Quake Champions

Quake Champions is a sequel of the Quake series in the form of a multiplayer arena first-person shooter. Players will find a "lot of different heroes" with unique features and skills.

Id Software makes games on original engines developed by John Carmack, but this time it didn’t work out that way. The id Tech 6 engine on which Doom operated is not suitable for Quake Champions, despite its power and multi-platform.

Therefore, after a long search, it was decided to use Saber Tech technology with this engine to ensure stable performance and a number of graphic operations. Thanks to this, Quake Champions has decent graphics and great performance.

Quake Champions Gameplay

Quake Champions is a multiplayer FPS PC game, designed as a "competitive arena-based character-based shooter". Quake Champions visual design is inspired by the original quake and the gameplay is based on the Quake III and Quake Live. All the champions have passive abilities and active abilities but the core style of play remains the same.

Quake Champions is a shooter arena, it consists of the fact that you must improve your skills. The gameplay of Quake Champions is to take control of the map and defeat the enemy. The game features numbers of modes of "Duel", “TDM vs Bots”, "Sacrifice", "2v2 Team Deathmatch" and "Team Deathmatch". The Duel mode is more familiar to fans of the Quake series, Quake Live. The team mode is a feature that appeared in Quake Champions for the help of esports tournaments. The developers added a training mode to the game so that new users can easily become familiar with the game.

Quake Champions Features

  • The quality gameplay, which allows the game to be dynamic and fast.
  • The classic features of Quake, which the fans loved so much, are preserved, and the new characters, weapons, modes, maps will pleased to both experienced players and beginners.
  • Arsenal from Quake III Arena saved.
  • Quake Champions modes test the player for strength, there is no simple, "walking".
  • The number and skills of champions are good, so choosing someone for your style is not difficult since everyone has unique skills and characteristics.

All this allows each player to find a unique style of battle. But it still needs to be worked out in heavy battles that scare away some users that they want to relax in Quake Champions and not work. So, I can conclude that Quake Champions most likely be appreciated by fans of the series. Also, it appeals to those who prefer just such a difficult and difficult style of play.

For the rest, users recommend choosing something simpler and easier, where complexity is less and time is given for buildup. Despite the disadvantages and difficulties, as well as the number of shooters that are currently available, Quake Champions is still recognized as one of the best games of the genre.

Jumping in Quake Champions

In order to get comfortable with the game, you need to know about the jump, which speeds up the champions. Having developed your technique, you can easily catch up with the enemy or run away from him. The characteristic of Quake Champions is that each hero moves differently, each has a different jump. It is important to study the champions in order to know how to handle each of the champions.

Quake Champions Weapons

Shooting skill is one of the most important, without the ability to shoot you are unlikely to succeed in defeating the enemy. You can study all available types of weapons here and choose what you like. Each of the guns is unique: a machine gun is a universal weapon, while shotgun should be used only at short distances. It is worth trying all the types that exist today to know what you are dealing with.


  • Nailgun
  • Machine Gun
  • Shotgun


  • Super Nailgun
  • Tri-bolt
  • Railgun
  • Super Shotgun
  • Lightning Gun
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Rocket Launcher


Without knowledge of the territory, you are unlikely to be able to play the match well. Specifically, you need to find out the location of the rules, respawn time, and find out how the halls are connected and where teleports are. It’s not so difficult to master the card, you just need to take a closer look and remember what and how. In the future, this will greatly simplify the gameplay.

Daily tasks

Every day the player is faced with several small tasks, by completing you can get "favor" a game currency.


  • Favor - the currency is given for completing simple daily tasks and is charged after passing a coastal match. For favor, you can rent a champion, buy backpacks.
  • Platinum is a currency for real money, with this money you can buy relics and boxes.
  • Shards - earn when you get duplicate items, sell them. By this currency, you can buy alternative weapons or game items.

The game Champions

  • RANGER is a character from Quake 3.
  • VISOR is a character from Quake 3.
  • SCALEBEARER is a new hero.
  • NYX is the new heroine.
  • ANARKI is a character from Quake 3.
  • SORLAG is a character from Quake 3.
  • GALENA is a new character.
  • CLUTCH - a new style.
  • SLASH is a character from Quake 3.
  • BJ BLAZKOWICZ is a character from Wolfenstein.
  • DOOM SLAYER is a character from Doom.

Each of the characters has its own story, which you will become familiarized with during the game. Firstly, the characters constantly pronounce phrases that show their character, and secondly, during the game scrolls drop out, which contain parts of the ENT.

By default, the Quake Champions game is free to play. All players have access to one champion, the Ranger, and the other champions can purchase by in-game currency or buy forever by real money. The developers also did not forget about those who do not want to buy heroes gradually. If you wish, you can purchase the whole set of champions and forget about such a thing as free-to-play. True, you still can’t get away from the chests: you can find skins, stripes and other cosmetics in the boxes (bought both for real and currency). According to the creators, there will be no goodies that upset the balance.

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