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Unturned is an open-world zombie video game in the genre of survival and sandbox. The game is fully focused on multiplayer. Together with friends, players will survive among the zombie apocalypse, look for food and water, grow food themselves, build various castles and, of course, face other players from whom you never know what to expect.

Players will be able to build fortified bases to store things there and hide from troubles. Also, it will be possible to build a small building protected by barriers, nets and crammed with complex electronic devices.

Unturned developed only on the basis of the community’s opinion. Many proposals have already been implemented in the game, and many are just starting to enter into it. The game has already received the "green light" on Steam Greenlight and appeared in the Steam store under the early access program. It is distributed under the F2P model. The only thing you can pay for is the Gold account, which will give access to Gold servers with increased drop and XP, additional skins and other minor features.

Unturned Gameplay

This time you will have to survive on a small island covered by an unknown virus that makes the walking dead out of people. Like DayZ, you wake up on the beach, without food, water or supplies. You will have to find all this, and try not to die before you find weapons. The island is quite small, has only 16 objects where you can find something interesting. Once you have found anything you need, you can look for the shelter.

In Unturned you have the opportunity to stay at the already finished house or on one of the farms or build his own house by the crafting system. Crafting in the game is possible for almost everything, and from everything, any board, or an empty can, will be useful for experienced crafting. The game has experience points and levelling.

Pumping skills, the hero will be tired more slowly, run faster, suffer less from hunger, thirst, and infection, get more resources, or better shoot. And the small arms in the game are mostly stupid. By shooting one zombie, you have to kill 20 more that will come to noise.

But, there are really a lot of weapons in the game, and almost everyone has their own ammunition. Weapons can also be improved by attaching various modules on it, just like in Crysis. The game also boasts a huge arsenal of edged weapons, which, coupled with pumped fight skills, make you powerful even for a whole group of zombies.

Unturned Features

  • Take down all the zombies.
  • Find resources in nature to help you in the game.
  • Use stealthy tactics to kill more opponents carefully.
  • Learn how to use special skills.
  • Talk and interact with other players.
  • Create your own fortress using crafting techniques.
  • All kinds of transport vehicles at your fingertips.
  • Five active communities, one character with a huge world to explore.
  • All kinds of MODs at your fingertips.

Unturned Difficulty levels

In this game, you have to choose the difficulty levels you want to play. There are 4 difficulties, namely Normal, Easy, Hardcore, and Gold. Normal is the default difficulty level, where you play normally with all types of zombies. Easy is the difficulty that is made to help the beginners, the ease in this difficulty the player will only meet with one type of zombie, get items that are always in 100% condition, damage from zombies that are not large, and also other benefits. Different again with Hardcore, in this difficulty level you are forced to really master the game, because many display features are removed, and also zombies that have big damage. The last difficulty level is Gold, huh? Gold?? This level is a special difficulty given to players who are already premium players, in this difficulty the spawn rate increases, and also XP gets more.

Unturned XP & Skills

XP or Experience in this game is obtained by killing zombies. Every XP that is earned will be very useful for upgrading your skill points. Here the skillset is divided into 3 major parts, namely Offense, Defense, and Support. Each section has more sub-sections, so you must be careful in upgrading which skills you want to maximize first. Almost all skills are useful for the progress of your character in the game. For example, you will need Crafting skills during late games - or conditions where you already have enough supply, to make the items needed, such as weapons, beds, or even vehicles

Unturne Weapons

Tired of playing games that only have a few weapons? Unturned can cure that feeling. In unturned, there are many types of weapons available, ranging from melee weapons to firearms. Not only you can get these weapons from loot, but you can also make your own weapons. Another plus is that the weapons in Unturned can be customized according to the accessories available. You can add Scope, Grip, Muzzle, and also additional Magazine. Each weapon has a different type of bullet. For example, a Maplestrike gun that can only be refilled by the magazine with the Military Ammo Box, so that the game does not become boring.

Play Unturned with friends

In addition to the single player mode, Unturned also offers a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer system in this game is using a server, so there are many servers with every benefit different depending on the server owner. Each server also has a different map and also different difficulties. When you will join a server, you can sort which server you want to play, with what mode, what difficulty levels, and so on. The available server is also protected by special software so that it can detect existing cheats and then ban it.

Unturned Conclusion

So, I advise Unturned to try it for everyone who would like to play Rust or DayZ, but do not have the opportunity to purchase, this game took the best of these games and skillfully combined everything into one project. Despite its Early Access, the game looks self-contained and not at all raw.