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Warframe Game Review

Warframe is a third-person multiplayer shooter with dynamic gameplay and RPG elements. The game is developed by the Canadian studio Digital Extremes. In 2008, they released the single-player Dark Sector game, which formed the basis of the future hit. Warframe offers players to become Tenno, use bio-mechanical suits, and go on a space journey.

Initially, Warframe received quite controversial reviews from a small number of players. But the developers believed in the project and after the release in 2013 began to actively develop it. Since then, the game has changed very much, overgrown with various game mechanics, has become much more attractive visually and confidently held in the top lines of the Steam rating by the number of online.

In Warframe you will find an interesting story, tenno character development, more than 40 unique warframes with a huge number of melee and ranged weapons, the features of which can be adjusted using mods, various missions and boss fights. The game will please those who like to spend evenings in the company of friends to get equipment and strengthen their character.

The plot shooter

In the universe of the future, daily there is a deadly fight happening for resources. Opposition unions are broken and new alliances are created against each other, and no one can stay away from the war. Warframe game world filled with a variety of characters from all areas of the galaxy.

Players play the role of one of the representatives of the powerful and ancient Tenno race. Soldiers who slept for many centuries in suspended animation since the end of the ancient war. Now that a new battle is to happen in the universe, they are going to do what they do best - they kill. Our heroes have to fight with the three groups: the Grineer Empire clones, clad in penetrating heavy and hard armour, as well as the weapons they possess impeccably; mega-corporation, who employ a large number of high-tech robots and slaughtered for their protection; infected - overwhelmed humans or robots plague "Technocyte ".

Warframe gameplay

The game is dynamic, you can fight with opponents in close combat and ranged combat. Parkour elements that help to overcome obstacles and traps, as well as to avoid attacks, plays an important role. Managing the physical fights of the characters quite convenient and cool adds a lot of fun in the process.

A large number of characters, each of which is totally different from the rest, many of them to deal with until the player will find the most suitable option.

It also impresses many additional tools and weapons. Warframe - multi-user project, which can take place in a team of 4 friends in PvE-missions, but not a single player will find much of interest in it. Graphics at the highest level and deserves all praise.

Warframe game has a lot of fun. Here you will learn how to shoot, run, jump, to teach skills and much more. Upon completion, it will provide players with a selection of three different outfits which is distinguished by its features.

Each exoskeleton has unique auto repair shields and abilities that can increase agility and power to control the elements and become invisible. But the skills they need to be updated during the game. You have to improve the synthesis of the same experience. It can be achieved by killing enemies, passing missions, assisting a partner, or in boxes and containers. There are already 20 models in Warframe game suits. Revision of the characters necessary to start clarifying - any of them can be collected according to the drawings, buy for in-game store credits or get directly by platinum (currency obtained with real money).

Men’s warframes

Master tricks and illusions in the game Warframe - Loki. An overview of this character should start by saying that before this costume was one of the launches. But since it is quite complicated for beginners, it was replaced by volt. This does not possess any of the attack abilities, but it is still popular with players, all thanks to its ability to create a bait or become invisible. Even among its advantages include the art of disarming the enemy and being exchanged with other characters, which seriously confuses enemies.

Female characters

Valkyr - efficient assassin, despite the low level of basic characteristics and joints, has very strong armour, which increases the chances of survival. Another female character - Nova, has the ability to use the electromagnetic energy necessary to control the antimatter that is embedded at the base of her abilities.

Zephyr - Air Lady, probably the most dynamic and agile character. Not inferior to her, and poisonous Sarina, capable of causing an enormous amount of damage to the enemy, with great armour makes it the most adapted to survive in difficult missions. Fast-firewood fans should pay attention to the Exoskeleton
Mass. The costume also includes a gain rate, increasing the speed of reloading weapons, Warframe opinion of female characters

Mirage - craftswoman create illusions that can organize for the performance of the enemy, making him lose. Banshee - a female exoskeleton capable of using sound waves to harm the enemy or search. It can be done on both offensive and supporting paper. Ideal for gamers who prefer cunning tactics of the game. Amber heats the air to exorbitant heights, making it a nightmare for lightly armoured enemies. Nicks has the ability to manipulate opponents using psionic attacks. Trinity - excellent "Saporta" with a good ability to heal team members.

Warframe weapons

Number of deadly devices in this game is amazing. The weapon comes in three categories: melee, ranged, and support. On the other hand, on a mission, both can take all kinds at once, and leave only one toy. Blotor, crossbows, pistols, shotguns, rifles, kama and much more - Each player will find a murder weapon, best suited to the style of play. However, anyone of them can be upgraded and improve the use of mods.

But the developers are not standing still, and all the new weapons in Warframe are added. Soma Prime Review - Rifle, which appeared in the latest addition, can be started with its ability to destroy an enemy ammunition store unit.

Warframe Conclusion

The online game Warframe is a very elaborate game project with an excellent idea, its own plot and addictive gameplay. This is one of those few free sci-fi actions that, despite the small staff of developers, can give you something that is sometimes not able to give you paid games.