Rocket League Game Review

Rocket League is a football video game developed by Psyonix, first released for Microsoft Windows, and later released for other PC operating systems and game consoles, which now support the cross-platform game. Rocket League game is very simple and similar to the rules of classic football.

The game involves two teams of four players each on vehicles with a rocket engine, who is trying to score a ball into the opponent’s goal and score points during the match.

Since it is very colorful and amazing game that is different from most games on the market and has smooth and reliable gameplay, the game has become a huge success with over 40 million of players.

Rocket League Gameplay

Rocket League is a mixture of racing game and football game, in which you can play against other players in online matches or against bots of the AI. The goal is to bring the ball with your vehicle into the opposing goal, yet the rules are quite simple. But it is not that easy if you are resisted, so there is a training tutorial, or different training game modes, with different levels of difficulty.

If you have enough practice, you can test your skills in online matches and even championships. Different players around the world compete against each other in online matches and if you have enough skills you can enter your name in the Rocket League ranking.

Rocket League training game modes

The game features and modes are increasing constantly day by day, the training tutorial skillfully introduces you to the various game features and strategic game options. Of course, you have to develop a game strategy and moves.


The tutorial explains the basic control mechanics that you can perform with your battle cars. As soon as you become familiar with it, you can also complete the advanced tutorial. Here you are introduced to advanced driving tactics such as turns or how you can jump with boosts.

Free play

You are alone with the ball on the field and can rehearse the driving mechanism learned in the tutorial.


In this game mode, there are three levels of difficulty, beginners, advanced and all-stars. You have to pass them one by one. In front of the gate, there are cannons shooting the soccer balls in the air, you then have to jump or flip them into the gate.


This game mode trains shots on the ground and in the air, again you have to complete three different levels of difficulty, beginners, advanced and all-stars. The time limit to execute shots is limited.


Again there are three levels of difficulty to complete, beginners, advanced and all-stars. This time you are in the gate and have to fend off 10 balls, all balls are shot at you from different directions.

Rocket League Features

  • A new seasonal mode where you can play alone.
  • A huge selection of items for tuning - over 10 million combinations.
  • The ability to open items and cars, as well as game statistics, leader boards and much more.
  • Exciting matches up to 8 players, which you can customize as you wish.
  • Awesome split-screen mode, allowing 2, 3 and even 4 players to play at once, both with each other and against other players on the network.
  • High-quality replays that allow you to speed up and rewind recording, as well as see what is happening from any corner of the stadium.

Rocket League Betting

Due to the popularity of the Rocket League on streaming platforms, Psyonix decided to announce the first March tournament of 2016: the Rocket League Championship Series, the finals of which will be held in August of that year, with a prize pool of $ 75,000.

As part of the sales of cosmetics and items in the game, various tournaments around the world were funded, including support for small competitions.

Until today, the series of Rocket League championships remains the main competition for professional players around the world, and 7th season is played in 2019.

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Rocket League World Rocket Championship

From season 7, regions 4 compete in the RLCS: Europe, USA, Oceania and South America.

Whether the teams entered the regional tournament league based on the results of their last season or succeeded in qualifying tournaments in their regions, during the last stage of the regional tournament, teams 8 in Europe and North America and teams 4 in Oceania and South America compete against each other for a month in the group stage, where they play the best of five matches, while the two best of Oceania and South America automatically go to the RLCS 7 season finale, and in Europe and North America the best six qualify for Regional Championship, where the two lower teams go to the Playoffs.

At the Regional Championship, teams compete with each other for a prize pool of $ 214,250 and for getting into the finals, for the right to go to the finals of the RLCS 7 season and represent their region.

In the RLCS finals, twelve teams are divided into four groups 3, with the best teams 2 from each group moving to the playoff stage.

The playoff stage is a one-winner tournament: teams compete for a prize pool of $ 529,500 and the title of champions of the RLCS season.

Rocket League DreamHack Pro Circuit

DreamHack Pro Circuit, also known as DHPC, is a series of events organized by DreamHack and Psyonix that take place throughout the year when the top 32 teams from Europe and America compete against each other at 4 Majors for a prize pool of $ 100,000.

Before you bet

The deceptively simple at first glance gameplay of the Rocket League cannot be compared with the gameplay that you can see at a professional level of the game. Since the only similarity to a more traditional game of football is a winning condition for scoring more goals than your opponent, you first need to learn the basics of the game, what roles and playing styles players can play, from defense to true attackers.

Since the Rocket League is considered a niche eSports from the point of view of bookmakers, only top-level tournaments will be presented on their pages, so you will need to choose a region that you like and find out which teams to play there, what are their main strategies during the match, and what style of play they prefer.

Major betting markets

  • Match winner - One of the most common markets that came from traditional sports. This is a market in which you simply bet on which team will win until the end of the game.
  • Total markets - During the RLCS finals, some bookmakers could offer common markets for cards (over / under) during the match. In this market, you are betting that the condition is greater or less than the number set by the bookmaker.
  • The winner - Outreach bets are similar to traditional sports bets. When you bet not on a specific match but on the outcome of the whole event. This type of market is much more prone to team mistakes, as this market continues longer, during which the team you bet on can off-beat during the tournament, but ultimately come back and win the competition.

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