Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo Combat Evolved is a multiplayer video game in the genre of First-person shooter for PC. In Halo Combat Evolved you play the role of John-117, super-soldier of the Spartan program in the service of the United Nations Space Command during the war against the Covenants.

Halo: The plot

The plot of the game tells of a war represented by the forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and the religious alliance of several alien groups - the Covenant. People are fighting for survival, but still give up their positions on all fronts. The last hope of mankind was the "SPARTAN-II" project. A program to create biologically advanced super-soldiers, which became the most effective weapon in the fight against aliens. All scientific forces for this project are based on the planet End. Covenants find the planet and subject it to orbital bombardment. Only one ship survived - the “Pillar of Autumn”, on which the surviving Spartan John-117 (better known as Master Chief) appeared. A ship jumps blindly through hyperspace and leaves it next to a mysterious alien structure called Halo. The Covenant force manages to track the jump and launch a new attack on the ship. John-117 receives orders to protect the artificial intelligence of the ship at all costs - Cortana.

Halo Gameplay

The game uses 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary. Changing the difficulty level affects the game balance, which is expressed in the number of enemies, armor strength, enemy strategy and some game dialogs. Unlike most shooters, the main character can carry only two types of small arms. The game requires a strategic approach, as the quantitative and technological advantage is on the side of the enemy. There are also two types of grenades - fragmentation and plasma. Plasma grenades can “stick” to living beings and vehicles - and you can’t remove them anymore. Shrapnel has greater destructive power, radius of destruction and response time.

John 117 wears the Mjolnir Mark V Powered combat Armor, which greatly increases strength, agility and reflexes. Armor also generates an energy shield that protects against damage. The shield weakens from shots, blows and explosions, but slowly recovers in the absence of damage. Lost health can be provided with the help of first-aid kits.

Human weapons are not much different from modern ones. Firearms do not work well against energy shields, but very well against unprotected enemies. Alien weapons are the other way around. The hero can pick up and use any weapon, except for energy swords and fuel guns. They are turned off or explode after the death of the owners. The game provides the ability to drive vehicles. Human Machine: SUV "Warthog" and tank "Scorpion" - allow the infantry to get into the car and shoot until they are controlled by the player. Alien Transport: The Phantom Anti-Gravity Motorcycle and Fighter the Banshees are single and have limited health, unlike human machines, which cannot be destroyed in the game. There is also a Ghost tank, but no ability to control it.

Halo AI

As I just said, the Marines cover each other if they attack, they will do the same to you. The AI (artificial intelligence) is so high that you would almost expect that you are not needed at all. You will soon be relieved of this dream if you notice that if you do nothing, the Marines will not last long. On the other hand, if you walk around on Halo and you come across a group of Marines, they will join you and kick you a lot of butts together. Fortunately, this high AI does not only apply to the good guys, but also to the Covenant. But for some reason, it is cooler to see them respond in surprise to one of your unique plans than to hear your laugh.

Halo: Your equipment

The ways to fight yourself in the game are very large, you have access to ten firearms, two types of grenades and five vehicles. To start with the weapons, it will not surprise you that the usual machine gun, handgun, sniper, and rocket launcher are present. The surprising thing about this game is that you can pick up the weapons of the Covenant and in this way get a whole series of plasma guns. Unfortunately, the vehicles you first find on Halo do not exist in real life. There is the "warthog," a jeep whose rear wheels steer, giving separate steering, and a tank. The Warthog has a brother in the multiplayer section, with another gun on top. Both in the warthog and in the tank it is possible to take several passengers with you.

Halo: The controls

The steering of the vehicles is very pleasant. You control this by looking in the direction you want to go and accelerating. This takes some practice but then you have some. This brings us straight to the first-person controls. Who needs a mouse? This is by far the best shooter on a console and leaves you wondering why those games are celebrating on the computer anyway. I figured out the controls within five minutes and immediately made one kill after another, which felt quite satisfying.

Halo: Graphics

Halo has a very high eye-candy content, yet it is not overdone. I personally think it should have been a little less because in this way the 60 frames per second are nowhere near achieved. Certainly later in the game when there are "more enemies" in a room, I was quite bothered by frame drops.

Halo Combat Evolved Conclusion

As you may have noticed, I absolutely love Halo, but there are still a few little ant-nasty flaws. In some levels you will have to look for the last opponents for a long time, because you will only then hear the redeeming words: "that was the last of them, you can now move on." This can be frustrating. Furthermore, this is one of the best shooters I've played recently, but by far the best on the consoles. This is really the game where you can no longer let go of your controller. This is indeed the game for which you buy an Xbox. This is absolutely the game that allows us to honor Bungie for a long time and hope for a sequel

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