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Insidia is a turn-based tactical duels videogame set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, with a very cartoony graphic section. The user has to collect a team of four powerful heroes from a wide range of classes and characters and take part in the battle and conquer parts of the world. In this objective, a bet is made on a system of simultaneous rounds and combos, in which the player is always kept involved in an action.

Insidia Gameplay

To start, you need to learn the basic mechanics. The game offers a fairly complete tutorial of what you will see during your "adventure" because it is basically an online game with the mechanics that this entails. But explaining a little of its gameplay is simple, you simply have to destroy the enemy base. But to reach your goal, you will not have it so easy, because your opponent has the same intentions. You must worry about both winning and controlling objectives on the map. The map is not very large which facilitates your attempt to achieve victory or makes it difficult if you let the enemy gain such control.

The game has a very good soundtrack that makes you feel that you are really in the action even before you start to play. During the battle, it is more of the same music that accompanies the fights and makes you feel that you are in a game of tactical action. Graphically it is oriented to look animalistic, graphics that you feel like you see a cartoon, but they look quite good for which it is designed.

It should be noted that it is a Free-to-Play game. But it has in-game content which you buy with in-game currency or with real money. This does not mean that it abused your pocket with boxes and this type of content that now has become so annoying. They are only skin for the different characters and it is up to you to buy them or not.

Insidia Classes

In total, there are 5 classes:

  • Fighters smashing into the battle;
  • Assassins fight secretly;
  • Support heroes with control and healing;
  • Specialist installing poisonous turrets;
  • Tank holding back damage.

Each of the characters in its own way is useful in battle. But it is up to the player to decide who exactly to take into the battle. Moreover, there are no restrictions at all, up to the fact that you can take four killers. The main thing is to be able to use them correctly.

Insidia Battles

Each move is divided into two phases. The first is tactical. During it, the player selects a character, puts him on the battlefield and gives commands to the movement and action. During the second phase - the final one - planned actions and passive abilities are carried out, depending on the action of a particular character.

You need to bring at least one of your heroes to the cross in the center of the map and hold it under their control for three turns until a round is loaded, which will pierce one of the three sides of the enemy base defense. Moreover, the enemy can interrupt the charge by simply standing by any of his characters to capture the point. After at least one of the barriers is broken, the player will have the opportunity to break into the enemy base and arrange sabotage, thereby destroying it.

Around this goal, every battle is fought. But how to achieve it is a subjective question. There were cases when neither I nor your opponent could capture the point and for several rounds tried to somehow move each other out of position, to no avail. It would seem that one can write “GG WP” in the chat and go out, but additional mechanics are provided for such cases.

After several resurrection fighters, the barrier is removed automatically. This was done just the same for situations where the capture of the point was delayed, but you need to break through to the enemy base. As after any breach of defense, the pace of the game increases significantly, because nothing stimulates the invention of new tactics better than an enemy rushing to victory.

Insidia Game features

But even without this, the speed of the game is very high. The thing is that the developers of Insidia position their game as a quick session, literally a timekiller, in which a game lasts an average of 10 to 15 minutes. And this is another quality of the game. Indeed, despite the apparent complexity of tactical positioning or selecting a team for the synergy of abilities, the entry door for the game is very low. That is, having a bit of training with the bot, understanding how the abilities of the heroes work, you can go to PvP to earn currency and discover new heroes, study their abilities and so on, until you collect the desired group.

The only thing I didn’t really like was the local reward system. If you win, you get the currency and experience points that are distributed among all the heroes playing in the battle. For losing - only experience. The question immediately arises: how to earn currency for those who have not yet learned to play and who are just joining? In theory, through experience.

Each hero has his own levels, upon reaching which they give rewards in the form of titles, avatars, skins and currency. Why it was impossible to give an opportunity to earn money for a loss even in a reduced amount, I don’t know, but the decision is really strange.

Insidia Conclusion

The mechanics of the game are quite good. A game that in itself offers a lot for what it is and will surely give you many hours of play. The only thing that I see badly is that it is a niche game, in other words not all players are going to want to play it as such. As it is a slow game where you need to think a lot about each movement to optimize your plays. If you like this genre you will surely enjoy it a lot, as it offers enough content and hours of play with which you can have a good time while playing, where the positioning of your characters is important, so much as to attack or to defend or advance and win objectives of the map until achieving victory.