornite win different awards. In 2017 game was nominated for ‘best coop game’ bye the PC Gamer and ‘best spectator game’ by the IGN. PC Gamer and IGN gave another award to this game in 2018 which is Best Ongoing Game.

This game earn a huge finance for the Epic Games. Fortnite Battle royle gave the significant revenues to the company other than other two modes. And with this revenue company gave more support to other two modes. Even all the modes of this game set to be free to play. But the early access of mode Fortnite Save the world require the purchases to play.

Fortnite Gameplay

As above mention game is available in three different modes.

  • Fortnite Save the World very first mode.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Fortnite Creative

In Fortnite you play with other player that are participating in the game to save the world from the zombies and create object to defend themselves.

In the Fortnite battle royale, 100 player participate in a match and the player who stand last will be the winner. But you cannot hide themselves at a place while other player fight against each other and you become the last one. Because game has a player zone and it became shorter and shorter with passage of time. If you are out of this zone your energy decrease gradually and at one time you will be died.

In the creative mode you are free to play. You have land where you can build your own world of war with modern era. This mode is very similar to minecraft a game developed by Microsoft and pretty popular.

Fortnite Betting

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Be careful not all site that on the internet is not real. Many of them fake and do not do business. They are spamer and steal you money. So be careful and do proper search and then start betting.

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Fortnite Controls

Fortnite control is like other big game is very flexible and customizable. You can adjust control according to your comfort and enjoy the game. In the gaming console the control is by default. As you know gaming console uses controller for game control and it is similar for almost all gaming console with little bit of difference. While on the PC you have choice to change the control on keyboard and adjust it.

Fortnite Graphics

This game is different a little bit from its other competitors like PUBG and Call of Duty. In this game you feel a scientific like look. This game graphics are based on conceptual idea more than realistic. In other game like CoD or PUBG your player battle ground and weapons like stuff is look like realistic and as in the real world. While in the Fortnite weapons are very scientific with lasers and lighting shocks. And your opponent or enemy is also like zombie which is also conceptual not real.

But graphics of this game is more liked than other game I mention above. Players want to see more advanced and futuristic look in the game rather than classic and legacy look. That’s why developer gave attention more on graphics like that.

Like all other popular games Fortnite’s graphics are also required more resources of your pc. You should have minimum of 8 GB ram and a fast processor with minimum of 4 GB of graphical processing unit. If you want to enjoy this game you have to pay for it. You have also choices to play this game on mobile devices and gaming console.

Fortnite Conclusion

At the end, I want to say that you should try this game once in your life it is very fantastic and enjoyable. And let us know in the comment how much you like this game.

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