Overwatch Game Review

Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter game from the famous game developer Blizzard Entertainment, which was released in 2016.

The Overwatch is a 6-on-6 team shooter game where each hero has unique skills and powers allies or enemies. An Overwatch match consists of four or five rounds, on each of which teams take turns performing various tasks - capturing or holding a point, moving a platform with a load.

The thing to consider is that this is a new, but very entertaining game, which has been often recognized as the game of the year. And it’s not just that! Currently, there are more than 50 million players and even more fans of this imaginary universe with beautiful cartoon characters who save the world.

Overwatch matches are held in a dual mode between two teams of six participants. The task is not only the destruction of enemies, but also the completing of a specific mission. Before the start of the game, each player chooses a hero with certain skills. Matches are relatively short - 5-10 minutes, well, or by the situation.

Heroes in Overwatch

Heroes are classified into three types of heroes. These are fast and strong fighters who fight at the front and give maximum damage to the opponent. Powerful defenders who take the blow and repel the attack, and support heroes who cure the allies, provide supply and lay mines. Since each of the heroes has a role in the battle, in Overwatch the main thing is teamwork and strategy.

Overwatch has 31 heroes, with a fairly wide distribution in three different categories: “Damage”, “Support” and “Tank”. Despite their basic classifications, each of these heroes brings something very rare to the game as a result of their unique skills- skills that decide how each of them plays. Some heroes also do better to face other heroes in battle, and the real art of war is to group the right heroes together for the current map.

Overwatch Graphics

We played Overwatch on the PlayStation 4. On this system, the game runs in “honest” 1080 / 60p. This is good, but completely, it is clear that the developer did not set himself the task of making ultra-realistic with advanced graphics. The picture is nice but slightly cartoonish. Special effects are also quite rare.

If you compare Overwatch with another purely networked shooter - Star Wars: Battlefront, then the latter is much more interesting both in terms of graphics levels and the quality of special effects (everything constantly explodes, burns, smokes - you feel right in the depth of events).

Note that for greater immersion in the hero in Overwatch, a third-person view would be more suitable. By the way, in SW: Battlefront there is an opportunity to enable it. But in Overwatch, we did not find him.

Overwatch Controls

We will not discuss the topic of how suitable it is to play shooters on consoles at all, we’ll talk about how convenient it is to play specifically in Overwatch.

Overall the control is very amazing and smoother. There are several features. First - there is no aiming. At first, this can be a problem - you feel like in the first part of Halo. Indeed, playing for the same Soldier-76 there is not enough opportunity to aim “from the shoulder” - after all, his rifle has good range.

The second - there is no grenade. That is just not enough. This, however, applies not only to management but also to the gameplay.

Third, you need to remember which button is responsible for which special ability. And also remember what kind of hero you play at all and what he can do. This can be learned pretty quickly, but if you play constantly for the same hero.

It seems logical, but the developer himself says that it was planned that the players would constantly change heroes. Perhaps so, but first all the heroes need to be studied. And while you will change heroes for the sake of fan, other players will learn to play with specific heroes (i.e. use their strengths and take into account weaknesses) - and you will constantly lose.

Overwatch Betting

Often it looks that bets appeared simultaneously with the advent of competitions. There were always people ready to argue about the outcome of the competition, and the excitement encouraged them to reinforce their point of view with money and other values.

It is difficult to imagine the competitions that bet on betting shops and personal bets. So, Overwatch betting has become an important component in the development of the Blizzard eSports discipline community. The game interested many players not only in the quality of entertainment or a professional career.

In 2017, the Overwatch League was founded - a franchise league for the popular game from Blizzard, Overwatch. In the first season, there were 12 participants, and from the second season, it expanded to 20 teams. Basically, these are representatives of the United States, but there are teams from the UK, China, Canada and France.

The league is very successful: thousands of fans from all over the world are following it. Matches are held dynamically, with extreme battles and unexpected strategies. It is always interesting to watch such a game. However, there is a way to fuel interest in watching a match by adding even more excitement to it. And this can be done thanks to betting on Overwatch. Let's figure out what to do.

Overwatch Bet Types

Meeting winner bets are the most popular. Depending on the game form, the results of previous meetings, a coefficient is calculated that shows: who is the favourite and the underdog of the meeting.

In addition, the bet can be on the best player of the match, the winner on each map separately, as well as on a more global scale - who will win the second season of the Overwatch League or the Overwatch World Cup.

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