Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter with survival horror elements developed and published by Valve Corporation and also published by Electronic Arts. The game is a sequel to Left 4 Dead, the same multiplayer shooter in which people fight hordes of the living dead that have invaded the world.

Left 4 Dead 2 Plot

The action of Left 4 Dead 2 occurs in the period after the leak of an unknown, zombie people virus, which led to the chaos around the world. The focus is on the survival of four people with stable immunity to the virus and their fight against the hordes of the Infected. Survivors must make their way through the levels separated by shelters - well-sheltered and fortified rooms, out of reach for any type of Infected (which act as control points) in order to achieve rescue vehicles in the campaign finals. In total, players are invited to five unique campaigns, as well as several campaigns carried over from the original game.

Left 4 Dead 2 has five main game modes

The campaign takes place in two ways: alone with fairly well-aimed and dumb bots, and together with network mates. Versus is the third way to deal with the plot. Both teams alternately play for the survivors and the infected - and so on until all 4-5 scenarios of this campaign are passed. Realism is the fourth and last way to help the four heroes escape. Only without such details as the illumination of partners and objects. And the zombies hit harder. Scavenge - Collecting cans of fuel for a while, again you play for both teams in turn. The action is divided into rounds, their number is agreed in advance. Whoever collected more fuel following the results of the whole race won? Surviving the nightmare for a while. Who lasts longer against the crowds of those infected is the winner’s crown on his head.

The Single player mode - there are only four of you, around the sea of ​​infected people, but they are dumb and artless. You can pass slowly, enemies take only a number.

Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay

This game series focuses on one thing: survival. You will have to do everything together with a few other gamers to reach the end of the game.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a multiplayer shooter where gamers must compete against zombies. The game is played in teams of four. A match consists of two teams, one of which consists of survivors and another of which is infected. If nobody wants to play with the zombies, it is also possible to let the computer take on the role of the zombies.

Left 4 Dead 2 contains five new campaigns, dynamic weather effects and a lot of new weapons. This way you can attack zombies for the first time with a frying pan or chainsaw. Also, you will go out with four new survivors and the game has a third brand new multiplayer mode. Left 4 Dead 2 is a horror fun game.

This mode is Left 4 Dead 2 held in equal compositions of four players in each team: Infected against Survivors. The main goal of the survivors is to search for 16 cans of fuel that are scattered across all corners of the game map, after finding which they should fill the generator’s tank, and as a result, victory is awarded. True, there is a certain time limit for filling the tank.

The stage begins in a safe area where the Survivors are surrounded by zombies. Before any action begins, they are given one minute to train. After the end of the collection time or when leaving the zone - the countdown of playing time begins. After this, the team is given another minute. Each tanker found and poured into the generator’s tank adds 20 bonus seconds. Initially, the lobby has the ability to select the number of rounds in the game from one, three or five.

If the team does not have time to fill the generator tank in the allotted time, the calculation of the total number of cans will begin. To win the round, you need to collect at least one canister more than your enemy.

The four “Infected” are trying to put their enemies, start the generator. In addition to ordinary zombies, special infected people can also knock out cans from the hands of Survivors: Thugs, Jockeys, Smokers and Hunters. The spitters' special poisonous saliva destroys canisters, but after a while, the canisters again revert to their original places.

Survivors are required to monitor the shots since any bullet can damage the cans, which can affect the final result.

Game features

  • New history, new dialogues, new Survivors;
  • Three new bosses - zombies: Jockey, Spittler and Charger, as well as new types of ordinary zombies;
  • New weapons: 10 units for close combat and 10 guns;
  • Bew game modes: “Realism” and “Scavenge”, in which it is necessary to collect fuel cans for a certain time;
  • Five new campaigns that are connected by a storyline, in each of which there are zombies that are not used in other campaigns;
  • A new version of the artificial intelligence system (Director), which is able to change music, weather and types of zombies;
  • Advanced multiplayer system.


The main plot of the game is the fight of the four surviving characters against infected people - zombies, which have become the main part of the population of the entire planet. The game is connected by one storyline and includes five campaigns. The main events of the campaigns are held in the USA, in its southern part. It all starts in the city of Savannah and ends in New Orleans. In each campaign, there are several cards that are divided by safehouse.

Campaign Names:

  • Dead Center;
  • Dark Carnival;
  • Swamp Fever;
  • Hard Rain;
  • The Parish.

Left 4 Dead 2 Conclusion

Players are divided into two teams, the goal of one is to collect as many cans of fuel as possible in the allotted time, and the goal of the other is to prevent her from doing this. For one, three, or five rounds, survivors will chase fuel, and those infected will chase survivors. If you love to play horror survival games then it is the best option for you to play Left 4 Dead 2