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Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is a free to play video game in the genre of Battle Royale. Aurora Studio is the developer of this game. Tencent Game and Garena published this multiplayer game for PC.

Ring of Elysium is an addictive action game in which you can show your fighting skills. People have been trapped in the area affected by natural disasters, and the only way out is a rescue helicopter that can only take four people. Survivors must survive due to constant circle shrink while killing each other. Fight with 60 players and show all your strength and power.

Ring of Elysium Gameplay

In the beginning, the player chooses where he wants to land and from there he searches for suitable equipment such as weapons and armor.

Players can equip themselves with either a bike, climbing equipment with a grappling hook or a hang glider to cross the terrain and adapt to fights and other intense situations. On the old snow map, the players also had a snowboard and climbing equipment. It can be played in both third and first-person mode.

The map in Ring of Elysium consists of several parts (areas). Where the character appears, it is up to the player himself to decide, the developers have given you the freedom of choice here. Before the start of a large-scale killing, you will see how many users will appear on the field near you to consider all the risks and determine the tactics of the battle process.

In order to have an advantage over other gamers after the start, you must find more powerful equipment, as well as medicines and weapons. You can kill with the help of the standard set, but everyone has the same set, which means that the chances of winning are equal. The user can carry at the same time 3 types of weapons. Also, in the Ring of Elysium, there is transport (ordinary cars), but most often there is no special need for it since each class has its own ways of quickly moving around the map.

The quality of the gameplay of Ring of Elysium is that the circle of the playing field continuously shrink, and the participants who were there die. Thus, the playing field becomes smaller every minute, and the situation continues to heat up. If you notice that the zone in which you are currently starting to blink, then run faster or you will freeze to death and lose.

The battle of survival in the Ring of Elysium ends when only 4 users remain on the entire map, who could survive in the most severe conditions longer than the rest. To get out of the ice imprisonment, they fly away in a rescue helicopter. But this is the most peaceful and successful development of events. If you think that your rivals are not worthy of salvation, but should die at your hands, then you can ambush them at the landing site.

A large number of weapons and equipment and a choice of classes make the gameplay even more exciting and chilling. Prove to everyone that it is you who deserve life!

Ring of Elysium Classes

Before the start of the match, each user is given a choice of one of three classes to which he wishes to relate. Climbing, snowboard and hang gliders - they all have their own unique equipment in the Ring of Elysium, and, accordingly, skills.

  • Snowboarding - at any time you can get your own professional vehicle and cover the large distance in the shortest time.
  • Climbing - you get the opportunity to climb rocks using personal equipment, which gives you an advantage over other classes in the Ring of Elysium.
  • Hang gliding - moving through the air has many significant advantages that can guarantee you victory in the battle.

At the start, everyone is given the basic equipment, which includes a weapon and several medical bandages for treatment. So the bloodshed will begin from the first seconds of the game and you do not need to spend a long time developing.

Ring of Elysium Guide

  • Mark the target - As soon as you see an enemy, press the "Q" key while the crosshair is above him. In this way, you can mark it, so as to make it visible also to teammates. A very useful feature that allows you to collaborate with your team at any time, mark the position of the opponents without necessarily using the voice chat.
  • Footsteps - Always keep your ears open: listening to footsteps will allow you to spot nearby enemies before you even see them. Of course, the rule also applies to enemies, when you walk and run, your enemies also observe you in the surrounding area. If you want to move quietly, lay down or move slowly, or alternatively to confuse your opponent with smoke grenades.
  • Silenced Weapons - If you don't want to be noticed by enemies while still maintaining a fatal approach, silenced weapons will surely be right for you in Ring of Elysium. Use them to shoot enemies without being detected, keeping in mind that opponents will only be able to hear the sound of your shots within ten meters.
  • Spawn points - Choosing the spawn point that best suits your strategy is the best way to start the game. If you want to immediately get into the battle, you can select for the most popular locations such as the castle, the Dione police station or the city of Wagner. If you prefer a more discreet and alternative approach, you can land in less popular areas such as Valley Town, the Herschel academy or the Snowflake town.
  • Running - When you are outside the circle, you will need to return to the inside as quickly as possible. If you need to run continuously, instead of keeping the "W" key pressed all the time, you can choose for automatic run by simply pressing the "=" button. Also remember that the speed of the race will depend on the weapon you are holding: to go faster, equip light weapons such as SMG pistols and submachine guns.