PUBG Mobile Game Review 2020

PUBG Mobile is a massively multiplayer online game in the genre of royal battle. It was developed by PUBG Corporation. PUBG is a real sensation in the gaming world. PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the king of the hill shooter in which the last player standing wins. A huge number of players participate in PUBG, so the competition on the battlefield is serious. The game is one of the most popular and fastest-selling in the world.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay

At the beginning of each round, you fly on a plane and at a certain point, you can jump by parachute to the island. You decide when to jump, where to fly, and so on so the process is really interesting. Moreover, upon landing, the survival process begins.

You need to look for weapons, collect them, equip them with additional body kits, and then go to war. It should be understood that the radius of the map is gradually decreasing and if you stay outside this radius, then you will receive quite a lot of damage. Then everything is decided only by your strategy. you can run, shoot and fight, or you can choose a suitable place, hide and just wait until everyone there will shoot each other.

There is a first-person view, which to a greater extent allows you to jump into the atmosphere of survival among a good hundred opponents.

PUBG Mobile Controls

Of course, any shooter designed for a mobile phone is rather difficult in terms of control. This is a natural phenomenon since the user needs one finger for the view, the finger of the other hand to move, and also needs to shoot. however, the developer of PUBG Mobile has tried very hard to make their product more convenient for passing, giving the user the flexibility to customize the controls on the display. You can drag the keys, change different sensitivity settings, and stuff like that. All these settings allow you to get a fairly high level of comfort while playing. Yes, you need to understand that a touchscreen display will never compare to hardware controls. But if you are still a fan of purely on-display gaming, then this is the best option. It's really convenient to shoot and run.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale and Maps

The core of PUBG Mobile and the only mode available is Battle Royale, which was a revelation in 2017-2018. The idea is simple: there is an island, there are 100 people, a lot of gear, and a zone that shrinks over time, and that's all you need to know about the "Battle Royale".

It is done perfectly here, nothing superfluous, only realism, loot, and teamwork. There is also a lot of vehicles in the mobile version: jeeps, buggies, UAZ, and motorcycles. it will help you navigate the huge and not so big maps.

There are beautiful maps, Erangel and Miramar, Vikendi, Sanuk, and the Livik (52 players).

From the maps I can say the following, my favorite is Miramar, the most interesting and hardcore is Sanuk. There are almost no bots on the latter, many players are alive, and therefore it is very difficult to play, given the constant tension and control using the touch screen. Each map has a unique weapon that others do not. In Miramar, for example, this is a hard drive used as an additional barrel. Absolutely all maps have crowded areas. For example, on Erangel it is Mylta Power or Pochinki.

Character customization

At the first start, the game prompts you to create your character. So far, there are two genders available, several types of faces and hairstyles. There are also inaccessible faces and hairstyles that are opened for the fulfillment of certain conditions.

PUBG Mobile's interface is very simple. The developers have chosen a pleasant color scheme and correctly placed the main navigation elements, eliminating the possibility of accidental clicks.

In-game store

The game is distributed free of charge, which means it has in-app purchases. This is already an axiom of the mobile applications market. Of course, there are in-app purchases here too, they allow you to get beautiful decorative elements, skins. But they do not affect the gameplay in any way. That is, you can buy an advanced battle pass and, with an increase in the level, receive cosmetic items - various clothes, skins for weapons, and so on. It's really fun and motivates you to play more while fighting dangerous enemies.

However, if you do not want to invest in the game, you will also be able to fight quite calmly - cosmetic items do not give an advantage in battle. I would even say that some bright wardrobe items, make you more visible on the battlefield. So, I would not recommend going for very bright items or skins for weapons.

Graphics and sounds

Surprisingly, PUBG Mobile is visually superior to most games in its genre. The graphics of the game is very gorgeous. Although with the range of drawing objects in PUBG Mobile everything is good.

Personally, I love PUBG Mobile music. The sounds still play an important role in battles. when you hear your opponent, you can be proactive. And It has enough maps, everything is clearly displayed on it and opponents are very easy to find.

Performance on weak devices

Weak devices are unlikely to take out PUBG Mobile at acceptable graphics settings and stable FPS. For small-budget users, a lite version has been developed - PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Conclusion

There are practically no projects on the mobile games market that really deserve the attention of a real gamer. Yet literally every second release is a casual game with a minimal budget, which translates into a ton of problems and uninteresting solutions. This game does not have such problems. This is a full-fledged online shooter game, which makes it possible to compete with enemies and get a lot of positive emotions and joy from it. There is also no need to invest personal money in the purchase.