Smite Game Review

The multi-player Smite game from Hi-Rez Studios is a fantasy project that takes place in the world of gods and legendry beasts.

The player's choice - lots of gods. Each god has its own skills, characteristics and superpowers. In classic mode, most battles take place as a five-on-five team battle. The goal of the fight is to defeat the opposing team.

A completely new experience and a completely different way of playing. There are many MOBA games followed exactly in the footsteps of the well-known Dota for PC gamers. But this is a completely different game in MOBAs genre. Currently, SMITE is the only free-to-play game on the PS4 in the genre with a full release.

Smite Gameplay

You have one or more (maximum three) lanes; the road that connects your base to the enemy base. Each lane is occupied by one or more players (Solo, The Mid Laner, The Jungler, Support and ADC) and depending on which lane you play and everything in between we call the 'Jungle'. The Jungle is also the kingdom of a designated player and that is why we call it the Jungler. He is responsible for the specific 'Buff and Experience camps' in the Jungle that he uses to provide benefits for himself and his team. These camps always provide Experience (to level up) and Gold (to buy items).

  • Solo – its main task is to level up as fast as possible and rotate to other lanes for killing.
  • The Mid Laner - Usually a mage with high burst damage, often works side-by-side with the Jungler and is responsible for the rotations to other lanes for ganks (attacking other lanes than their own).
  • Tank - with the ADC located in the longest lane on the side. Often has a large health pool, a lot of CC or both. Also important for rotations.
  • Attack Damage Carry - located in the longest lane on the side. Usually a God in the hunter category or another God with the most power coming from auto-attacks.

Attacks can be done by using the four abilities that we mentioned earlier or auto-attacks. These four attacks can be upgraded as you level up, with a maximum of 20 levels. Three attacks are 'normal' attacks and one we call the 'Ultimate'; a very powerful attack, but one that can be used much less often because of the timer. There are currently 76 Gods available in SMITE; each God has a different set of skills. So it is recommended when purchasing the God Pack learn a certain God before trying a new one. Given the huge selection of Gods, who actually came directly from the PC version, the game can seem a bit large. Especially in the beginning, it can be hard, since you are already thrown into the deep. Fortunately for the beginner, the game has an 'Auto buy' and 'Auto level' system. As a SMITE player, I know from experience that this is a perfect game. The game gives you more time in the first time to focus on the gameplay and only then on the customization of the 'item builds'.

For a good example of how everything works, let's talk about Conquest mode. This is very similar to other MOBAs and the game and its Gods are mostly balanced in this mode. All three lanes have two Towers and one Phoenix. These provide protection to the Titan and also to the Gods who are near them. Your goal is to destroy it and defeat the Titan that is in the enemy base; this ends the game. You do this by levelling and buying items (farming) faster than your opponent in the lane and thus creating 'lane pressure' that you can use to gain the advantage over the enemy team. keep a close eye for other lanes via your minimap and to keep an overview use 'Wards', which indicate where everyone is in a certain area. Especially if you have lane pressure, other players will try to pull you. Which is like raiding from the jungle and killing you. After all, it remains a team game and if teams are equally matched, even individual skill does not make the difference, which can still lead to a win.

Smite skins and modes

Game characters and other game items can be purchased by game currency. But some items become available after some time. If you can’t wait to get a more powerful weapon or play for a unique character, you can use real money, which is converted into game currency and allows you to quickly get everything you need.

Like in any other MMORPG, this game provides character levelling and a complex “skill tree”. The game allows using different objects, artefacts, weapons, and their combinations.

The game provides several game modes, the most common of which is Conquest mode, the meaning of which is to defeat the enemy defense line and ensuring the destruction of the enemy Titan.

In Arena mode, the battle takes place between two teams, each of which has five players, but the players have a different task: to reduce the opponent’s score counter from 500 to zero. There are lots of ways to do it.

In Assault, the battle system remains the same. But the user will have to play for a randomly selected God. While buying the necessary items and restoring health is impossible. There are other, less popular modes that differ in smaller team size, other conditions for achieving victory, and some other features that force players to use different tactics.

Smite Conclusion

Many gamers know that at the beginning of the development of League of Legends it was a lot like Dota, and now the online game SMITE is released, which also copies LoL. And although the skills of SMITE characters are very similar to the skills of characters from the League of Legends, the first one still has the main feature - more dynamic gameplay and third-person view, which is very good. I highly recommend this game to MOBAs lovers.

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