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Heroes of Newerth Game Review

Heroes of Newerth is a free-to-play video game in the genre of MOBA, based on the popular Defense of the Ancients mod. it was developed by S2 Games. Frostburn Studios published this wonderful game.

Heroes of Newerth is a real-time strategy game. However, all heroes, things, mobs, and shops are located identically to the same data in "Dota Allstars". In general, the game is a copy of "DotA Allstars", but with improved graphics. The control panel in Heroes of Newerth is designed specifically to control one hero.

Each of the 10 players, who are distributed in teams of 5 people, controls the character, developing and equipping it. Your team's goal is to destroy the opponents' base. The game features about 144 heroes, which are divided into three classes: agility, intelligence, and strength. A unique matchmaking system will match your opponents, whether you play solo or with friends.

Heroes of Newerth Gameplay

The game is built on the principle of the DotA map for Warcraft III, which is wildly popular among fans of online strategy. This is an exclusive team game in which the achievement of success directly depends on strategy, coordination, and successfully implemented actions. Individualists and nonconformists have nothing to do here: already at the stage of choosing a hero, you will have to agree on the composition of the team, observe strict discipline during the match and perform the tasks assigned by the team.

The main task of the game is to destroy the main enemy building at their base - making your way through enemies. Also, on the way to the base, you will meet watchtowers, waves of enemy monsters that continue to constantly appear towards your base, at the same time as your enemies are trying to cut a path to your home. The map is divided into three "lines" - upper, middle, and lower, which is a kind of tactical element because it depends on which strategy you choose according to the location of your heroes from the team. Players have access to a store where they can buy items to enhance characters, healing, and weapons - for coins that are given for killing monsters and players. Also, with successful kills, your hero gains experience and increases his level. This way he opens up new opportunities and increases his strength.


The developers have provided a wide selection of heroes: at the moment there are 144. There are 3 main character classes:

  • STRENGTH - have great health and strong armor;
  • AGILITY- inflict huge damage on opponents;
  • INTELLIGENCE - impose positive effects on allies and poison enemies.

Each of them has 4 unique skills: 3 main and one additional. Their development is possible due to the accumulation of experience points, which the player receives for killing enemy characters and mobs. Also, you have a resource - gold, which slowly increases during the game or can be obtained by killing enemies. This money can be spent on purchasing quality equipment or deadly weapons.


The developers of Heroes of Newerth decided not to change the main location: they simply added 3 more maps to the usual option for everyone. At the moment, users have access to five battlefields for 10 players and one for 6. In three of the six maps, players have access to a neutral creep boss, which gives a quality bonus after killing him. Also, maps differ in the number and location of runes, main lines, and teleports.


The idea, as in all MOBA developments, is simple and clear: the same number of creeps appear simultaneously from both sides. Moreover, they spawn every 30 seconds. The team is given a clear task: to destroy the main structure of the enemy, while simultaneously defeating his defenders. It does not matter at all how many times you have killed enemies: even with a score of 10-100 in your favor, the enemy can break that same unfortunate building and emerge victorious in the battle. Of course, this happens extremely rarely due to the large difference in money, experience, and artifacts, but precedents happened.

Heroes of Newerth Game Features

Perhaps the main difference between HoN and other mob games is the incredibly dynamic gameplay, which is not only interesting to watch, but also to participate. It all depends not only on the speed of your reaction, which will improve over time. But also, on the speed of decision making, every fraction of a second will do its job in a critical situation.

The heroes in the game are divided into three categories - Intelligence, Agility, and Strength. As a rule, it is established that the Intelligences are the support of the team, the Agility is the striking force. And the Strength is the tanks that cover the team throughout the entire battle. But as practice shows, this division has no longer affected the functions they perform. In the game, the heroes have long been divided into a dozen additional categories.

As the game progresses, the player will have to buy artifacts to enhance his hero or for additional active abilities. The list of artifacts in the game is simply huge, and there are even more combinations of them for each hero. So, the game provides an opportunity to practically endlessly develop your playing skills, come up with new tactics and unusual ways to catch your opponent by surprise.

Also, the game has a convenient rating and statistics system that will select each game for you equal opponents and make your games as interesting as possible. Also, in your statistics, you can see the total number of murders, deaths, and other little things.

Heroes of Newerth Conclusion

The online game Heroes of Newerth is a very interesting and exciting project. Although the leader in this genre is undoubtedly Dota 2, this does not prevent the developers from the S2 Games studio to develop and improve their project. Heroes of Newerth has a very user-friendly interface, wonderful graphics, an interesting site with a bunch of different ratings, smooth gameplay, and much more, allowing you to play for fun.