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Subnautica is an open-world survival game developed by Unknown World Entertainment, first released in the Early Access program in December 2014. After going through many updates and patches, this game finally 'graduated' from Early Access on January 23, 2018.

Subnautica can now be played on PC, macOS, Xbox One platforms, as well as PS4. For PC users, this game you can buy via Steam at a pretty cheap price.

Subnautica Gameplay and Plot

The story begins when your ship, Aurora, is shot from an unknown origin, so you have to save yourself with a lifepods. Stranded on a mysterious planet that as far as the eye can see can only be seen the ocean, this is where your struggle for survival begins.

The sea that you will explore may look ordinary, but all kinds of sea animals and plants that you will encounter in this game are very different from those on earth. So you have to know for yourself which creatures are threatening your safety and creatures that you can use.

This game focuses on the element of underwater exploration, because about 80% of the exploration you will do is all done in water, so it is possible that your main enemy is not only creatures hiding in the deep sea, but also lack of oxygen.

Maybe this survival genre game with a sea theme sounds like a Stranded Deep or FarSky game. However, the Subnautica game is set in the future when technology is very advanced, so these technologies will help you survive. The game has 4 difficulty modes Survival, creative, freedom and hardcore.

Crafting by utilizing available natural resources.

In Subnautica you can use all the natural resources that exist on this planet to increase your chances of survival. With very advanced technology, you can cook the fish you catch during diving and of course crafting diving equipment from materials scattered in the ocean.

Not only diving equipment, but you can also make submersibles to facilitate exploring from one place to another. But sometimes some equipment that you can craft requires blueprints that are also scattered in the ocean or debris from the Aurora ship.

Use the compass and beacons

In this game, you will not be given a map at all, because logically this is an alien planet so there is no mapping. But you can make a compass to find out the direction and make the location of the fall of Aurora as a marker of where you need to go.

Location markers or beacons are also very useful in this game because there are so many locations you can explore that you don't have to search for more locations that you want to visit, such as farming material in a particular place or signaling the entrance of a mutual cave system related.

The Base Building feature is quite free

Like most other survival games, Subnautica also has its own base-building feature, where you can build bases in water or on land with a technology called Habitat Builder.

Some of these buildings also require blueprints so that the more you make progress, the more buildings you can make, Moonpool, for example, serves to repair, charge batteries and upgrade the submarine that you have.

The only way out of this planet is to keep diving down

It might sound like the tagline of Sanctum by James Cameron's, but one of the main objectives of the Subnautica game is to get out of the planet where you are stranded. As you explore, you will find various things such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) other survivor relics that contain records of relics or voice recorders that indirectly explain what happened to the planet.

But in the end, the only way out of this planet is to dive into a facility located deep in the ocean. To reach that location, you must utilize all the technology from the blueprint that you have found because the deeper you dive the more you also things that threaten your safety.

Subnautica Graphics

Although this game does not have graphics like the current games, Unknown Worlds Entertainment can create an atmosphere of the ocean that is so beautiful and at the same time terrible. In this game the difference between day and night is very significant, you might feel safe when the sun is shining and feel threatened when the sunsets. Even so, this ocean has its own beauty at nightfall, which you might not see when the sun is shining. The difference between day and night will certainly also affect your visibility, so lighting equipment such as a flashlight becomes one of the tools that you must have.

Use a headset for a more immersive playing experience

Of course, the atmosphere of this game becomes more complete and is felt with the background music to sound effects that tend to feel terrible from various sea monsters. So I highly recommend using the best headphones or headsets you have, so you can feel how terrible the ocean where you are stranded.

I am also very fond of the sounds, especially the voices of these sea monsters because they do sound so impressive (and terrible, of course).

Farming material sometimes feels RNG-based

In this game, you will continue to do farming material if you want to make further progress. Indeed there are specific locations to find specific materials as well. But sometimes the spawn location is very diverse and will be very difficult to see if you are not alert.

You may also be bothered by surrounding creatures that will complicate the search for material, especially in the dark or when night falls.

Subnautica Conclusion

Subnautica is probably one of the best games I have ever played. Unknown Worlds Entertainment managed to bring out an atmosphere of beauty and our ignorance of the underwater world in the game Subnautica. And I think this game can be an example for indie games, especially those included in Early Access because developers always communicate with players or the Subnautica community.

This game is certainly suitable for you who like games with the theme of survival, open-world, base-building and even horror. Although you are not a fan of the genres just mentioned, at least you have to play this game once in a lifetime.