Vainglory Game Review

Vainglory is a F2P role-playing video game in the genre of MOBA. The project was originally released on the mobile platforms Android and IOS, but now you can download Vainglory on PC and MAC. Super Evil Megacorp develops this wonderful game. Vainglory pc remembers the famous projects of Dota 2 and League of Legends.

The game offers cross-platform gameplay on PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android. Battles take place by fantasy characters, the number of which reaches over 48 and is constantly increasing.

Two opposing teams of three or five players fight to defeat the enemy by controlling the path between the bases. The path is lined by turrets. It is secured by AI-controlled enemy creatures.

Vainglory Features

The game has high-precision touch controls, good performance, interesting smooth graphics and competitive gameplay. The most interesting thing is to play it in several teams. Modes include 5-minute fights and full-fledged battles in the 3V3 or 5V5 arena. The choice is left to the player.

The latest version of Vainglory is represented by 48 heroes who have a unique style of play in the combo system. Acquiring skills to control heroes and perform combat missions in the process is easy. In Vainglory you can:

  • beat opponents;
  • make heroes powerful;
  • use the adrenaline system to increase the attack speed;
  • Alternate between strokes and steps.

The developed system of forcing and the use of cards allow you to get powerful bonuses pumped to the maximum. The game uses support with:

  • Free camera;
  • Last hit features;
  • Teleportation;
  • 120 FPS;
  • Active items;
  • control the waves of mobs.

Vainglory is a unique fantasy world whose characters are original. The gameplay is represented by a powerful engine and the possibility of a good leveling of heroes. The project received an award from the Global Mobile Awards in 2016, "Best Mobile Game."

Vainglory: How to play

The process involves the participation of two teams (3-5 people) and the choice of mode (short five-minute or longer). You can play for the blue or red team. The player chooses any character - a hero (GG), who, completing tasks, earns gold for killing enemies.

Teams must choose positions and fight with the enemy side. The main goal is to destroy the Main Crystal at the base of the enemy, which is located in a tower or a gold mine. The crystal creates opponents (minions), so it must be eliminated. Creeps can come to the aid of the GG, which is able to shoot the line and launch hidden attacks from shelters (plants, holes, etc.).

During the battle, the Kraken camp appears. Killing this character helps to change the way of the battle. The occupation of the towers takes place on the map.

Fighting in a long clash can take more than 30 minutes. The rating in the game is earned slowly. Any battle, it is advisable to finish the game to the end, so as not to lose points for an early exit from the battle. The reward for the battle is the chests and currency that is needed to buy new heroes.

Heroes of Vainglory

The choice and features of the heroes always affect the result of the battle. The main thing is to upgrade GG well. All major roles are represented by three rotations:

  • Junglers (deals damage, earns gold).
  • Laners (guard turrets on the line, deals damage).
  • Captain (protects allies, buys useful items).

In the game, in addition to the main ones, several other basic types of heroes are also planned. Each of them has its own unique abilities:

  • Protector. Catherine, Adagio, Phinn. They have power, protect weak teammates, help allies, are able to quickly find a hidden enemy and eliminate him.
  • Snipers. (arrows). Ringo, Saw, Skye, Kestrel. Shoot one enemy. The attacks are fast. Occupy a position in the rear.
  • Mage. Reim, Celeste, Petal, Skaarf. Located away from the enemy. Strike the area. Able to reverse the course of the battle. Strike from the rear.
  • Assassins. Taka, Ozo, Baron, Alpha. Deal damage in a short time. Well eliminated by an attack in a short time.
  • Warriors. Glaive, Joule, Ardan, Fortress, Vox. They fight on the front line, destroy enemies, and cover a sniper or a mage.

Each of the hero selected by the player has a certain set of qualities that can be multiplied for a quick outcome of the battle. Kraken - an emerging monster, can be lured to his side. This gives an advantage to the team and, often, an early victory, since the monster, who is on one of the sides, will attack the enemies. Therefore, a team with a Kraken to get gold is more likely.

What to expect from the game

Vainglory gives a sea of positive emotions during the game, as it was originally designed for fans of the MOBA genre. Here, each character has 3 abilities, which, with the help of well-made navigation, help to quickly pass locations. The first 10 minutes of the game you need to quickly get gold, destroying the enemy (minions or trolls) and special items for future battles.

In the shelter, you need to support treatment, and then join the guild. Combining heroes gives a lot of useful bonuses. Teamwork helps you score points faster. Before the game, you can try a trial training match, talents (improving the qualities of heroes), as well as blitz and ARAL.
Heroes can achieve the best qualities by completing twelve levels:

  • 1.2th - five points of pumping;
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th - allows you to choose skills;
  • 6, 9, 12th - Ultimate, the highest degree.

Vainglory has a stripped-down map, one line and a jungle. The average duration is no more than 30 minutes. The system of 10 ranks is calculated in points (ELO). Their total number is 3,000 ELOs. According to their characteristics, they are bronze, silver and gold. The characteristics that the heroes are endowed with can be combined and selected independently.

Vainglory: Purchase Features

To play Vainglory, you must purchase it. This is done using:

  • one-time purchase;
  • Subscriptions.

In the first case, you will need to buy it and use it once. But the necessary DLC will have to be purchased separately. The second option provides for a subscription. The player subscribes to the game, and for participation in it makes a monthly subscription, receiving the DLC for free.

Vainglory Summary

Vainglory is one of the best games on mobile platforms that can be downloaded to a PC. Content is constantly updated. Invented stories and new heroes. Game developers often hold big tournaments with cash prizes among fans.

The project is considered an e-sports discipline, which is made interesting and exciting. The online game has excellent gameplay, detail, voice acting and graphics.

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