Minecraft Game Review

Minecraft is a multiplayer open-world video game in the genre of the sandbox. Minecraft is a game that has revolutionized the video game market. being one of the most recognizable games of recent times thanks to its complex crafting system, it’s very simple and attractive pixelated graphics that make it possible for the game, It works on any device, whether a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet, along with devilish gameplay that hooks you and won't let you escape until you have built the most incredible and magnificent worlds with your own hands.

The game features cubic blocks that make up the entire game world, biomes and characters. It can be played alone and over the network. Gamers have complete freedom of action and excellent opportunities for creativity.

The game has held great influence on the modern gaming industry. Minecraft inspired hundreds of developers to create their own open-world voxel projects and crafting.

Minecraft Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple - you get resources to build castles, houses and entire cities. There are almost no restrictions in Minecraft, except for the height of the level. Otherwise, you are free to do whatever you want.

It is a game where you dig (mine) and build (craft), creating a world according to your tastes and your own imagination. In this world, even if there is no plot to follow, things happen: the sun rises and sets, there can be rain, you go to work, you meet characters and you create objects. You have a work table at your disposal, on which you can create tools and use them. You can bring 30 items in your inventory, which is comparable to a "virtual" backpack, and have 9 available in the quick menu. Any time, you can change the items available in the quick menu with those in your inventory. Of the 9 items that you have in the quick menu, you can only have one in your hand.

In Minecraft, the main thing to do is "survive the night", because during the night, when there is no light, monsters are born, technically called Mobs (enemies that are controlled by artificial intelligence). To survive the night the solutions are different, and the most common are:

  • Fighting mobs;
  • light up the area where you are with torches or lanterns;
  • Sleep in a bed.

Remember that in order to play on PC you will need to have Java installed and download the file from the official website which is an installer, run it and follow the instructions that you will see below on the screen. Finally, you will need an Internet connection at least the first time you start the game, but from that moment you can play Minecraft offline without any problem, so take advantage, download it now and start playing right away.

Remember that if you plan to play Minecraft with your friends, you can subscribe to Minecraft Realms, where you can configure your own Minecraft server where you can play with your friends privately and online.

The Minecraft game modes

The game can be used in single or multiplayer mode, choosing one of the various available modes described below and the level of difficulty.

Creative mode

In this mode, you are safe from enemy attacks and hunger and can explore and build the world, using the available resources. Just press a button to access a menu in which the blocks and objects are divided into sections (building blocks, food, weapons ...) and can be chosen without restrictions.

Survival mode

In this mode, you must survive the attacks of the MOB, which are zombies and monsters. You have 10 hearts and 10 chicken legs, which indicate your active energy and food respectively: the more hearts there are, the higher the active energy. The more chicken legs there are and the more you are nourished. In performing the game actions (for example, breaking the blocks) you lose chicken hearts and thighs and has the opportunity to feed yourself. When you feed, the chicken legs and hearts also increase and the game continues until you remain without hearts: at that point, the game ends and you have the possibility to start again from the beginning or from where you died in the previous game.

Adventure mode

This mode is very similar to survival mode, with the difference that you cannot place or remove blocks here.

Hardcore mode

It is the most difficult mode of Minecraft, similar to survival mode with the difference that, in case of death of the character, the entire game world is destroyed and you are forced to return to the start screen.


The multiplayer mode is the server version of the game that allows multiple players to interact in a unique world. Players can work with others to create structures, mines and fight each other: the player against the player.

You can download and run the server pack which allows other players to connect to and play on your servers. Different game modes can be chosen for a server, including survival, creative, hardcore, spectator and adventure mode. It should be noted that the game modes can be assigned individually, some can be in creative mode and others in survival mode.

Minecraft Conclusion

In my opinion, Minecraft, except in the Hardcore mode, can be played by everyone, children, boys, adults and the elderly, since it is not violent at all. I really appreciate the fact that in the space of 10 years it has become one of the most played video games in the world. It's one of my favorite games and I never get tired of playing it, as there are continuous updates available, with new objects that are more and more fun and creative.

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