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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is the multiplayer FPS video game in the genre of horror survival. Tripwire Interactive is the developer and publisher of this amazing game. It is the sequel of killing floor shooting game released for PC via Early Access. Now the title comes with the task of improving the previous one and delivering a unique experience for newbies.

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay

The gameplay which matters most in such games. And he still remained the same interesting. Crowds of zombies, a large number of guns, a traditional boss at the end, and fighting against the zombies for survival.

Killing Floor 2 is a zombified horde game, in which, as a team of up to six fighters, you have to ward off several waves of the dangerous zombies and in the end also have to kill an upper boss. Zombies and other aggressive creatures are summarized here under the name "Zeds". Whereby it quickly becomes clear that the design is not only inspired by World War Z or "28 Days Later", but also memories of Left 4 Dead 2.

These demonized beings, as a kind of zombies called Zeds, will be the target of a group of expert military men whose only mission will be to destroy their existence completely. Easy and simple and truly it is not necessary to know more.

Thus the game the only purpose is to defeat waves of enemies one after another. It is a totally multiplayer-oriented game, although it can also be enjoyed solo if you prefer.

Upon reaching the last wave, the boss appears on the map (the “Patriarch” or Dr. Hans Volter) and in most cases, at this point the team dies quickly because in the final battle of Killing Floor 2 it’s important not to push ahead, but to think with your mind.

Dr. Hans Volter is much easier to compete with than the "Patriarch", if only because the Patriarch has four (!) Health strips. So in the case of bosses, the balance does not smell proper. Therefore, if at the end a crazy doctor (literally) falls to the level from heaven, consider that the victory is in your pocket. Otherwise, you can start praying for an intelligent team.

The title has three official launchers: Burning Paris, Outpost and Biotics Lab. There are also several characters and different classes to choose from. Despite being a game still in development, Killing Floor 2 manages to deliver considerable content in this version.

Shooting is now more enjoyable, and the action has become even “interesting,” but this is not enough for a full sequel.

Apparently, the developers thought in a similar way, and therefore, Survival VS was added to the existing survival mode, which allows you to play not only with boring and ordinary people but also for mutants. But the players who sided with the Zed are essentially consumables, so when playing for one of the monsters you can’t be afraid to die in battle, because after a few seconds you will survive again at the control point and you can fight again.

And if in the standard mode Killing Floor 2 appears before the player as an ordinary shooter, then in “Survival VS” the gameplay get depth and even a tactical element appear somewhere on the horizon because the mutants are now controlled by AI.

The same thing applies to bosses - in the end one of the members of the “Zed” team will take control of the “Patriarch” or Hans, after which the battle will begin not for life, but for death, which can drag on for a long time since none of the opposing sides wants to give victory.

Oddly enough, but this also contains the main drawback - the boss can sit for a very long time, sending hordes of freaks in the direction of people, and this unfunny circus will continue until all survivors are destroyed or until the head magician dies by himself after a certain time.

Dying in the Killing Floor is not scary - the dead heroes will be reborn immediately after the surviving players pass the wave. The only negative is that all purchased ammunition will be lost.

Before joining the battle, you will need to choose a character and his class. There are a lot of heroes, all of them are colorful as to selection, although this does not play a special role. Each type of character is given separate weapons and even skills.

Killing Floor 2 Multiplayer

Killing Floor 2 allows the player to form teams with five more users or participate in solo matches. The game has two modes survival and objective mode. The survival mode in which you face a specific number of enemies.

The problem is that, even in the lowest difficulties, the single-player mode is hard. Everything is fine when, suddenly, you are cornered and dies out of nowhere.

The advantage of this is that it has become easier to find players to format the teams. There are no teams just for thugs or commands, there are also players in support and medical classes to help, something that makes the games a lot more fun.

Everything gets even better as you get experience points and release some skills for the classes. Thus makes it much easier to face the horde of enemies ahead.

Not everything is joy

Despite being quite fun, there are still some difficult elements in Killing Floor 2. The characters, for example, still don't move the way they should in relation to the action.

It is common for the characters to move slowly when he needs to be fast. This also occurs when reloading the weapon. Over time, you start to use it to plan attacks better, but the reload animation of some weapons is too long and leaves the character open to enemy attacks.

This breaks the pace of the stages and the way you face your opponents. There is no strategy, as you need to run and shoot the monster without any technique until it falls.

Killing Floor 2 Characters

Characters differ only in appearance, but there are colorful types. Here is Anton Strasser - "Captain America is the other way around." He was shell-shocked during World War II, after which he fell into the hands of the crazy Hans Voltaire, who experimented with him in the field of cryogenic procedures. It was possible to thaw out the soldier, as someone already guessed, only after the apocalypse, so he sincerely does not understand what the hell is going on around him, and constantly recalls the horrors experienced at Stalingrad.

On the other hand, in the first three hours you can see all the currently available content. Twelve cards, two game modes, two villains, with a dozen different means of killing monsters, new classes.

The mechanics of "ZED Time" - this is perhaps the best that is in the game. After killing a certain number of enemies, the time in a movie mode slows down for exactly three seconds. During this time, you can manage to do a lot - put a beautiful “headshot” or try to slip out of the boss’s clutches, since in the slow time it’s all easier to do.

Customize your best hero

To make survival more fairly, the game offers a wide range of customization options. Thus, ten different skills can be selected depending on the way each one is played. For example, there will be some aimed at hand-to-hand combat like the Berserker, others dedicated to healing like the Support one and even some new ones like the SWAT.

Choosing these classes will vary in a series of extra abilities and exclusive weapons that each one will carry: such as the flamethrower in the case of the Pyromaniac or submachine guns if the Command is chosen. Also, it will be necessary to play according to the class you have specifically chosen, since you will level up based on using your own functions or weapons, otherwise you will not gain experience.

The level up will also serve to go unlock more skills. Every five levels the game will allow you to choose between two different ones, like this until reaching 25, but each time you will require many more experience points and we warn you that in each game you do not earn too many precisely.

Human or Zed

The players can also take the role of the Zeds, having to defeat the rest of the people from the point of view of the enemies.

Here the teams will be divided into groups of four in which the objective will be to kill the humans as quickly as possible, exchanging the roles once they have all been eliminated.

Depending on the number of deaths that have been executed and the wave that victory has been achieved, one team or the other will win. It is also important to note that this game mode is exclusively online, while normal Survival mode can be played offline.

Killing Floor 2 Graphics

Graphically, the game is also fine. The textures are razor-sharp and especially the gore and flying limbs are exactly what you want it to be. A zombie that explodes because you cooked it inside with the Microwave gun. Also, the weapons and characters look good, the menu is smooth and works well. The level design still deserves an appointment, because each area has different sectors that all look different and fine. There is a dungeon where a huge clock can be seen outside, with wheels and all, while the lava flows through the canals. Visually, the game is not a masterpiece, but the graphics are worth at least a good 8.

Killing Floor 2 Technical Part

Now about the technical part - with this, not everything is as smooth as we would like. With the search for servers, how lucky - from five seconds to five minutes. The only salvation is to manually find the server since the developers have provided such an opportunity. But no one is safe from bugs in the game itself. For example, once one of the hundreds of monsters can get stuck outside the map, after which it will be impossible to pass the wave.

Not that all this had a fatal effect on the gameplay, but waiting for five minutes in the menu or looking for a new server just because the zombie was stuck outside the map is a doubtful pleasure.

For system specification - The Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a video card of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 level are enough to launch the new product at the maximum graphics settings.

Killing Floor 2 Conclusion

This is one of the best FPS game in the genre of horror survival. The best thing is that, even if too many characters gather on the screen, the game does not suffer from any kind of slowdown, even in online mode, which allows the games to go as smoothly as possible and thus guarantee better gameplay.

Killing Floor 2 is a good option if you are looking for a game of pure action and especially if you have friends who also have it. Because this makes it infinitely more fun.