RuneScape & Old School RuneScape

RuneScape used to be one of the best MMORPG games along with Lineage II and World of Warcraft. This project was launched in 2004 and immediately managed to win the hearts of fans of the genre. The game is famous for its accessibility and simplicity, because, due to the Java language, it can be played simply on the browser with minimal traffic. Another advantage of Runescape is its diverse in-game content.

RuneScape Specifications

In terms of technical parameters, even in 2004 Runescape looked somewhat outdated and looked more like a Lego constructor. However, despite this, over the whole existence of the game, more than 6 million gamers have registered in the game. In total, 120 servers are currently open, on which at least 100 thousand users are regularly playing. Therefore, it is safe to say that even now many years after its launch, the game continues to feel confident. It attracts not with a beautiful appearance in the form of graphics, but with a well-developed high-quality game world that attracts many gamers for a long time. By the way, in 2016 the game engine was seriously updated, so the game began to look much more pleasant and modern.

Game principle

All the events in the game unfold in the traditional fantasy world, where small gnomes, elves with long ears and fire-breathing dinosaurs live. The main feature is that the creators of Runescape were able to implement a non-linear approach to everything that happens. That is, no one leads your hand around the world and does not tell you what to do, as is often the case in other games. In the Runescape world, you will not have any limitations or framework that could hold down your actions. The entire role-based system is built on skills that every character can learn. Each skill develops as it is used to a maximum of 120 levels. This system was borrowed from Ultima Online.


Crafting in Runescape is famous for its complexity and originality. With it, you can do more than a million different things. To make them, you will have to grind, cut, cook, weave, build and grow all kinds of components. As you gain experience, you will become more skilled in this difficult task.

Outcome and Prospects

Every year Runescape is becoming more diverse and complex. Already, there are so many classes in it that it would be enough for several World of Warcraft. For those who want more, you can offer to pay $8 per month. For this you will get access to interesting mini-games, among which there is a siege of castles, capturing the flag and even fun sports in the form of a combination of rugby and basketball. Thanks to all this, Runescape is considered one of the richest games in the modern world.

Although, of course, immersion in this game world will require some effort from the player. The old interface, simple graphics and too slow characters are to blame. This can become an obstacle to the development of the virtual world even for fans of 8-bit consoles. At the same time, it never stopped true fans of the oldfag.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

Old School Runescape is an Action-Adventure, MMO, RPG, a third-person action and fantasy video game developed and released by Jagex Ltd. The game takes place in an old school theme, where you can take on the role of the main character, able to move freely, collect items and defeat all enemy creatures and another player to advance in the game.

At the beginning of the game, you can create your character with many interesting things and get into the complex game world to complete your tasks. After creating your character, the game allows the player to explore various environments, including secret dungeons, collect resources and kill all enemy creatures for progress.

It has several gameplay modes, including players against players and players against events in the environment. PVP, a player can battle another online player for resources. In PVP mode, the player can also create a team with other players online and start his battle with the opposing team members. Various quests, collecting items, a massive inventory system, new weapons, unlockable achievements and updates are the main features of the game. Old School RuneScape offers beautiful visual details, simple controls and fantastic game mechanics.

Compete and live your own adventure

It is a multiplatform game similar to Fortnite or World of Warcraft, whose progress will be kept safe and where you can customize your character. Only in this title, you must choose your adventure within its open world and help your character specialize in one of its branches of learning. Your avatar will be immersed in a world full of enemies that you will have to eliminate, but it will also be able to carry out a number of activities: cooking, fishing, blacksmithing, crafts, hunting, etc.

Attractive multi-platform game with high content

Old School RuneScape is equipped with multiple side missions that are an incentive for the player. In addition, battles are incorporated so that you have the opportunity to face players from different parts of the world in real-time.


Old school RuneScape is a huge game with years of new content released behind its back. Control is carried out by making touch gestures in the area where you want the character to move. Clicking on an object or element on the stage will carry out related actions if you have previously marked, for example, an inventory object. Although the system is automatic, it must be borne in mind that it is a title with years behind it. Old school RuneScape is a living history of the MMORPG genre, which you can now also enjoy on your Android device. The client is also cross-platform, so you can continue your adventures on other devices.

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