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Terraria is a two-dimensional online sandbox that has in its arsenal a procedurally generated world, beautiful “16-bit” landscapes and all the functions inherent in a real sandbox: building, crafting, exploration, digging, as well as battles with monsters.

The project was developed by RE-LOGIC within six months, and on the first day of release, it sold 50 thousand copies. A week later, more than 200 thousand people played the game, and further on increasing. Terraria is still one of the most popular indie sandboxes.

Terraria is present on the following platforms: PC, PlayStation4, Android, IOS, macOS, Linux, Xbox ONE, Windows Phone and Nintendo Switch. The game is a sandbox in 2D with an open world.

Terraria Gameplay

From the moment you appeared in the world, you are given the opportunity to go anywhere, (at least go immediately kill the bosses). You can both explore the caves, mines, and go explore the surface. As you upgrade, you have the opportunity to destroy new bosses (there are a huge number of them). You can build houses for NPS that will help you survive (because they sell different utilities), and depending on the time of day, various mobs will spawn.

In Terraria, you can grow plants to create potions. There is the opportunity to fish (bait is needed for this), various types of weapons and armor do not give you the opportunity to rest, because you run from one end of the world to the other and collect various ingredients.

But in order not to become an easy victim, you need to get weapons, which, by the way, have a huge number of species: blasters, lightsabers, muskets, and so on. Among other things, valuable resources can fall out of monsters, so no one cancelled the hunt either.

One of the most pleasant features in Terraria is the absence of any goals because here the process itself is put in the first place, and not the result. Someone likes the construction and he wants to ward off a huge mansion, which over time will appear a large number of doctors and traders; someone will like to dig, and someone will be pleased with a simple combat system.

Character Creation

The sandbox mode makes itself felt even when creating a character (I agree that this feature is present in many other games with this genre, but here it’s just right). Here you can create it both randomly and manually (at the same time I would say that you yourself create the character. Because here it’s almost like drawing by pixels. There are a lot of options for clothes and hairstyles, you can also adjust the character’s colors yourself. And also, when creating a character, you are given the opportunity to choose the difficulty.

I want to say a few words about the fact that the character is created separately from the world and if you wish, you can leave the current world in which you play and after collecting the necessary things you can create a new world and play the character already pumped.

Creation of the world

This is followed by the creation of the world and here you are also invited to choose complexity, there are two types of complexity: Master and expert (the expert has more complex bosses and new ores are added). Also in Terraria, you can choose the size of the world, three of them. Yes, the world here is not endless (but I would not attribute this to the minuses, because you have enough space allotted).


I cannot say about complexity, because you just appeared in the world of the game and just do what you die, but you pumped and successfully defeat the bosses. You should go through the WALL OF THE FLESH (the boss dividing the mode in which you started playing with the hardmode), and here again you are faced with constant deaths because when you switch to hardmode, everything around becomes stronger, but of course new ores, locations, monsters, bosses and objects also appear.

Terraria Multiplayer

The game has two game modes, a single-player and a multiplayer. Although playing alone is a lot of fun, there's nothing like exploring and building with friends or even strangers, depending on who you play with. As the game follows a logic of creation, the more people contributing and helping, the more fun and promising it gets.

On PC, multiplayer is implemented normally. You do not have to pay extra for the opportunity to play on the network. Multiplayer is implemented in two ways: you can either connect to a friend using STEAM or by IP (depending on the situation). You do not need to invent your own strange methods, in order to play with a friend, you just need to send an invitation to STEAM or open a server using the Terraria Server application.

Terraria Graphics and Sound

The graphics follow a model similar to that of the 16-bit generation, but in no way detracts from the fun. The appearance is very engaging and the retro style simplifies things a lot, which makes it even more captivating. As the day goes on, the background sound ends up changing too. From a light style to when the sun is shining, to a more tense style to when the zombies start to appear.

About music, I want to say that it is not boring here, it varies depending on the location in which you are located, and at first it surprises you, and then you just don’t pay attention to it and the music in Terraria does not bother you.

Terraria Conclusion

In the end, I want to say that Terraria is a very interesting game, especially if you like sandbox games. For fans of achievements, there is a section of achievement. The game surprises you with its number of craft, the number of bosses and enemies. If you are tired of, for example, the famous Minecraft, Roblox or other sandboxes and you want to try something new, then welcome to Terraria.