Hearthstone Game Review

Hearthstone is a multi-player card game based on the Blizzard Warcraft universe. The quality of the game is turn-based fights using decks of cards. A significant amount of the colorful deck is designed specifically for users, so the game had a free-to-play mode built in to purchase the favorite Warcraft heroes for money. A set of 30 cards is available to each player, and the cards are divided into common, rare, legendary and epic.

Some cards have unique spells, others are able to invite beast to the battlefield, and some are able to increase the power of the entire deck. Also, Hearthstone has 9 classes of heroes that players choose at the start of the game. All 9 classes are iconic characters in the World of Warcraft, have their own weapons and skills, and play an important role in card battles.

Hearthstone Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple: Horde against the Alliance, a player against a bot or another player. To collect individual decks, you must select one hero with certain skills, and recruit an army for him. The attack on the enemy (as well as defense) is executed step by step, and the course of each card replaces a spell, a call of creatures, a blow, and the use of special features and so on.

The game involves not only the gain of cards for in-game currency but also the creation of new cards. To do this, you can use the "magic dust", which is obtained by working on special "boosters" - also expert bundles. Some of them are equipped with animation, others are of special power, and all are divided into color categories according to the degree of value: white, gold, purple, orange.

Combining different cards is the main skill at Hearthstone. You can show your skills both for completing daily tasks and in the arena where you can earn a high rank, of which there are only twenty-five, which, in turn, will bring “magic dust” and in-game gold.

Multi-player mode

Mobile versions of the game from our website are also available on OS X, iOS, and Android, and you can find an iPad app on the App Store. On the server for computers, more than 20 million users have already registered. The lots of sites note the growing interest among modern youth in other board games. And especially - to the cards, and for money. (Is the development of the entertainment industry really closing the centenary?).

Seeing this trend, Blizzard is also activating, keeping its customers with steady updates of Hearthstone. For example, in the fight against bots, an opportunity appeared to play the Curse of Naxxramas, where new bosses and new trophies await. Also, a “list of friends” appeared to search for opponents, duels between the participants of which will not receive other awards than experience.


Fans of Warcraft easily identify the offered heroes, guiding themselves in their fighting skills. All heroes are very colorful and special. Jaina Proudmoore is easily identified as a magician. Rexxar is the royal ranger. He not only controls various kinds of "hounds", but also perfectly throws enchanted arrows. Garrosh Hellscream is an armoured knight. This hero has both protective cards and damaging spells.

The trawl is an Elementalist to whom all the elements are subject. Malfurion is a true elite among chimaeras. It not only changes its appearance but also has unique features - the choice of effect before applying a spell, the use of particularly powerful and expensive skills, etc. Anduin Wrynn is a self-healing mystic who penetrates awareness into enemy consciousness.

He can control other people's souls, bring discord, copy enemy cards and even destroy them. Valeera Sanguinar is a clever thief, a lover of poison and lies. Uther the Lightbringer is a good curer. His care heals wounds, charges the hearts of fighters with courage and calls for help of powerful friends. Gul'dan is an advance wizard who has experienced true darkness. He is able to spend not only force on the call of demons but also his own health and power.

Hearthstone Betting

Hearthstone is different from most eSports games in that it is played between people, not teams. Thus, esports betting lovers should analyze the players, as well as analyze other factors that may even have a minimal effect on the outcome of the match before placing bets.

The game offers many types of bets on the player, depending on the action. So, we can distinguish the first who caused damage to the enemy, or the first who used a special artifact. There are some of the most popular betting methods on Hearthstone.

Beginners should learn the main rule: to develop your own betting strategy, it is better to initially use the fixed rate method at low limits. Later on, the bankroll may be increased, but then it will already have a reason for risk.

In conditions of a bet with a negative handicap, in order to receive a win, the handicap must overcome the deficit of points of the player on whom the bet is made. With a positive handicap, the player must retain his advantage and lose in fewer games. If the player on whom the bet was placed wins, the handicap difference is added to the odds. In the opposite situation, the opposite happens - the difference in points is subtracted from the coefficient.

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Hearthstone Conclusion

The game remained the best of all that we saw among the card battles. The most interesting story of the heroes, the most colorful effects of the cards and heroes, a lot of opportunities to build your battle strategy, the ability to play against both AI and real people from the Internet. Yes, there are built-in purchases here, but they do not harm your game - they only make it more interesting. Also, you can now log into your game account from your iPhone and play from your phone. For example, hiding the gadget at work under the table - no one will even notice how you raise the rating!

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