Teamfight Tactics Game Review

TFT or Teamfight Tactics is an online game developed by Riot Games. The game first released on 26th of June 2019 for Windows and macOS platform. Almost after 1 year in 19th March 2020, the game was released for mobile devices Android and iOS to give cross-platform experience to his players.

According to the game development company, the game has 33 millions of monthly player in September 2019.

The first game was released within the League of Legends client for Windows and Mac. Then as a standalone mobile game for android and iPhone.

Teamfight Tactics Gameplay

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battle game where you can play against seven other players. The name auto-battle game means you have some bot generic companions which are not controlled by you directly. Rather you can deploy them at specific places against your opponent and they will fight automatically.

To win the round against you opponent, you need to purchase right champions with the gold. And upgrade your previous champions with special equipment and upgrade their state and made them stronger. You can also buy copies of your champions that are more powerful and good enough.

If you win the round, you will damage you opponent. How much you damage them it depends on the number of champions that alive and that died. As your strategy become prominent and you become more and more powerful but you need to short down all other seven opponents. And you will be the last standing player, you need to do this if you want to win.

Teamfight Tactics are divided into the round. Before starting each round you have a little amount of time to buy tools or weapons according to this round. You have to be careful while purchasing these things because time is limited and also you have a little amount of gold and XP. A little amount of this gold and XP is given you at the staring of the round. With gold, you can buy champions and XP and also you can reroll the previously purchased champions. And the XP increase your level and allow you to deploy more champions in the round.

When the game starts, you first step into the TeamFight tactic board where you will find initially the champion in a carousel. You can choose for you after that you were back into your board.

TeamFight Tactic Area

The main area was divided into small different areas. The main areas are, XP button to buy XP and refresh them. Store where you can buy new gold and other stuff. Other areas are current tier drop rates, current gold and streak, board, scoreboard, round tracker, banked gold, hand, item inventory, synergies.

Scoreboard: This area is very important for you. Here you can find your current position, health, and score. Here you can also find the state of all other opponent players. It is very helpful for you because you can change your strategy according to the health and power of other players. You can also find a popup card where you can see the recent damage in the last round.

TeamFight Tactic Items

Items are very essential in Tactical Combat and the end of the game will often be played by whoever has the items that best cooperate with his champions. There are only two moments when you can recover it in the game:

  • Randomly during PVE rounds,
  • •During the carousel round

During PVE rounds: Obtaining items are completely random in TFT. Only the Carousel round will allow you to really choose the item of your choice. This is why we highly recommend that you prefer to choose an item during the Carousel round, rather than a champion. Of course, if at the end of the game you only need one Kayle to complete your 6 nobles, it is surely better to go on top. Also if you have very little life left and you are desperately looking for a champion in particular to complete your line-up. But generally, it is better to choose an item.

During the first carousel, we also advise you to go - if possible - to a Tier 2 champion who has the item of your choice, in order to resell the latter to have 4 golds on your first purchase and you open a lot more possibilities, and this, from the first round.

TeamFight Tactic Gold

There are 5 levels of gold on TeamFight Tactic:

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50

You earn 1 gold bonus at the end of the rounds for every 10 golds you have. Up to 5 bonus golds when you have 50 golds.

One of your objectives for each game is to play around these levels to build and develop your economy, even if it means reselling one or two champions who are not now useful to you in reaching these levels. As a result, your economy will grow much faster and your little-game goal will always be to keep you above the 50 gold mark. Unless you are missing a particular champion to avoid being eliminated.

The Hyper Roll

In some situation, it is no longer advisable to hard roll before level 5 as before to recover units in 3 stars and build around. The best champions currently are at least 3 gold units that you will not be able to recover in 3 stars with this strategy, except on an absolutely huge hit of luck.

Therefore, it is now well to roll only in certain situations:
For example, if the situation allows you to go on a Noble composition, it is generally recommended to roll before level 5 to recover at least your core champions (Garen, Lucian, Vayne, Fiora) at level 2, or in any case, Garen and Lucian which will allow you to pass the midgame. At level 4, you are more likely to recover Tier 1 units (which costs 1 gold) than at level 5, which is why it is best to roll at this time.

If your objective is to collect a Kayle to complete your Nobles composition or any legendary champion, do not roll before level 7, or even level 8. Before, your chances of obtaining it are much too low.

In the idea, the important thing is to know your chances of obtaining champions according to your level and what you aim for. In general, when you go to roll, you will destroy your economy. This is why you should only do this if you absolutely need a particular champion, or if you feel the need to improve your composition to lose no more life points or to maintain your winning streak.

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