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Payday 2

The Payday 2 is the second part of the Payday series developed by Overkill. The game has some improvements in the second part and thus continues the 4 player raid successfully.

It started a year and a half ago when the Swedish developer Studio Overkill drew attention with the game Payday: The Heist. Payday is designed for 4 player co-op, which picks up on an original idea as part of a 4-member gangster team to raid banks and the like in order to improve his fortune. The first part still had some weaknesses, such as the difficult entry and the small size, which have now been revised by Overkill.

Payday 2 Gameplay

In PAYDAY 2 Crimewave Edition you play as one of the members of the PAYDAY gang. You come to missions through various clients. You can select these missions on an online or offline map. You can buy new missions with the money you have earned with the assignments, but this way there is not really a straight plot, since you can play the missions in any order.

Actually, there is no story at all, because you only do is select missions from Crimenet. When you have finished that mission, you will return to the main menu. Also, the missions do not disappear when you have completed. So after a while, it is difficult to know which missions you have already completed.

These missions can take one to seven in-game days to complete. Smaller assignments such as robbing a bank usually take only a day, but it may happen that an extra day is added to a one-day mission, that used to escape. When you play one-day missions, you get paid immediately and with the missions that last several days, you only get paid at the end of the last day.

After the selection of the mission, there is a short planning phase, in which it is explained what it is about and what has to be done, here you can also select the weapons you have previously bought. You can also buy some advantages, such as unlocking the designs to have an overview of the rooms or ammunition and doctor's bags. Then you have to get an overview and start your robbery, whether it is a classic bank robbery or protecting a cocaine transporter.

Stupid AI

Of course, you don't complete all these different missions on your own: you are assisted by teammates throughout the game. When you play online, you are assisted by co-op partners, and offline, the AI is there to help you. Unfortunately, the AI is not very helpful, which is a nice damper when you play the game on your own.

For example, the AI can actually do nothing except shoot and revive. All the other things you need to do during a mission, such as bringing bags to the car, putting down health and ammo boxes, breaking a door, or drilling the safe, you all have to do it yourself. This makes it sometimes difficult to play offline. If you have to bring ten bags in the car, you will be busy for a while.

Shooting is something the AI can do, but it does not enough. It often happens that the AI is shooting at a wall because an enemy is behind this wall. Or one of your AI partners is just staring in front of you for a few minutes, while enemies are coming at you from all sides. Funny, but unfortunately it doesn't help you.

The only thing the AI is good at is reviving. Whenever you think about jumping, your AI partners suddenly stand next to you to help you.

Payday 2 Customization

From your mask to your skills, to your weapons, to the soundtrack: PAYDAY 2 Crimewave Edition is packed with customization options. So you have five different skill trees and apart from that you also have seven different perks decks.

The skill trees provide bonuses such as the ability to lay down a health chest, tie up hostages faster or run faster when you have a bag full of money on your back. The perks provide bonuses like 10% extra health, 25% more headshot damage. You can also switch between these skills and perks, so it is possible to set your character for example as a medic or as an engineer, depending on your chosen role in the team.

In your inventory are all weapons, masks and other things that complete your equipment. There are also a lot of customization options. Each weapon has different mods, you can adjust the many masks yourself. You have a lot of equipment from which you can choose, for example a health or ammunition box. Because of all this customization, you can't won the game, but once you get used to it, it adds a lot to the game.


While PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition is a really fun game to play with friends, the defeat online co-op unfortunately causes too much anger and effort to enjoy the game properly. Of course, you also have the option to play the game offline, but the AI does not work well so this is not really the best solution.

It is definitely worth waiting for the patch: the good customization and the various missions make the game a lot of fun. This Crimewave Edition also comes with a lot of new content from previous DLC packages. It is very unfortunate that the game is actually destroyed by the failing online mode, because PAYDAY 2 Crimewave Edition has a lot of potentials when that is solved.

The Graphics and sound

The graphics of Payday 2 are unfortunately a bit dusty, certainly not ugly but not up to the level of other competitive games. What was very good, however, are the original English speakers and the online inspired soundtrack, both of which underline the mood in the game and contribute significantly to the fun. The weapon and surrounding sounds can also be heard, they always fit the respective situation and all sound different.