PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online battle game. It is developed by PUBG Corporation a child Company of Bluehole. Bluehole is a South Korean game development company. This game is available for almost all gaming Platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, and PlayStation. Game was published first on December 20, 2017.

Soon after it’s releasing it create help and gain popularity. In the year 2018, game wins the Steam award "game of the year Award". Steam is gaming market for Microsoft Windows PC and it is most popular and well known market between the gamers.

After its popularity other Battle Royale games also come into market with the same idea. One of them is Call of Duty: Warzone.

PUBG Gameplay

PUBG is a game of survival where 100 players all over the world participate in the match and kill each other to win the match.

One player that standing last is the winner and get the chicken dinner. When the game starts and players drops in the Battlefield, all players are bare handed means no weapons. First attempt of players to collect weapons and armory to Fight against other players.

Game has different types of weapons, vehicles like motorbike, cars, and jeeps. In the battlefield Different building is there, where players can hide themselves and in these building there is also weapons and other armory Medical kits and uniforms. You can play this game solo or in group.

You can create team of four person and play as team members. If you played as solo player, you have more tough time. So if you are new player you have to play in teams. As you become pro you can play as solo. But when you play in team you and your team become first if you stand last. But if you are solo, then you are only the legend of the match.

PUBG Betting

When a game become popular different people start esports betting on it from all over the world. Same like that PUBG or Player Unknown Battlegrounds is pretty popular and gain very high value in the market. Now players also bet via the different sites.

If you also interested in betting on the player unknown battle ground, different site provide this facility to you. It is very simple process, you just need to create new account and deposit some money in your account and start betting. Different site allow different rang for initial betting amount. Some start from 5 dollar or euro whatever your country currency is. So start betting according to your budget.

One of the mistake that players made while betting. When they did not know how to bet on game like this they search a little bit and follow the knowledge that they have. Some of the people search online and follow the first link comes in the search engine like Google this is also a very big mistake. So please if you want to bet you have to search completely and then find the real website the do the real business.

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PUBG Graphics

Graphics of this game is pretty good. As you know this game is also available for android and iOS and for these both platforms, this game is freely available. And graphics for these two platforms is not so high definition, and this is pretty good because these are mobile devices and it cannot render high quality or high definition graphics. Developers provide this game for more devices as more as possible. In the game, graphics quality options is also available. If you have a best device that have more resources like RAM and CPU then you can adjust this option to highest option.

For other platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and pc game graphics are fantastic. In these platforms game looks like more realistic and animations are smoother than mobile devices.

Game designer try to make it real battle fields. In the game battle field all the things that’s available in the real battle field. Armour vehicle, motor bikes, helicopters and hundreds of types of weapons are available. And funnier thing is that it looks like realistic.

PUBG Controls

Game control is very easy and well organized. On mobile devices you can control your player completely with two thumbs. With one side thumb you can move your player in any direction. With the other side thumb, you can control your fire arm and weapons control.

One cool thing about this game is that game is fully customizable. You can change your control according to your need and comfort. For this go to the setting option and in the menu you can find the control option. Here you can see the default control option and also change it.

PUBG Conclusion

At the end, I have to say that this game is very enjoyable and interesting. You must give a shot. If you have a mobile device with minimum 3 GB of ram with 5 GB free space available then you can install it in you mobile device and can play it. To download it in the android device go to Play Store and for iPhone mobile device go to the app store and search for PUBG.

For me it is fun to play this game with the other real player around the world. Some other game like this is also available like that Call of Duty mobile. Call of Duty is available in two different version one for mobile and one for other platforms like Xbox, PlayStation and PC. You can also check this game or player unknown battle ground and tell us which one you like more in the comment. Both game concept is same, but the player unknown battle ground is more popular and well know. But both game graphics and options are pretty same.

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