FPS Games

What are FPS games? - The term FPS or First-Person Shooter means first-person shooting and is considered a genre within video games. At the same time, it is also a kind of subgenre within the games dedicated to shooting.

The main feature of these titles is that the world view and interaction with the environment is from a first-person perspective. They are a bit like third-person games like Fortnite, although they do not share the same perspective.

That is, you see everything from the point of view of the main character, so you will always act with what you have in front of your and you will not be able to see the body of the character as it happens in the third person.

Although the beginning of this genre is considered to have started with Maze War in 1974, it would not be until the 90's when titles like Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Unreal gave rise to the genre and boom. But without a doubt, other reasons such as the graphics, the multiplayer mode and its gameplay also contributed.

The characteristics of FPS Games

FPS Games are considered a success in part because of their gameplay and the ability to connect players from the planet in one game in a matter of seconds. However, there are more factors that explain the excellent audience numbers and the success of these games.

To understand these factors, it is first necessary to understand the characteristics of this particular genre.

  • They are fast action games.
  • They are easy to play.
  • They allow local network mode and multiplayer.
  • They usually have excellent graphics and the latest in improvements and technical sections which attracts many people.
  • Great realism thanks to the first-person perspective. Sometimes the game includes a fixed camera or it can also be placed behind the character, that is, in the third person.
  • The number of characters varies. Not all shooters offer group controls.

FPS games, the most popular titles

Without a doubt, the list of video games is huge and sometimes it is difficult to keep a collection of titles to make a list. However, there are certain titles that are considered a success by both experts and users.

Among the best-known, FPS games in history are titles like Apex Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch, Quake, Doom, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, Rogue Heist, Star Wars Battlefront II, Far Cry 5, Warface, Crysis, Unreal Tournament, Crossfire West and Destiny 2, and many others.

Among the titles of this 2018 stand out Call of Duty: Black Ops IV, Prey, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Battlefield Rage 2 and V. Although many people prefer strategy and platform games, without a doubt FPS games have a large market share and are a gateway to the gaming sector. Not surprisingly, many of the titles I've discussed belong to esports and offer international championships and competitions.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an FPS game in the format of a Battle Royale, created in the universe of the Titanfall franchise. Players have to take part in the bloody Apex tournament, which is designed to reveal the strongest in the race of fame and fortune. Powerful shootouts and advanced skills of the characters will allow you to experience every moment of the competition in person.

The game offers a format of royal battle. At the moment, gamers have access to the location of Kings Canyon. The gameplay is in the first-person shooter format. A total of 60 people took part in the fight. All players are divided into mini-teams of 3 people each. From the beginning of the session, the playing space gradually reduce.


Crytek has been developing first-person shooter games for almost two decades, and the company's experience has been proven with slick, eye-catching games that feel just as good on the console as they do on the PC.

Most free first-person shooter games focus exclusively on competitive multiplayer, but Warface also features a cooperative mode that rewards you for completing missions and playing well as a team. This mode has a tutorial for newer players to learn the classes. If you decide to take on other players online, you'll be able to do it in traditional objective-based modes, and a battle royale mode was added in an update in late 2017. Developed by Crytek's CryEngine, it's one of the most engaging FPS free games, but its recommended PC specs are simple.


CrossFire is an extremely popular tactical online FPS with a huge number of modes, many characters, a large arsenal of weapons, as well as regularly held events and tournaments.

CrossFire is in a constant war between the fighters of two teams - the Global Risk mercenary corporation and the Black List terrorist group. The first contains the "side of good," the second embarked on the "path of evil." This struggle will continue until it ends with the victory of one of the opposing factions.

To stand out among their own kind, players can customize their fighters using various appearance options, suits and weapon skins. The entire CrossFire donation is tied to the items of jewellery - the game does not give advantages to paying players, providing the opportunity to win only due to reaction speed, tactics and accuracy.

Rogue Heist

This is one of the newest FPS games I have on the list, so much so that it is still in early access mode, which means that although you can play it. It is still a game that is in development. Even so, there are already two game modes for this free title, as well as more than 12 weapons, 10 specialists and 4 specialties.

Even so, it has already been promised that the game will always be free, although as in other titles there will be paid DLCs that offer cosmetics to personalize your characters without affecting gameplay. All in games in which two teams of 6 players face each other.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Since its debut as an expansive Half-Life mod, the Counter-Strike series has always remained at the top of competitive shooting games. Although CS:GO is now a new way to play this FPS “Terrorists vs. Counter-Terrorists” on a PC. It initially started working as an upgraded port for consoles. CS:GO is all about tension: there is no revival during the rounds, so when you die, all you can do is watch and hopefully hope that your team will detonate/defuse the bomb or save/hold the hostages successfully. Each card is carefully designed to take into account many tactics that require varying degrees of skill, and all lovingly modeled guns in your vast arsenal have minimum firing and recoil speeds that can only be learned through experience.

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