Heroes of the Storm Game Review

Heroes of the Storm is a free MOBA online game, the developers of the game Blizzard Entertainment are known for games such as Diablo, World of Warcraft. Initially, the project was developed as a mod for StarCraft II, but in the end, the developers bring it into MOBA mode. The game was initially released on June 2, 2015. All the heroes and villains of the universe of WarCraft, StarCraft and Diablo are collected here. You can play Heroes of the Storm online for free by going to the official website using the button below.

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

Heroes of the Storm events take place in the country of Nexus, in which the universes of StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo and other games of the Blizzard universe meet. They involved two teams of 5 players. The game is played almost from the first person. Each team has the main task - to break the defenses of the heroes, destroy their wall and base, and then the main building, in turn, you need to defend your base.

Before each match, players select a hero, one of four available classes. Each battle continues about 20 minutes on average and takes place on different maps. Each battleground has unique techniques and properties. Depending on the player’s choice, the player selection system will try to most accurately select a team of heroes that complete the selection of the team.

Heroes of the storm offer several thematic maps, each of which has its own main tasks. These goals include collecting doubloons used to get a ghost pirate ship to bombing an enemy base or capturing castle. Depending on the map, these goals allow the team to receive temporary help, as well as an advantage over the opposing team.

Here, every player who gained experience immediately shares with his entire team. An interesting system of talents for the correct selection of strategy and comfort in a particular battle. These talents not only add damage to the ability but can also change the heroes skill to the edge, that is why in different situations you have to make the right choice. At level 6, each hero can choose between two ultimate skills that give the player the opportunity to choose the one that best suits the current needs of his team.

Heroes of the Storm Classes

Each player controls one of the selected heroes. The heroes are divided into specific classes:

  • Warriors are their main characteristic of endurance, but they can also do good harm in a fight.
  • Specialists are commanders, attacking experts, heroes who specialize in destroy buildings.
  • Support is the main task of healing allies and strengthening them at the right time.
  • Assassins - they specialize in a quick and powerful attack from behind.

Also, each hero has special skills that can be developed on the basis of gaining experience during the game.

Heroes of the Storm Graphics

The graphic elements of the game are similar to World of Warcraft. Character models have been changed but left name details that make it easy to recognize everyone. Large selection of different variations of the appearance of the heroes. Each of them has several different skins, which are also divided into colors that we can open through your account, but there are skins that can be received only for real money.

How to bet on Heroes of the Storm (HotS)?

Heroes of the Storm (HotS), as well as many other types of eSports, does not like a mishap. Yes, in history there are cases when a beginner won money. However, this is more an exception to the rule than a pattern. Therefore, experienced players recommend recruits to bet on teams with a winning ratio of 80% or higher. And besides this, carefully calculate and weigh the probability of your own success.

You can increase the chances of a successful bid using analytics. Ideally, each tournament team and its players should be first examined. Getting useful information is easy on specific sites. Here are regularly broadcast videos of past battles. Looking through such videos you can learn a lot about potential winners.

The twitch.tv video streaming site can also be a great place to familiarize yourself with players. It constantly broadcasts ranked games. It also provides information on team tactics, new achievements and level of training. The mentioned site can be called a very valuable server for those who want to try their hand at betting on Heroes of the Storm.

Experienced betters are well aware that HotS is a relatively new digital field. Therefore, it is rather difficult to single out top teams in it. New stars appear almost monthly, or even weekly. Therefore, when making a bet, it is very important to view the statistics of previous meetings, as well as the rating of fresh leaders. Before receiving such information, it is not worth making clear conclusions about the future winner.

The result of the upcoming game often has a key influence on the makeup of the team players. Some experienced gamblers strive up the career steps. Therefore, they switch to playing in stronger teams. Such changes should be known to people playing on bets. After all, they can totally change the entire direction of the battle.

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Heroes of the Storm (HotS) Tournaments

The most expensive and popular Heroes of the Storm tournaments to date have been offered to gamblers by the developer of the game Blizzard. Each year, he gave strong e-sportsmen the opportunity to win very good money. So in 2015, the prize pool of the company's tournaments amounted to half a million dollars.

A series of tournaments for the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm tournaments was an excellent platform for increasing skill and earning.

Quite promising tournaments are currently offering players Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC). This is the largest competition league. The best teams from all regions of the globe (America, Europe, Korea, etc.) participate in its tournaments. Here, players can not only receive the title of a true master but also become the owner of a big prize.

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