Rust Game

Rust is a survival, brutal and multiplayer game created by Facepunch Studios. It is inspired by games like DayZ, Minecraft, Stalker and other nature survival games.

In this game, players will be able to face off in an online battle with up to 100 enemies. Rust is a brutal game, not because of its grip, but rather because of the other players. You will die many times by these players, and often without reason.

Everything you build may one day be lost, stolen or destroyed, so don't get too attached to it.

The game is currently in Alpha phase, which means that the features provided by the developers are not yet all integrated into the game, but there is already a lot to do to have a good time, especially if you can convince friends to play with you.

Rust Game Review

Facepunch Studios, catapult you into a post-apocalyptic world, which seems to have been destroyed by nuclear weapons, and putt you on the beach of an unknown island, completely naked armed only with a stone and a torch. From here, you'll have to make your way through the woods, deserts and mountains dotted with ruins of the old civilization, rusty skeletons of buildings and industrial plants.

Rust Gameplay

The game says little or nothing about what to do, you will be left to yourself, naked. The chance of meeting other men is very high. Always be ready to stone immediately to survive is the key factor. If you do not fall victim to any user, it will be a wolf or a bear who is ready to kill you.

The user interface is normal, you will have an indicator at the bottom right containing:

  • Health: It is your life, it is lost if you suffer an injury of any kind, or if your Food level drops to zero.
  • Food: It is your satiety and it is constantly decreasing, which gives a deep sense of pain and makes us freak out in search of something safe to eat before it is too late.
  • Radiation: They are the radiation present in your body, up to 500 there is no need to worry.

In the middle, there is the area of objects, hold six free spaces that can be occupied with the objects that we need quickly.

Pressing tab you access the multifunctional menu. In fact, it is not only the inventory but also where we can craft everything we want.

In this game, we will have to work hard to find a whole series of resources important to survival, food, Water and medical supplies first of all, metals, woods, minerals and other stuff to progress in our very personal technical level. As we refine the raw materials, projects to build new tools and objects, increasingly elaborate and expensive, in terms of resources will become available.

If the first artifacts we are going to create will be picks and axes of stone. After a few hours, we will find ourselves probably creating the first firearms or the first mechanisms that will help us stay alive longer. Automatic excavators, oil pumps, improved furnaces, as well as combination locks or even clothes, armor, become available

Building your base also requires clear planning than you think. The area where you are going to build can be protected with special "building areas" that are created around a wardrobe which allows anyone who accesses it to build pieces of building within a certain distance.

This wardrobe must be protected at all costs, of course, as well as all the trunks that contain our precious resources. To do this, a simple house will not be enough because it will be immediately destroyed, and you will feel a bit like the three little pigs against the wolf, only that the wolf here is armed with C4 and also breaks through the strong metal walls. So you will have to be careful to possibly create secret rooms, and always keep an eye on the stability of the building

Rust Graphics and Sound

On the visual side, Rust doesn't need to prove anything. For a title of this kind, a very high graphic quality is only useless and there would be no advantages, surely it is better to have a dozen more fps when you have to run away or shoot madly. Seeing the hair on the beard of the guy who just riddled you isn't all that satisfying. The detail will not be his strong point, but the look works. The atmosphere, especially the one in the woods and on the prairies, is well done and the sunsets, sunrises and climate changes also influence the surrounding environment in a very sexy way. The fact that it is still under development gives hope, both for the optimization of the game code and for any graphic improvements, provided that they do not affect the lightness of the game.

Needless to mention music. It is not there, it would be absurd and annoying to have it. In Rust it is very important to pay attention to all sounds, great quality is in fact the huge distance at which shots and explosions can be heard, a very strong signal of approaching human beings that can mark the difference between life and death. So you must be alert and careful with your ears, as well as with your eyes.

Rust Skin Gambling

Rust gambling has started credit goes to in-game things called Skins, which are being utilized by a huge number of gamers as virtual things of esthetic worth, however as money too. It is really perhaps the best cash for utilizing at the online club and placing wagers – comparably to every single virtual goods it is anonymous with rapid transfer and available overall the world.

Rust Gambling Sites began to rise not long after the official arrival of the game and have been receiving in popularity from that point onward. They offer you to store your virtual things from the RUST game and use them for betting or convert them into club token and utilize those as your bankroll. When you're finished with your RUST wagering, you can pull back all the things you have won or check site's skin advertise in case you need to make the transformation and select some RUST Skins for cashout.

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