Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege (R6:Siege)

The theme "special forces against terrorists" has been successfully declined not only in many films and books, but also in a large number of video games, and the reason is not difficult to understand: "teamwork" and the training of chosen bodies adapt perfectly to the dynamics of an experience that combines strategy and action, and the Rainbow Six saga is one of the longest and most successful among those who have based their luck on these elements.

Rainbow Six: Siege Gameplay

In Rainbow Six: Siege, battles take place between two teams of five fighters. Before starting, participants need to choose a character - one of 44. Among them are operatives of Special Forces of defense and attack. They have different weapons, armor, abilities and reaction speed.

Available game modes are single-user and network (multi-user). For cyber matches, the latter is used. Battles take place in closed locations (the main seven pieces) - inside the object (aircraft, building) and the space around it. The attackers' task is to storm, take out the hostages, and defuse the bomb. The goal of the defenders is to maintain position.

Professional competitions are held on the principle of best of 3 or best of 5. It implies that to win you need to destroy the entire enemy team in two or three rounds in a row at different locations. They are selected from the pool before the match. Also before the meeting, opponents have the right to veto two characters. During the game, it is allowed to change the operative several times.

"Rainbow" is a discipline with a developed interaction of heroes, where it is impossible to win alone. This feature distinguishes it from its main competitors - Call of Duty and CS:GO. The gameplay allows the team to simultaneously break walls and doors, set mines, extensions. The value of a single fighter in second place, in the first - the joint application of maximum damage.

Realistic Experience

In Rainbow Six Siege, the player can't act similarly as he would in a FPS like Call of Duty, which has a quicker pace, vehicles and the choice to revive when the play shot down. What occurs here is the opposite: each progression must be all around considered, and this assists with building an air of adrenaline and pressure that is one of the extraordinary features of the game.

The developments of the characters, the situations very much built and the communication between players of a group bring about an intriguing and practical strategic FPS experience. Generally, the matches are difficult and useful in giving gamers the inclination that special force fighters must feel in every operation.

Operators and customization

You can get reputation points in every match of the game. You can open new "operators" by using this, who are various kinds of agents for every special group portrayed in the shooting match-up (GSG9, SAS, SWAT, Spetsnaz and GIGN). Each has various qualities of gear, weapons and developments.

While opening agents, the player can likewise modify their features. There are a few additional items for weapons, both practical and appearance, which give each gamer a diverse list of agents available to him with the goal that he can pick which is the most fitting for each game condition.

This is another exceptionally positive purpose of the Rainbow Six: Siege experience for its players. The gameplay can change a great deal as indicated by every operator utilized. There is a variety of target in each round - which sets the game progressively unpredictable and challenging that every player have practical experience in "doing everything".

Each round, your group "assaults" or "defend". The individuals who defend ensure a gadget or a prisoner, while the individuals who assault must recover the things. Defenders have the opportunity to plan, place blockades, pointed wires and different assets to stop the attack of opponents, who attempt to discover their objectives with drones.

Rainbow Six Siege Events and Tournaments

Professional are advised to bet on the Rainbow Six Siege in the three largest contests. R6 Pro League - eight teams from four regions participate in the professional league: USA, Europe, China, Russia, and North America. They compete for six months. During this period, opponents meet each other twice. The winner is revealed after the LAN finals with the two best teams.

Six Major is a grand tournament held twice a year. In it, 16 teams from around the world are fighting for the championship. Six Invitational - annual world championship. Traditionally, the main sports event starts in February.

The venue of the meetings and their prize pool are determined by Ubisoft together with the tournament operator ESL. For example, Paris became the venue for Six Major in 2018, the event was called Major Paris. And the Six Invitational 2019 was held in Montreal.

You can follow the calendar of events, news, transfers, and team results on the official Rainbow: Six Siege website. The statistics of the national teams are also presented there. The list of the best masters of virtual sports includes Accelerate Gaming, Ferox E-Sports, DarkZero Esports, MantisFPS. It makes sense to pay attention to them if you bet.

How to bet on Rainbow Six Siege

"Siege" is a new discipline because painting on it does not differ in variety. You can bet on this e-sports:

  • to the winner of the match;
  • to the winner 1,2, 3, cards;
  • on handicaps on cards and rounds;
  • on totals on locations and rounds;
  • to the exact account;
  • on the first frag;
  • Long-term betting.

Live bets on Rainbow Six Siege are also in demand. They are made directly during the match and are calculated at the highest rates. Professionals put in a live flat mode, spending no more than 5% of the bankroll.

Experienced bookmaker set according to the forecasts of foreign analysts. An ordinary, bookmaker does not have such employees on its staff. It is necessary to study English-language sites, independently conduct an analysis of events.

Making a promising bet involves knowing the performance of participants, meeting statistics, transfers, understanding the game mechanism. If you play Rainbow, then the nuances of the prematch are calculated with a higher probability. The outcome of a Rainbow Six bet often depends on the mood of the players. You can find such information by looking at their social networks.

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